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"Hwaseong" – an example for the "Sarmatian". One hundred megatons in the Arsenal will make the West kinder
Material posted: Publication date: 24-10-2018
"Bad guy," "rocket man," said trump about Kim Chen Yne less than a year ago. And just a few months the leader of North Korea has become so good that the U.S. President met with him on equal terms.

Minor talk of a possible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula was filed by trump as the greatest breakthrough in easing military tensions. Once stopped and the us-Korean maneuvers near the coast of the DPRK, who wore openly provocative. Talking about the easing of sanctions pressure on Pyongyang.

But all this is minor compared to the fact that South Korea went to the rapprochement with the North. Meetings of the two leaders had several. Mutual visits have been paid. And at the Olympics, the two Koreas fielded a single team. Improve fairly high rate of economic ties. Begin to acquire regular meetings of separated families and relatives found themselves on different sides of the 38th parallel. And the USA did not react to the pace of rapprochement between the Koreas. Moreover, almost approve! But the case can reach that Americans will be asked from the Peninsula.

Decapitation strikes Pyongyang to anything. Task – to inflict unacceptable damage on a potential aggressor, USA

For Washington it will be a major geopolitical loss. The Korean Peninsula is of vital strategic importance. Located here the position of a missile defense system THAAD, deployed an air defense group and air force powerful land force, the U.S. ships are almost constantly present at naval bases in South Korea, represent the power to deliver a crushing first blow to China and Russia. In time of peace is the most important foothold of influence of the United States throughout Southeast Asia. And the United States resolutely any attempts of rapprochement, or even a normalization of relations, South Korean leaders with their Northern brethren. Immediately began provocations, mostly military who have translated the beginning, it was the peace process in aggravation. If not helped, in the course were tested instrument of discrediting the South Korean presidents were accused of corruption and other nefarious deeds.

What forced Washington to stare at how nurtured the preconditions to a complete loss of the strategic Peninsula? After all, if the peace process is the integration of the Koreas will gain strength, Americans will have at least drastically reduce its military presence here. Maybe Pyongyang abandoned the ideas of Chuche and decided to follow in the footsteps of Russia, starting to build the "market relations"? The DPRK is included in the international division of labor? Kin Jong UN is ready to become an American satellite and in the future to give the US military bases in the country? Or at least at the behest of Washington refuses to export missile technology? No, nothing like that. North Korea has refused only on missile and nuclear tests. Moreover, due to the fact that they at this stage are no longer needed. Kim Jong-UN said only about the completion of the first phase of the creation of nuclear-missile forces of their country. On curtailing the production of weapons of mass destruction was not mentioned.

So what made US stop the aggressive pressure on North Korea?

A Lesson Kim Jong-UN

To answer the question will return in 2017, more precisely, on a moonless night from 28 to 29 November, when was launched ballistic missiles. What's special about it? Yes, the DPRK and the first fired rockets, but the reaction was different – the cries of the leaders of the "world community" about the North Korean threat, and talk of new sanctions. This time just another meaningless UN resolution condemning the test. Washington did not adapt to the shores of the DPRK aircraft carrier with escort ships and start training a new exercise, to scare North Korea. Blown away like a punctured child a ball, leaving only a shell, like a rag.

And on the day preceding the test, the South Korean President has made a phenomenal statement which essence was reduced to the peace proposals, including the termination of the joint from the USA large-scale exercises off the coast of Korea. There is no doubt that Pyongyang is preparing to launch a new ICBM was not a mystery to Washington and thus Seoul. From this point on the Peninsula went to the peace process.

That night the North Koreans tested an Intercontinental missile with a potential range of over 12 thousand kilometers. ICBMs have overcome just 990 kilometers, but the apogee of its trajectory amounted to more than 4500 kilometers, and the flight duration was 57 minutes. The experts immediately appreciated that if the rocket goes in a suboptimal trajectory with these parameters, the warhead can fly more than 12 thousand kilometers. Intercontinental range, in the affected area be the whole United States and even Europe.

It is worth noting that such an ICBM is not a threat to nearby countries, since the dead zone defined by a minimum distance to the targeted goal, 2500-3500 miles. Warhead new missile, called "Hwaseong-15", can reach 1,000 to 1,200 pounds, which is enough to accommodate a monobloc thermonuclear warhead of 200-300 kilotons. It is clear that this is the first full Korean ICBM and its accuracy is unlikely to exceed the similar indicator of the Soviet and American ICBMs the older generation is 2.5–3 km standard deviation. But Pyongyang more is not necessary. Disarming and decapitation strikes against hardened point targets it to anything. Task – to inflict unacceptable damage on a potential aggressor, the United States. And for this it is advisable to shoot at the administrative-political and industrial centers, big cities with a huge area. If the rough estimate of the damage, one can say that the destruction of two or three big American cities with the loss of one to two million Americans and high risk of collapse of the US as a state after this disaster. Too big a price for the defeat of the small North Korea with negligible negative political and economic results.

American leadership is probably finally realized that with the DPRK to be trifled with, and played back. Now North Korea is a full nuclear missile power. It does not matter, recognize it as such other countries or not. "The nuclear missile club" North Korea has to recognize it or not – the second question, the main thing – will have to take this into account in determining policy of this country.

The lesson that Kim Jong-UN taught the world, is simple: the West only understands force, and only her ready to obey. Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Libya and Syria show that the conversation with the position of humanism is meaningless. For the sake of personal benefit Western elites will go to any crime, sacrificing millions of lives. Financial capital is more important than human. The only thing I'm afraid of the Western elite, is to be under the gun. And ICBMs are just a tool that puts them under inevitable blow. After all, the first North Korean missiles in the case of what goes by the largest administrative-political centers of the aggressor, where is located the main part of its elite and its instruments of power. Someone can expect to sit in underground bunkers – the command posts of the strategic level. But this one, the others will likely die or be forced to flee the country, losing power and influence.

Gruel with a tank fist

A good example is the missile crisis. At the time the Soviet Union had parity with the United States. Means of nuclear attack, capable of reaching the ocean, our country could really count on 32 of the R-16 and six make obsolete R-7 and R-7A. And the Americans at this time have already been deployed 112 missiles "Atlas" and 57 "Titan-1". USA had eight nuclear submarines of type "j. Washington" and "Eten Allen", each of which had 16 BR "Polaris-A1", for a total of 128 missiles with underwater launch and a range of 2,500 kilometers. Soviet naval component consisted of 22 diesel-electric submarines of project 629 and eight nuclear project 658, each armed with three R-13 surface launch and range overall 600 kilometers. Only 90 of these missiles. When deployment of SOSUS and powerful zonal antisubmarine warfare, created and spent during the Second world war to fight Nazi submarines, our submarine fleet did not pose a serious threat to the American continent. Soviet strategic aviation, which had in part 160 Tu-95 and 3M, also had chances to reach targets in the US as combat radius, and the result of the counteraction of several lines of defense system of the North American continent, leading edge intercept which was located over the territory of Canada and even Greenland. This defense of our bombers had to overcome without fighter cover. Thus, by 1962 the United States retains an overwhelming superiority in nuclear weapons. And about a nuclear winter we, of course, was not – they were too small to create the conditions for its occurrence. However, the American elite did not dare to conflict with Moscow, precisely for the reason that clear: the first Soviet nuclear strikes will fall on her, and the defeat of the USSR still will not work – megatons is not enough. And then say their word armored Armada of the Kremlin, reaching within two or three months the coast of the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean sea. Europe will be Soviet, which means the end, and the physical, Western and transnational elites.

The loss of a few million fellow the American elite will easily transfer. This is an acceptable fee for world domination

With the emergence of nuclear parity between the USSR and the USA, with the creation of potentials that can cause on the planet a nuclear winter, a direct war between the superpowers was irrational, senseless.

It was great elites of the aggressor before the advent of nuclear weapons of global reach – they were sitting in the capitals, away from danger (and some even overseas) and drove the people to slaughter. The same US has not regretted in the First world to send to Europe a few hundreds of thousands of compatriots, most died or were crippled. And all for the sake of the American elite took part in the post-war division of the world. It was not better and the elites of other countries. True, some of them paid for it. Russian, for example, the result of the great October socialist revolution were expelled from the country, and part destroyed, however, got off easy, considering all its crimes.

After deep cuts in the nuclear arsenals of Russia and the USA the probability of a nuclear winter is negligible. This means that nuclear war is back in management. The conditions under which the United States or Russia, starting a preventive nuclear war, can win, that is to destroy the enemy physically and to keep yourself there. At the same time, taking into account the real state of the Forces of strategic deterrence, as the actual strategic nuclear forces and other component – PRN and the ABM, Russia and the United States, we can confidently assume that the United States is in a much better position. And armored fist, the asymmetric response to the nuclear superiority of the enemy our country today does not have.

Hence, the American elite in certain conditions can go to preventive nuclear war against Russia. If you are now confident that retaliation would not lead to casualties among the powers that be and multinational manipulators. This is possible if, on the one hand, the United States will be able to inflict guaranteed disarming and decapitation strikes, and some survivors and started the Russian ICBMs will be destroyed by the defense system, at least those that threaten the elite. Victims of the American population of several million people it is easy to outsource, as some loss of economic potential. This is an acceptable fee for world domination.

Hyperkalemia for SUPERVOLCANO

What can we do? To follow in the footsteps of the Soviet Union will not work – the Ground forces able to defeat NATO and occupy Europe, not to create neither economic, nor demographic, nor for spiritual reasons. Only have the option again to make a nuclear war is irrational, meaningless for the aggressor.

Today our country can not compete with the US in the nuclear race quantitatively, not Soviet Russia. We must look for an asymmetric response.

Superiority of Russia is that only we have the technology to create nuclear ammunition hyperkalemia – more than 100 megatons of TNT equivalent. In 1961 we had a product equivalent to 58 megatons, it is suitable for combat use. The creation of 40-50 of such warheads for heavy ICBMs or long range torpedoes provides a reductio critically on the geophysical conditions of the areas in the U.S. (such as the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO, faults of the Pacific coast) of at least a few of these weapons in any development situation. Such attacks are guaranteed to destroy the USA as a state, and the entire transnational elite. This again makes large-scale nuclear war is irrational and reduces the chances of its occurrence to zero.

Moreover, such weapons, judging from the experience of the USSR, forced the West to sit down at the negotiating table, to refrain from any sanctions and other forms of pressure on Russia. As observed today in North Korea.

International relations will return to normal. A good example is the story of his brother's death, Kim Jong-UN, poisoned by nerve AGENTS. Somehow quickly forgot about it, despite the fact that such a figure is extremely useful for Washington in the information war with Pyongyang. Poisoners caught, but no sanctions, information noise. This story is well set off by the hysteria around the case Skrobala. The ex-spy is useless. He and his daughter are alive and well, no one was poisoned. But amid the hype against Russia, introducing new sanctions. Whether our country has weapons of assured destruction of the West, if we really national elite, which property, relatives and descendants live, study and work in Russia, had no aggressor would dare to even hint.

Information on the establishment in our country of torpedoes from a nuclear power plant, the only reasonable purpose of which delivery can be particularly powerful thermonuclear warhead multimegaton class and expected in the near future on adopting and deploying ICBMs "Sarmat", potentially capable of carrying monoblock head part with a similar capacity, gives us hope that the weapons that make a nuclear war is irrational, on the way.

Of course, the Tsar bomb is not a panacea. The threat of war to the hybrid character will remain. However, large-scale nuclear threat to Russia and the world will be eliminated.

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