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To a question of denunciation of the Contract on RSMD
Material posted: Publication date: 22-12-2015
In the last two years in the western mass media active information campaign for charge of Russia of breach of contract about RSMD which infringed also on interests of RVSN is conducted. In particular, Russia was accused allegedly of breaches of contract of RSMD in connection with test of a prototype of new Russian MBR RS-26 "Boundary". Such charge contained, for example, in article in the Washington Times newspaper in July, 2013.

Analyzing developing situation, it is possible to assume presence and other motives for American "charges".

It is impossible to exclude that one of the purposes of the American political-military management in this information campaign consists in preventing Russia to create new effective remedies of counteraction to the American global system of the ABM.

Among such new weapons systems MBR "Boundary" which the vice-premier of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin named «the murderer of the ABM», meaning that its battle blocks not in a condition to intercept neither existing, nor perspective systems of anti-missile defence. Among them and an operational and tactical complex "Iskander" which in the Statement of the President of the Russian Federation from November, 23rd, 2011 has been designated as means of fire defeat of object of the ABM of the USA in Poland at expansion of such complex in the Kaliningrad region.

Attempt to take away criticism from own numerous real infringements of this agreement by Washington can be one more purpose of the American claims to the Russian side concerning its imaginary "infringements" of the Contract about RSMD.

In the Russian expert environment there was also one more point of view: the American charges of Russia in a breach of a treaty about RSMD urged to create preconditions for a unilateral exit of the USA from the Contract about RSMD and deployments of missiles of average range near to our borders.

The idea of an exit of the USA from the Contract about RSMD is discussed and in the western mass-media. For example, according to RIA Novosti news agency in article "the Contract on rockets of average and small range has become outdated even before infringements from Russia" ("The Wall Street Jouranal", 9/11/2014) its author urges the USA to leave the Contract about RSMD and to update the arsenal that it corresponded to global responsibility of the country.

In this context guard decisions of last summit of the NATO which has passed in September, 2014 in Newport on which the line on strengthening of east flank of an alliance, that is on advancement of an infrastructure of the NATO on the East and escalating of military presence of an alliance near to borders of Russia has been designated. In the same context guard also offers of some considerably adjusted western politicians to refuse obligations not to place essential groupings of armed forces and the nuclear weapon in territory of new members of NATO according to the Basic Certificate Russia-NATO of 1997.

Meanwhile the expediency of the Contract about RSMD 1987 which has been concluded on a termless basis, was called into question already repeatedly. The question on Contract denouncement about RSMD already long time is periodically discussed in the expert and political environment, in mass media. For example, this question was actively discussed in Russia in connection with the first wave of expansion of the NATO, operations of the NATO against Yugoslavia, an exit of the USA from the Contract on the ABM, plans of expansion of the third item region of the ABM of the USA in Europe. And for Contract denouncement about RSMD a number of the high-ranking Russian state and military figures expressed.

In 2005 the influential British newspaper “Fajnenshl tajms” has published article referring to sources in administration of the USA in which it was approved that during visit to the USA the Minister of Defence of Russia Sergey Ivanov discussed with the Minister of Defence of the USA Donald Ramsfeld possibility of an exit of Russia from the Contract about RSMD. Thus on newspaper versions, the Russian offer on a withdrawal from a treaty on RSMD has not caused objections from the USA. This article has caused polemic in mass media, and from official circles refutations have followed. In particular, under the statement of head of a press service of military department of the USA, “the United States as the country which has signed the contract, against its cancellation or an exit from it other countries”. And the official representative Alexander Jakovenko has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, about “adherences of Russia to the Contract about RSMD”.

In 2006, the chief of 4th TSNII the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation the major general V.Vasilenko, answering "Interfax" questions, has declared that «as one of additional directions of maintenance of national safety basically can be considered and expansion of grouping of land medium-range missiles». Thus he has paid attention that its statements at all do not contradict a position of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and by consideration of a question on expansion of grouping of medium-range missiles it will be necessary to carry out the all-round war-economy analysis.

Under messages of mass-media in 2006 during the next meeting of Ministers of Defence of the Russian Federation and the USA in reply to D.Ramsfelda's initiative on re-equipment of a unit of intercontinental ballistic missiles on usual warheads for struggle with terrorist S.Ivanov's threats has brought the counter offer - to use for blows on terrorists of a medium-range missile in usual battle equipment.

On February, 10th, 2007 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the known speech on Conferences on security policy questions in Munich has specified in creation of medium-range missiles by a number of the third countries whereas only Russia and the USA it is forbidden to have systems of this class under the Contract about RSMD.

Then in Munich the Minister of Defence of Russia S.Ivanov in conversation with journalists named the Contract about RSMD "relict" of cold war ".

In 2007 possibility of an exit of Russia from the Contract about RSMD in reply to plans of expansion of the third item region of the ABM of the USA in Europe was declared by the chief of Joint Staff VS of the Russian Federation J.Baluevsky.

Commanding at that time RVSN N.Solovtsov, commenting on the given theme, has noticed that RVSN are ready to any development of a situation. "If the political decision on an exit from this contract is accepted, RVSN will be ready to solve this problem", - Solovtsov has told.

Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia of S.Lavrov, commenting on the statement of the high-ranking commanders, has declared that it does not mean final decision acceptance. "In this case it is a question not of any already accepted decision. We simply ascertain a situation".

On October, 25th, 2007 within the limits of 62nd session of General Assembly of the United Nations the Joint Russian-American statement under the Contract about RSMD has been sounded. In this statement of the Russian Federation and the USA urged to discuss possibility of giving of global character to mode RSMD by refusal of other countries of rockets with ranges of 500-5500 km, the leader to destruction of any such rockets and the termination of the programs connected with them.

This theme has been mentioned also by the President of the Russian Federation V.Putinym. "It is necessary to run business giving to the contract global character. If we cannot reach this purpose, it will be difficult to us to remain within the limits of this agreement when other states actively develop such systems of arms, including the states which are in immediate proximity from our borders", - the president has declared. The given words have been interpreted in mass-media as the prevention of possibility of an exit of Russia from the Contract about RSMD.

In 2013 at a meeting with representatives Russian VPK the President of the Russian Federation V.Putin has noticed that Gorbachev's decision to sign the Contract about RSMD - "at least, disputable" though has added that Russia will observe this document.

In 2013-2014 with Contract criticism about RSMD S.Ivanov also acted, already being as the head of the Office of the RF President. In particular, he declared that the Contract about RSMD disputable that Russia observes it now, however is infinite so cannot proceed.

Nevertheless, commenting September 2014 of consultation on RSMD it has noticed that «Russia does not intend to leave the Contract from the USA about rockets of average and smaller range if will not see that interests of its safety are threatened». «Basically in exceptional cases each of the parties can leave the contract. I of such unusual cases while, underline, yet I do not see», - have declared C.Иванов in interview to "the Russian newspaper».

«I am still convinced that the Contract about RSMD - the contract harmful to us, - was declared in the summer of 2014 to" the Independent Newspaper »by general Yury Baluevsky. - At an exit from it Russia will have more pluses, than minuses». Now, when placing of elements of the American system of the ABM in the Eastern Europe has passed in a practical phase and our relations about the USA and the NATO even more worsen because of events in Ukraine, the question of denouncement of the Contract about RSMD sounds even more more actually », - he considers.

At the same time at level the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation officially also is constantly underlined adherence of Russia to the Contract about RSMD.

It is a lot of supporters of preservation of the contract and in the expert environment. They consider that the withdrawal from a treaty about RSMD will not give any advantages in respect of a strengthening of security of the Russian Federation and specify in negative consequences of such decision. So, the interesting point of view the former chief 4 TSNII has stated the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation the major general V.Dvorkin. He considers what to leave the Contract about RSMD it is not meaningful, as medium-range missiles actually at us and so will be, meaning MBR РС-26 "Boundary".

However, in the expert environment it is a lot of and supporters of denouncement of the Contract about RSMD.

Besides, in the expert environment the idea of change of the Contract about RSMD expressed. For example, a variant of adaptation of the contract, resolving to have the limited quantity of land rockets of average and smaller range.

In the expert environment expressed as well idea of new negotiations on RSMD for the purpose of a recognition the United States and the NATO of special value for the Russian Federation of missile systems of regional range and the special rights of Russia to presence in its arsenal of such means.

Thus, periodic discussion of a question of denouncement of the Contract about RSMD testifies to existence or possible official statement of this question.

In the given materials preliminary study of a question on possible denouncement of the Contract about RSMD is conducted.

Kovalyov V. I., Matviyenko Yu.A.

Tags: assessment , Russia , USA , NATO

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