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Large-scale exercises demonstrate the strengthening of military power of Russia
Material posted: Publication date: 05-10-2017
Exercises held recently, the Russian armed forces, showed that they significantly increased their combat capability and ability to conduct complex, large-scale hostilities with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and new equipment, which will become an integral part of a General war with the United States in Europe. This is reported by the U.S. and NATO.

Preliminary analysis of these doctrines, which became one of the largest after the end of the cold war, the Pentagon and NATO classified. In General, the evaluation conducted maneuvers will take many months. However, according to the Western representatives, military exercises "West" in its scope and number of participants exceed the figures presented in Moscow. The scope of these teachings more in line with what was said us intelligence officials, on the basis of data about the buildup of Russian troops in the month of August.

Before the exercise, Russia has stated that they will participate less than 13 thousand troops, and those will be carried out according to the counter-terrorism scenario in Belarus, the Kaliningrad region on the Baltic sea and in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. But instead, the teachings were brought tens of thousands of Russian troops in the Arctic, the far East, the Black sea, near the Ukrainian border and in the Georgian region of Abkhazia.

In fact, these actions constitute a single strategic exercise involving all branches of the armed forces and the armed forces of Russia and Belarus. This was stated by press-Secretary of NATO Oana Lungescu (Oana Lungescu). In the maneuvers involved warships, submarines, fighter aircraft, helicopters, tanks, artillery, air defense, anti-ship missiles, special forces units, as well as Intercontinental ballistic short-range missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

These military exercises had been planned for many months and have become an integral part of the action of President Vladimir Putin to demonstrate Russia's military might, which is once again trying to establish itself as a world power. Russia has not only interfered in the presidential election of 2016 on the side of trump. Its army in the last years of fighting in Syria, it seized the Crimea, and carries out intervention in the East of Ukraine, and also causes consternation among the Baltic States, conducting the sudden teaching, in which Russian pilots fly dangerously close to NATO ships and aircraft.

Military and independent analysts of the NATO countries have noted that during the exercises "Zapad" held from 14 to 20 September, the Russian armed forces have used new technology and integrated information, making it much better than in the past, which increased the shock and the combat power of the army. In addition, the Russian armed forces have shown higher quality logistical and combat support, as well as new technologies that allow to hide and protect vital supply routes and evacuation.

Now the soldiers in the trenches, and the brigade commanders at command posts using increasingly sophisticated techniques of communication and electronics. A Russian unmanned aerial vehicles are used so widely that they have become an integral part of all exercises.

"This is the most important elements that you need to work on the case of the initial period of the war when great importance of time and distance. During this period, a huge advantage is given to one who acts faster, said senior researcher of the Center for naval analyses Michael Coffman, leading there a program in Russia and covering the exercises of the "West" in his blog. — These exercises demonstrated that Russia continued to improve the tactics of combined arms combat, is the interaction between different types of armed forces and branches of the military".

During a speech last week in the Senate, the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff General Joseph Dunford declined to provide a detailed evaluation of the exercise on unclassified meeting. However, he told the senators: "We have been closely following what the Russian did during the operation "West", trying to understand what they have achieved in terms of combat capabilities, and what it could have security implications for NATO and the United States."

General Lori Robinson (Lori J. Robinson), the commander of the Northern command of the armed forces of the United States, which has the task of defending the territory of the United States, said last week at a conference in Washington that can make an important conclusion about the readiness of the Russian army: "Russia may endanger our facilities at such a distance what we used to." Apparently, the General had in mind the Russian Arsenal of intermediate-and long range. Robinson did not go into details, saying only that her command will conduct a thorough analysis of the Russian exercises, making this in the coming days.

One of the phases of the exercise took place at the Luga range. This is a huge open space, located 180 kilometers southwest of St. Petersburg on the hilly, wooded terrain. Monday in the afternoon, there did Putin, who passed the command post and watched the progress of the exercise through binoculars.

A hypothetical enemy that day attacked the territory of Russia. The army went on the offensive from the left and right flank, and the audience could hear it flying in the sky airplanes and helicopters. However, due to the low cloud to be seen. Sounded endless gunfire were heard exploding shells and missiles. On the ground fell a powerful bomb, billowing up a huge cloud of smoke and pieces of land, and creating a powerful shock wave breaking on the ears of the audience.

In the distance you could see the vague outline of an imaginary enemy. But the Russian soldiers were almost invisible. Basically it was a demonstration of military equipment and powerful weapons. Tanks moved at high speed, helicopters Mi-28 and Ka-52 struck from both sides. In the air flying modern rockets, as well as the older rockets "Grad". The course exercises have commented through the speakers.

With Putin at his side were defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and chief of General staff Valery Gerasimov. On small stands under the eaves were foreign military observers. This stage of the exercise lasted 45 minutes, after which Putin is still 45 minutes, deliberated with their commanders, and then flew away from the landfill.

Not all the exercise was held in accordance with the plan. One bystander almost killed when a Russian military helicopter accidentally fired a missile at the Parking lot near the shooting range.

Western military officials emphasize that the United States and Russia are on the brink of war. However, they Express concern about the fact that the activity of the Russian army could lead to unintentional collisions.

Intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense summed up the Russian doctrines in an email sent to the editor of The New York Times. It says: "Russian troops become more mobile, more balanced in its composition, and can now fully manage modern action combat".

Before the exercises began, the US military command and the Baltic countries with the concerns talked about the fact that Russian can use these maneuvers as an excuse to increase their military presence in Belarus. This country is located in Central Europe and is bordered by three major NATO allies such as Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

The Minister of defense of Jim Mattis ordered that the European partners have gained access to classified U.S. information on the exercise, in order to create conditions close to the fighting. "The"West" has forced us to act smarter and more effective in sharing intelligence information," — said the commander of us forces in Europe, Lieutenant General Frederick Hodges (Frederick B. Hodges).

Officials note that it is still too early to talk about that, do take advantage of Russia these teachings for permanent accommodation of additional troops and military equipment in Belarus. Some American analysts say that Putin is not needed, since it quite successfully conducted an exercise that reminded the sinister days of the cold war and scared of the world media, which reported extensively on their progress.

According to the Lithuanian foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius (Linas Linkevicius), Belarusian officials said Lithuania that Russia should completely withdraw their equipment until September 30. After that, the allies becomes clear that she left in this country. Belarusian military newspaper reported that the last Russian troops left the country on Friday.

Lithuania, using these teachings, attracted the world's attention to the hostile actions of Russia against its neighbors. "In my opinion, it has played a very positive role, — said Linkevičius in an interview. — We talk about it all, which is why exercise is not turned into something more."

According to Western analysts, the demonstration of Russian military power helped them in another way, they began to realize that most fears Moscow from the United States and their NATO allies. "Huge attention was paid to the reflection of aerospace attack the United States, the defeat cruise missiles, defense ships at sea from missile launches enemy and disguise troops on the March in order to avoid losses, — said Kofman. — Obvious fear of Russia before the technical superiority of the West and its domination in the air."

James Hill,Gardiner Harris


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