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Blood Gases, demarche Ankara and Baku discretion
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 16-05-2018
The international community shocked. 61 dead and nearly three thousand wounded Palestinians during the riots on the border of Israel and Gaza just a day is a clear abuse of the Israelis norms of acceptable self-defense. And statements by US permanent representative to the UN Security Council Nikki Haley that the events of may 14 in Gaza has provoked no American decision to move the Embassy, and inciting Hamas to violent mass protests — a rare exception not met and could not meet understanding from other States.

The paradox is that if this happened at any other time — response of the world community would be much more restrained. More than that — the lion's share of the responsibility laid on Hamas, which in many countries included in the lists of terrorist organizations. The facts that were announced at yesterday's emergency meeting of the security Council of the UN special coordinator for the middle East peace process Nikolay Mladenov, that Hamas militants under the cover of protests have placed improvised explosive devices and bombs along the separation wall, threw bottles with "Molotov cocktail" and attempted to infiltrate Israeli territory — it quite would suffice.

But not this time. As just 120 kilometers from the place where the blood was shed, burned tires, and drones from the sky doused the crowd with tear gas — a beaming smile Ivanka trump helped to pull the blanket from the plate opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, was beaming with delight the son of the American President Jared Kushner, cheered Bibi Netanyahu. And the choir of eight hundred American and Israeli officials and politicians sang "Hallelujah".

Only surgery on the kidney, which was done at the National military medical center Walter reed to his wife, Melanie, prevented Donald Trump to beautify with his presence the opening ceremony of the Embassy. However, and without it the painting "Two worlds two Shapiro", as they said in my youth, looked quite finished. The blood of the Palestinians and the emergence of the US diplomatic representation in Western Jerusalem was quite satisfied, as cynical as it sounded, all participants in this drama — trump, the Israelis and the Hamas leadership.

Insistence of the American President to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem was dictated by many reasons, from its liabilities to persons that funded an election campaign trump adopted by the White house decision to withdraw from the stalled Israeli-Palestinian dialogue, even openly provocative way. Any options for a peaceful settlement West Jerusalem remains under Israeli control. And from this point of view, actions trump — especially since the decision was taken already in 1995, after which American presidents every six months, signed a decree on postponement of its implementation — seems logical.

Moreover, they are quite rational, as emanate from a well-founded opinions of the current American administration that the notorious "international community", of course, make some noise, but, faced with the fact, quickly put up. Participation in this year's ceremony in West Jerusalem took diplomats from 33 countries, of 86, which has offices in Israel, and it's not a bad figure. In addition, in the light reached at the mediation of the United States of the agreements of the Saudis with the Israelis, and the loyalty of the Muslim world to take this step trump almost guaranteed.

But, as so often happens in the East, logic and rational approaches fail. Washington frankly underestimated the extent of that despair, which is now the leaders of Hamas and related groups.

Syria, Iran, Saudi-Israeli Alliance, the "Islamic state" and a dozen more not less relevant, though not very talked — about issues in the region, pushed the "Palestinian problem" on the periphery of big politics has dulled the sharpness of his perception in many States of the region themselves have problems above the head.

Moreover, the farther — the greater the number of capitals comes understanding of the fact that a huge share of responsibility for the hardships of the Palestinian people are its leaders, fiercely biting each other and entangled in intrigues with its external patrons. And outside help is enthusiastically consuming in their own interest, to meet increased inquiries and insatiable ambition. In short, on anything other than a normal Palestinian state.

As a consequence, financial flows to the accounts of Hamas, and not too much flowing, turn into thin streams. The credibility of the leaders is falling rapidly, their inability to state-building becomes more apparent. And the recipe for salvation is only one — incitement to mass riots, the emergence of new "martyrs" to the unity of blood and hatred.

Among the victims were 8-month-old Layla Anwar Ghandour, who died in hospital, allegedly from defeat tear gas

Moreover, Israel — and here trump and his team while clearly underestimate the potential of your ally the ability to substitute the partner for the realization of their uzkogolovyj interests — willing to Hamas leaders "to accompany", under the guise of arguments about "the right to self-defence" and "repelling the attacks of the terrorists" did not restrain himself in the violence. "Israel will continue to defend its borders from terrorists of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which pose a threat to our citizens", — commented on the incident, Minister of transport and exploration Yisrael Katz. Looking back, we need to understand that 61 dead and nearly three thousand wounded per day is a grossly disproportionate response. And neither the world community nor Turkish or Arabic or some other street in the Muslim world will not be right now, especially to understand the details and level of responsibility of Hamas and the Israelis.

Moreover, the doctors treated the wounds of the victims, and Israel have already begun feverishly "clipping coupons" with the incident. Already mentioned Katz said: "The biggest instigator — Erdogan henchman "Muslim Brothers", the accomplice of Hamas and Iran, the most ardent supporter of terror in the world, expel our Ambassador from his country." Address this address is known — Washington. The meaning is obvious: Erdogan is a helper of terrorists, Iran is the Israelis suspected that he is a dictator, anti-Semite, and in the bedroom, near the phone a direct link with Tehran, holds a portrait of Kim Jong-UN.

With Iran, Israel has all kind of worked out — now is the time hands of the Americans "discipline" Ankara? Which is by far the most tough and, most importantly, specifically — withdrawing ambassadors from Israel and the United States and expressing readiness to accept in the country to treat injured Palestinians reacted to the tragedy. Despite the fact that the true face of Hamas leaders and their real role in the massacre on may 14-15 for the Turkish side is not a secret.

The problem for Erdogan is that he is too close to the epicenter of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And, in addition, on the eve of elections would have to listen to the mood of the "Turkish street", the reaction which occurred was unequivocal.

Baku in this respect is both simpler and more complicated at the same time. There is constructive and is based on a pragmatic interest in Azerbaijan's cooperation with Israel. But there is also the principled position of Baku on Jerusalem and on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. In short — there is every reason to develop a balanced position, an objective assessment of the degree of responsibility of the parties and choice of the line of conduct in a rapidly developing events in the middle East, which, in turn, will be the most productive.

Igor Pankratenko


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