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Cuban special forces arrived in Syria
Material posted: Publication date: 14-04-2018
Cuba could not stand the mess in the middle East and came to the aid of Syrian friends. As reported by FoxNews, citing data from intelligence, the best Cuban military forces arrived in Syria to assist Bashar al-Assad and Russia.

It is reported that Damascus airport has landed two Russian military transport plane with the Cuban commandos. Arrived contingent of the American edition calls "the best forces of General Raul Castro", which include not only riot, but also specialists of armored forces.

As television said a senior U.S. official, this scenario means that General Raul Castro is more interested in the support of its allies — Russia and Syria than in continuing the normalization of relations with the United States.

According to the broadcaster Al-Jazeera, the main task of the Cuban special forces in Syria will be the training of local soldiers and recruits in weapons handling and managing various types of equipment.

According to sources, Arabic newspaper, informed the Minister of the Revolutionary armed forces of Cuba, General Leopoldo Sintra Frias visited Damascus and stated that Cuba seeks to combine efforts with Russia to support the Assad regime.

Media recall that the Cuban armed forces and had helped the Russians. So, in 1970-e years, Cuba sent soldiers to Angola and other African countries, trying to gain freedom from imperialism. In 1973, Cuba sent troops to Syria to aid in the Yom Kippur war against Israel.

As noted by other Western media, the news is more like an information "duck", however, when FoxNews, citing a source in the Pentagon reported that Russia is moving planes to Syria and is going to bomb, it is also perceived as an element of information war.

It is known that in Cuba there is an elite spetsnaz Tropas Especiales "Avispas Negras", which is also called "Black Wasps". With the permission of Fidel Castro, he took part in supporting revolutionary movements abroad. It is also known that the town of Los Palacios in 1980 opened a special forces training center — Escuela Nacional de Tropas Especiales Baragua. There are artificial ponds, swamps, the layout of the city, a network of underground communications, etc. There is evidence that teachers in this center are not only Cubans, but the officers of the army of the PRC.

Director of the Centre for strategic conjuncture Ivan Konovalov says: Cubans fought in Angola and Ethiopia during the Agadashi war, and everywhere is either operated with the Soviet military advisers or troops.

— By the way, during the Ethiopian-Somali war, the combat debut of our attack helicopters Mi-24, the famous "crocodile" who today are fighting in Syria.

It is clear that the Cubans are trying to maintain good relations with Russia, including respect for our common socialist past. But, in my opinion, it is strange to compare Cuba during the cold war with Cuba today, which has recently restored diplomatic relations with America. So I have serious doubts about the veracity of discussing the news, although it is called a specific name of the Minister of the revolutionary armed forces of Cuba, General Leopoldo Cinta Frias.

But if this be true, the news would be a political sensation. And further complicate the situation in Syria. In this case, the world community will have to unravel this tangle, not only the United States and Russia. Then soon expect the emergence in Damascus of China, which actually sends signals that may also be in the Syrian theater in one capacity or another.

Researcher, Russian state humanitarian University, specialist on Latin America Michael Blanch has not yet seen confirmation of this information in the Cuban press, however, does not preclude the transfer of Cuban special forces to Syria.

In my opinion, the possibility of this is high, paradoxically for many citizens it will sound. Cuban internationalists not only by Marxist ideology but also in its political tradition. They were in Africa, Angola, Mozambique, where, in General, won two civil wars. The Cubans took part in the events in Nicaragua, in Venezuela. As we know, the legendary Ernesto Che Guevara was killed in Bolivia. Thus, international intervention in the Cuban conflict in their political tradition. And if we talk about the possibility of Cuban instructors in the Syrian army — then such a scenario is, in my opinion, absolutely realistic.

— December 17, 2014, President Barack Obama and Chairman of the State Council of Cuba Raul Castro announced the resumption of diplomatic relations, severed in 1961. Some experts say that the Cubans launched a political drift to the side of the Americans and is unlikely to be decided to send its troops to Syria, thus showing support for the actions of Russia...

— At us why-that are extremely sensitive to the restoration of relations between Cuba and the United States at the ambassadorial level. In fact, is nothing more than a diplomatic step, at least for now. And it does not mean that Cuba falls into the arms of the United States, and the United States, in turn, gently kissing Cuba. No, made the first attempt to normalize relations, which do not obligate Liberty Island to follow in the mainstream of American politics. Russia, too, established diplomatic relations with the United States, there are allied the past, which they remember less and less.

While Cuba is not removed the blockade, and there were no political statements from Havana about the rejection of their ideological, political and diplomatic values. In General, Cuba today holds the policies that it considers necessary to carry out.

— I recently gave an interview to Cuban media — they are extremely passionate about the conflict in Syria, says head of the Department of Eurasian integration and the development of the SCO of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Evseev. — On the basis of their interest, it is possible to assume that such information can indeed take place.

The improvement of us-Cuban relations is limited. Now in Cuba are extremely active Chinese. I will make the assumption that the possible appearance of Cubans may be initiated by the Chinese.

Beijing begins to look not only to Afghanistan and the Caucasus, but also in the Middle East. The influence of China on Cuba is much stronger than Russia. The Chinese do not want to enter in the middle East region forces, though reports of this appear in the media (it is possible that sometimes the filing of Beijing). Maybe sending the Cuban contingent is some assurance that Chinese interests can be taken into account in the future.

With regard to Cuban involvement in the fighting, most they do will be instructors, as their military have a vast experience in teaching subversive war. I recall that it was the Cuban officer Raul RISO has developed a special style of martial arts based on "karate", which was used in the preparation of specialists in the KGB special forces "Vympel" and "Alfa" and the GRU.

As I understand it, the need for direct participation of Cubans in the fighting there. The Iranians sent troops — about 15 thousand (for details see the article — "Iran saves Assad"). In addition, for clean-up operations in the liberated cities in Syria are the Hazaras who are supposed to use at checkpoints. Together with the Iranians the Syrian army intensifies Hezbollah. It is clear that if the Cubans will participate in the fighting, they will be immediately visible. Although television programs of Syria are often in the frame come the Africans — it does not bother anyone.


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