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Or the Shah dies, or donkey will die
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 24-09-2016
The international community to the DPRK issue" refers to the principle of "either Shah dies, or donkey will die," that is, waiting for it by itself will resolve, says Igor Pankratenko.

I think the President of Iran Hassan Rouhani, listening to his Japanese interlocutor, frankly amazed. And here's why. There is and I note, actively replicated version of what North Korea has transferred to Iran technology for the production of nuclear weapons.

A few words about incompetence

Actually it does not match, because the "source of knowledge" from these two countries was one Pakistani nuclear physicist Abdul Kadir Khan and his firm, which carried out the trade in nuclear technology, right and left, those who were able to pay for them.

So, to say that the Iranians bought from the Koreans nuclear technology is to demonstrate its incompetence. Consulted – Yes, of course. These consultations were one of the reasons for the inclusion by George Bush in 2002, Iran and North Korea in the so-called "axis of evil" together with Iraq. But just as with the scientists of the DPRK consulted and the Syrians, when they built their nuclear reactor destroyed by the Israeli air force in 2007.

Here are some interesting moment. As you may remember, in 2011 was published the IAEA report that claimed Iran is working on nuclear weapons, which, in fact, hysteria about the "Iranian bomb" began. So, in this 25-page report, not a word was said about cooperation between Iran and North Korea in the nuclear field.

However, a few days South Korean media, for whom the DPRK like Iran for Israel, began to propagate the information that an anonymous source at the IAEA told them about the hundreds of specialists of the DPRK, working at Iranian nuclear facilities. The name of this "heroic anonymous" remained unknown, evidence claims the South Korean press was not in all these years received – however, the myth of the "North Korean trace" in the Iranian nuclear program is alive and well today. When you need to – it is removed from the Cabinet and shake from naphthalene and used vigorously.

Missile technology

As far as missile technology, there is a similar picture. The Iran, North Korea were not acquired in the modern world means when advanced in economic and scientific relations of the state, which, without doubt, is the Islamic Republic of Iran is able to develop its missile program by other means than stupid up North Korean samples. By the way, here's what few people know. If 2006-2007 Iran in General supported the DPRK on a range of issues, then in relations between Pyongyang and Tehran was very significant cooling.

So no noteworthy relations between the DPRK and Iran today are simply not.

Threatening the DPRK

As to whether the international community "to rein in" North Korea, the situation is very interesting. Against the DPRK introduced a huge number of sanctions. North Korea's behavior, pardon the slang, "get". In April of this year against North Korea imposed sanctions even China, which has banned imports of North Korean gold and rare earth elements, as well as export to the DPRK rocket fuel. In addition, Chinese companies can no longer sell to Pyongyang any oily products, which can be used for its production.

In short, North Korean leaders have brought the country to complete and utter isolation. Moreover, trained people in such conditions to live. I just don't know what sort of sanctions can still enter.

The problem is that the hostages have their own leaders, not only the population of the DPRK, but also a huge region – from the Russian far East to the Japanese Islands. With North Korean politicians will become "slam" the door. Therefore, the international community to the DPRK issue" refers to the principle of "either Shah dies, or donkey will die". That is, it prefers to avoid sudden movements, knocks humanitarian aid – all in the hope that the problem somehow will resolve itself.

Igor Pankratenko


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