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Lion, gored by a pack of jackals: 6 years ago, was killed Colonel Gaddafi
Material posted: Publication date: 26-10-2017
Six years ago in Sirte was killed Muammar Gaddafi. Almost six years have passed since the writing of these lines. But none of them I can't and don't want to give up. Libya kill, kill, to take possession of its oil and water. And killed. It was the first country in a sad martyrology of the "Arab spring"...

It is very difficult "without emotion" talking about Muammar Gaddafi. Though, because of the picture of the anguish of a pack of jackals and vultures, the body already weak, but still alive the lion is one of the most disgusting spectacles, that brought us the Internet. Just as orgasmic "VAUUU! I came, I saw, he died!" Hillary Clinton (her reaction to the news about the death of Gaddafi) is one of the most vile political declarations of recent times.

"A nationalist, a staunch patriot who is not under anyone".

He described the personality of Gaddafi, the President of Uganda , Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, I don't think Museveni was right. Gaddafi was subordinated to his idea. And his death was the result of this submission. The winners of Gaddafi, courageously hiding all turbulent time in French military ship (I mean the national Transitional Council of the rebels), described the events of the Libyan revolution as the protection of the Libyan people "from genocide".

Let me remind you that "genocide" refers to acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such. And if not through direct physical destruction, by "premeditated creation for any group of conditions of life calculated to bring about physical destruction" (from the UN Convention "On prevention of the crime of genocide and punishment", article 2).

But for whom little is secret data such social security in Libya, the era of the Colonel:

  • the average salary in the country to 1,200 dinars (about 1,000 dollars);
  • loaf of bread — 0,25 Dinar;
  • unemployment — 900 dinars;
  • assistance for opening of small business — 25 000 dinars;
  • loans to buy a car and an apartment — no interest (as everywhere in "Islamic Economics");
  • education and medicine is free;
  • education and training abroad — at the expense of the state;
  • liter of gasoline — 0,18 Dinar;
  • some pharmacies — with free dispensing.

For a fake of medicines — the death penalty!!!

It is now one may argue about these numbers. Say, for example, that such a free internship abroad was only 100 a year. Yes, but 6.5 million population! Are there many countries in the world with such a measure?

But I'm not going to argue. There are objective data. In the 80-ies of the Indian economist, Nobel prize winner Amartya Kumar sendeveloped the conceptual framework of the Index of human development (Human Development Index, HDI). In essence, the index represents a measure of standard of living, literacy, education and longevity as the main characteristics of human potential of the study area. Since 1990, this index is published annually by the UN.

Now, in 2010 Libya index 0,755 took first place in the list "Africa", the fifth largest (after the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait) in the list "members of the League of Arab States" and the seventh sheet "the middle East and North Africa". In the global HDI ranking 2010 she was on the 55th place (Ukraine — 71-m, with the index 0,710), up two points compared to the year 2007.

Here's a "genocide" is:

  • with a fertility rate of 3.71 children per woman (in Ukraine — 1,46 in Europe from 1.2 to 2.0);
  • General life expectancy of 75.45 years (in Ukraine — 66 in Europe — 79,2)
  • ratio of working-age and old-age pensioners 15: 1 (Ukraine 1: 0,9)
  • with a literacy rate of 94.5% (about the Ukrainian education and do not want to talk).

Oh, and as for repression in Libya, Winston Churchill once compared politics with the fight of bulldogs under the carpet, after which take out the corpses. The corpses, not wedding cakes

Yes, in the history of Gaddafi there have been episodes of violence with political opponents, as, for example, in 1978, when it disappeared mysteriously arrived in Libya the leader of Lebanese Shiites and the founder of the movement "Amal" Imam Musa al-Sadr. Or in 1994 when he was arrested more recently, a close associate of Gaddafi abdessalam jalloud. Precisely — placed under house arrest. Moreover, according to the explanation, "APS Review Oil Market Trends" — for resisting the recognition by Libya of its responsibility for the bombing of the plane over Lockerbie. Funny: Gaddafi, Libya conditionally pleaded guilty, a terrorist and Jelled now — one of the idols of the Transitional Council, and therefore the Libyan "democracy." As lead counsel under Gaddafi , Mustafa Muhammad Abd-al-Jalil(NTC Chairman) or Mahmoud Jibril: Gaddafi Chairman of the Council for the development of the national economy of Libya, now Prime Minister of the NTC.

Yes, Gaddafi was cruel. Yes, the first 25 years of the reign of Gaddafi in Libya (according to the opposition national salvation Front of Libya) died 343 Libyans, of which 50 people were publicly executed by the verdict of the tribunals.

Yes, the Colonel took out his opponents everywhere: during these years in Italy took the lives of eight in Germany, six in Greece, five in Britain, three in Austria, Spain, Cyprus, Lebanon, Malta, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia and France, one political opponent of Gaddafi.

But this is politics — with its corpses. And not the United States, with its Guantanamo and executed by Saddam Hussein to blame Gaddafi, m-m-m, "extreme forms of struggle" against political opponents.

Libya killed due to oil and water

The Colonel must die. When Alexis de Tocqueville noticed that revolutions occur not so much during periods of crisis in the country, much the opposite — in a period of recovery. In Libya, despite the unprecedented level of social protection of the population, protests have always been. And considerable.

25 Feb 2011 on the website of The Wall Street Journal published an article by Alain MATIC "Who's next?" ("Who's next?"). It was compiled a rating of countries (at stoballnoy system), which, in the opinion of the author, possible outbreaks of protest. In Libya it took 13-th place (index of 76.9), "behind", for example, Pakistan (3rd place, 90,8), Morocco (8 th place, to 78.7), Azerbaijan (10-e a place, 78,6). Ukraine, by the way, the 22nd, with an index of 68.2.

Inevitably the question arose: "Why Libya?". Because the place, although high, but not even top ten! Is it because, for example, Pakistan is the main rear base of the Americans in Afghanistan, and Azerbaijan — one of the few opportunities for Europe to diversify energy supplies and get rid of the "dictatorship of Russia" in this area? And Morocco — so this is the main strategic ally of the United States "outside of NATO"!

Obviously because "a staunch patriot who is accountable to no one" was on his head, still incredibly rich. And it's not just about oil. The share of Libya in world production is about 2%. Although this was enough to make a notable stir in the chicken coop in world oil prices during the Libyan events, they rose more than 30%.

But much more significant was the role of Gaddafi in the possession of another planetary resource — water. Paradoxically in Libya (and Egypt, Chad and Sudan) but it is a "floating country". They stand on huge (with an area of 2 million square kilometres and a thickness from 140 to 230 meters) array porous Nubian Sandstone, which, during the previous wet climatic periods, infiltrates water.

These reserves were discovered during geological exploration in 1953. In General, they contain about 300 000 cubic kilometers of the purest water. If it "poured" in Ukraine, it will cover the country's 50-meter layer. This Sandstone contains water 125,000 cubic kilometers more than the reserves of all freshwater lakes and rivers on the planet. More — only in the polar "ice caps". But there the hands of business has not yet reached, otherwise the trouble would be the "bloody regime of polar bears in the Arctic": almost seals eat?

Only three aquifer basins (in the oases of Kufra, SEB and mursak) have been well studied in Libya, contains 35 000 cubic kilometers of water, one and a half times more than in the lake. Or 200 years of neighboring the Nile!

Back in the mid 50-ies of Egypt started the production of water of its share of the Nubian Sandstone aquifer for irrigation of farms around the oasis "New Valley". But Gamal Abdel Nasser was a lover of the Aswan dam was planned to irrigate the desert with the waters of the Nile.

Gaddafi was wiser. 3 October 1983, the Bank started to Finance the project "the great man-made River" (the Great Manmade River, GMR): 4 605 kilometers of pipelines had to transfer water from 1,300 wells 400 kilometers, to the Libyan cities on the Mediterranean coast.

In August next year Gaddafi laid the first stone in starting construction of the project, and after five years, the water began to flow in a giant artificial water reservoir at Ajdabiya, Grand Omar Muktar al-Gardasee. But five years later, in August 1996, began a regular water supply of Tripoli. In 2007, the water is "held" until the North-West the major cities of Libya — Gharyan.

Currently, the GMR pipe (special pipe plant in Libya, built South Korea) comes with an estimated 6.5 million cubic meters of water per day (2.37 cubic kilometers per year) for agriculture and domestic consumption. In other words — 378 000 litres of water per person. Clean, fresh drinking water. Gaddafi has called the project the "Eighth wonder of the world": the ambitious but seems to be true.

Map "man-made river".

And it in conditions when in 2003 the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said that "two billion people desperately need fresh water," and the world Bank estimates that by mid-XXI century 40% of the world's population will experience water shortages, 20% - to suffer greatly from it. In 2005, according to the Masons Water Yearbook, 545 million people (9% of the world's population) receive their water from private providers at market prices. In the Maghreb region desalinizarea (desalinated) sea water is sold at $ 3.75 per ton.

There is another miracle: Libya did it all for their money, taking loans from foreign financial institutions. While Gaddafi was spending Libyan money to create a "great River", is tolerated. But Libya has started to use its water. And this the West have to endure could not. Because we believe in a Libya 35 000 cubic kilometers of water (thirty-five trillion tons). Even at prices desalinizirovannoy water 131 trillion dollars!!! Isn't that a reason to call anyone a terrorist, dictator and other "son of Satan"?

Gaddafi clearly was a danger of possession of such quantity of water for ourselves and for the country. "Now that is an achievement of the Libyan people became apparent, the U.S. threat against our country will be doubled!", he said in a speech at the opening ceremony of the new section of GMR, 1 September 2010. As the water looked! But now the "water look" we need other leaders, whose countries have appetizing for capital resource...

And another thing the West could not forgive the Colonel. Provision of water infuriated the Libyan leader in a number of real planetary leaders. After all, neighboring countries suffer from scarcity of water resources, even if you are on the Nubian Sandstone. It is therefore logical to assume that Gaddafi and his water project was able to significantly expand its influence in the region, starting in the neighboring countries the "green revolution". With all its attributes: the nationalization of Western assets and conduct independent policy...


The Colonel was no Saint. He loved women — but who doesn't like them. He was fond of luxury — but ostentatious. However, in the East luxury has always been a tool of political influence: in life he lived in Windsor, the Elysee Palace or Mezhyrichi, but only in a Bedouin tent. He loved luxury fashion from Rabia Ben Barka, but Ben Barka cheaper Louis Vuitton.

But the Colonel was a warrior and a man. The vultures from the political reporting now relish the sewer, where it pulled the rebels. But few people wondered why he was there? He didn't have long to run? Or didn't know that talking on a cell and satellite phones will provide an opportunity to detect his whereabouts and bomb the column of waste?

Yes, everything he knew and could... I can only make one assumption: the old dashing Bedouin distracted the enemy, giving the opportunity to escape from Sirte to his son, Seif al-Islam. And if so, if my version has at least the distinction from the real situation, you want to do only one thing — to get up, put his hand on his heart and say, "good-Bye, Colonel. You were a Man, Father and Warrior"...

Andrei Ganzha


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