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China opposed the work of "Rosneft" on the shelf off the coast of Vietnam
Material posted: Publication date: 17-05-2018
The Chinese foreign Ministry opposed the development of the field "Red Orchid", on the territory which started on Tuesday to work with Rosneft Vietnam — a subsidiary of "Rosneft".

Foreign Ministry spokesman of China, Lu Kang said that no company has the right to develop resources in waters controlled by China. As reported TASS, Lou Kahn commented on the beginning of works of the company Rosneft Vietnam in the field in the South China sea.

"We demand to respect the sovereignty of our state," said Lou Kahn.

The official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry said that such issues can have a negative impact on Beijing's relations with States that violate the country's sovereignty.

Earlier, Reuters reported that Rosneft Vietnam feared the negative reaction of Beijing on the development of the field in the South China sea. According to Vietnamese authorities, the Deposit of "Red Orchid" is located in the exclusive economic zone of Vietnam, however, Chinese authorities attribute it to area inside the so-called "nine-dashed line" that on Chinese maps the circled area of the South China sea, which Beijing considered its.

Rosneft Vietnam, as reported by Reuters, expected not to attract attention to their work. At the same time "Rosneft" on its website published a message about the beginning of drilling.

In most "Rosneft", commenting on the Reuters, told RBC that the license areas on the shelf of the South China sea, which are working, are in the territorial waters of Vietnam. "The company operates in strict accordance with the license obligations and the observance of the legislation on subsoil use of the Republic of Vietnam," — said in comments.

Later, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said, "as far as we know, the company made a statement that works in accordance with the licenses obtained," said RBC.

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