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The message of Soros Pashinyan: Armenia, trouble came — open the gates
Material posted: Publication date: 06-02-2019
American billionaire Chairman of the hedge Fund "Soros", the founder of the "Foundation for civil society" George Soros said about the need to help civil society in Armenia.

"The strong support of civil society in Armenia is vital to the democratic present and the future of the country," Soros wrote in his Twitter, attaching to records published on the website of the "Foundation of civil society" article entitled "How policy makers of the US can support democracy in Armenia".

What is the consequence of Soros "the strong support of the civil society of Armenia", well informed, first and foremost, the current government of Armenia represented by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian. They should know about it? We reserve the right to disclose the details of the activities of several public associations is carried out on the money of George Soros, in order to show in what respects will be dealt a powerful blow.

The organization "the open society foundations — Armenia"

Foundation "open society", which is also known as the Soros Foundation, its activities in Armenia started in 1997. Since that time the Fund has allocated grants totaling more than $ 48 million to over 200 organisations in support programmes, mostly aimed at protecting women's rights, prevention of family violence, the development of a free press, investigative journalism, election observation mission, the development of civil society institutions for the solution of other important and urgent problems of the targets. But what busy the organization of the Fund "open society" and its office in Armenia does not contribute to the implementation of the stated organizing principles. Organizations and individuals who most actively cooperated with the Fund, and noted efforts to influence domestic political processes and attitudes. These organizations are the club of journalists "Asparez", a consultative public organization "Union of informed citizens", Vanadzor office of Helsinki civil Assembly, the anti-corruption center of Transparency International.

These organizations throughout their activities received from the Fund hundreds of thousands, and in some cases millions of dollars are not spent on the implementation of their stated purposes, and to conduct in Armenia propaganda and anti-propaganda, distorted view of different professional concepts to the impact on those or other social events. The main part of the activities of these organizations amounted to propaganda and bad propaganda at various foreign and domestic areas, also by all means promoting the change of power in April-may 2018.

Numerous representatives of these organizations and different personality, financed from the Soros Foundation, after the change of government has taken different public positions.

It is noteworthy that these organizations, in addition to that financed from a single Fund for all of its activities were related to each other, implement joint programs, voiced the same in various foreign and domestic issues. Even more remarkable is that after the incident, including through their efforts, change of power of these organizations in December of 2018 jointly developed concept (road map) "the Necessary reforms aimed at the restoration of the Republic of Armenia", which contains the following remarkable provisions as "the Investigation of the former repressive regime and assessment of the current situation", "Change in personnel of the judiciary as the scrapped tools, appointed by the illegitimate President", "Transitional justice" and so on. In addition, on 19 December, they issued a joint statement, arguing that it is necessary to develop a strategy for transitional justice.

In a study of the activities of OSF Armenia encountered an article titled "Armenia''s Democratic Awakening Is a Warning to Authoritarians Everywhere", in which the head of the Armenian office of the Foundation Larisa Minasyanwith great enthusiasm said, "the end of an authoritarian leader." Surprising is the fact that the organization for so long manifesting his political dissent, acted in "authoritarian country" and would not close. It is noteworthy that Larisa Minasyan personally identifies those people and organizations who should receive grants from the Fund. But its role is not limited. Larisa Minasyan also has a decisive influence on the distribution of grants in Armenia other Western donor organizations.

The Soros Foundation for many years allocated large enough grants to people who now occupy positions in the highest echelons of power. SOS Avetisyan, who worked as responsible for the Foundation's programs aimed at development of civil society, became a member of Parliament on the list of "My step". Hovhannes Hovhannisian, who after the change of government he held the post of Deputy Minister of education and science, and is now a member of the National Assembly, with full funding from the Foundation has published such works as "the Cemetery, crematorium or other decisions", "Analysis of school textbooks on the history of the Armenian Church and their impact on young generation." Arevik Napisan, which occupies the post of Deputy Minister of education and science, within their organisation for many years was funded by the Soros Foundation. Only in the last two years this organization from the Soros Foundation has received 158 000 dollars, and for programs implemented jointly with other organizations, about 38 000 dollars. Gayane Abrahamyan, who was elected MP on the list of "My step", as Chairman of the public organization "for equal rights" for a long time was financed from the Yerevan office of the Fund, but only in the last two years have received grants in the amount of approximately $ 210 thousand. Taguhi Kazarian, which is associated with a number of organizations financed from the Soros Foundation, became a member of on the list of "My step". As Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund "open society — Armenia"David Khachatryan is the brother of the chief of the Special investigation service of Sasun Khachatryan.

What work were the above mentioned organizations and where to send their huge financial resources in recent years?

Journalists ' club "Asparez"

Founded in 1999, journalists ' club "Asparez" has a stated goal of "defending freedom of expression, press and information". Club, the founders and experts are busy "protecting the interests of journalists, media and some civil groups."

According to the official website, "the annual club budget of approximately 120-135 million AMD (2011-2015), which is formed at the expense of grants 4-8 programs." For many years, assisting the club to its partners are "fond "Open society Armenia", U.S. Embassy, British Embassy, the European Union, "Counterfeit international" and others."

From the Soros Foundation, the only organization in 2017-2018 for the different grant programs received approximately $ 749 000.

What was spent this amount or which programs were implemented, this organization really?

Chairman of the Board of the organization Levon Barseghyan known for its struggle against the former authorities, the support of the "Sasna tsrer"and "protecting the interests" of journalists in Armenia. Levon Barseghyan has been at the forefront of processes that took place in Armenia in April 2018, at the forefront of the "revolution". The organization has consistently pursued anti-Russian campaign, and also criticized Public television for the Pro-government position. Today, however, when the First channel continues in the same style, maintaining the current authorities, Levon Barseghian and its associated structures, are silent. Active-propaganda was also carried out during the constitutional change in 2015, calling the then government illegal and criminal. And in July 2016 Levon Barseghian spoke in defense of the group of "Sasna tsrer", seized the building of the patrol service. It should also be noted that after the change of government, when we started testing in (see 1, 2) Yerevan. Today, when the police visited the news Agency aysor. and, Levon Barseghyan never made a single step in the protection of the rights of journalists. You will not find any records Levon Barseghian on these issues. Under the current regime, Levon Barseghyan, declared the goal of free television broadcasting, protect journalists and the media, to do with the situation, causing suspicion that he and his organization during the whole period of its activities engaged in the implementation of propaganda against the former authorities.

Public Advisory organization "Union of informed citizens"

Founded in the year 2014. Grants from the Soros Foundation to start from 2016. In 4 years of its activity the organization has received grants in the amount of approximately 590 000 dollars in the various funds, with roughly half of this amount (approximately 289 000 dollars) from the Soros Foundation during the last two years. In 2016, the organization has created a media outlet called "Ground verification of facts".

Despite the fact that the organization has a stated goal of raising awareness of citizens on important issues and combat misinformation and its impact, however, the study of the organization makes it clear that the organization itself had for years been busy spreading misinformation, preparing and promoting publications and videos are of a manipulative nature. On the organization's website notes that their publication relate to foreign policy and related issues, but most are related to the field of publications and video clips are the anti-Russian propaganda.

Anti-Russian propaganda conducted from its Foundation, and this propaganda had several areas: the Customs Union, the CSTO, the Russian 102nd base in Armenia.

In 2013, the Armenian authorities took the decision to join the Customs Union. In this context, "Association of informed citizens" began to be implemented in the regions of Armenia various events (seminars, publications, and videos) and to present the facts about the negative aspects of the Customs Union, to criticize the decision of the former authorities.

The CSTO has also been a constant focus of the organization was presented as a formal structure, do not contribute to Armenia's security.

With regard to the 102nd military base, preparing publications and videos about violations on the basis of, murderscommitted by soldiers of the base.

In 2016, the members of the organization carried out the exchange of experience with Ukrainian initiative when learning activities which it is apparent that the latter is its main goal proclaimed "fight against the Russian propaganda."

It is noteworthy that the organization "Union of informed citizens" transformirovalsya periodically depending on the political processes in the country. Most remarkable, perhaps, is a change of government that took place in Armenia in April-may of 2018, after which there was a transformation of the organization.

If the organization kept the focus of their attention the mistakes of the representatives of the former authorities and presented them in a very negative aspect (including decisions of the former authorities in connection with the Customs Union, membership in the CSTO, the Russian base), but today the organization turns a blind eye to the shameful mistakes of the current authorities, moreover, acts from the position of "lawyer" at gunpoint critics of the current government.

When in the summer of 2018, the Special investigation service filed charges against second President Robert Kocharian and of the CSTO Secretary General Yuri Khachaturov on the grounds of the 1st part of article 300.1 of the criminal code of Armenia, an appeal was launched the video entitled "Foreign policy and the energy sector under Robert Kocharyan", followed by a number of publications concerning Robert Kocharyan, as well as on the inviolability of Yuri Khachaturov.

It is also noteworthy that the organization has for years carried out observation mission during the national elections and in the elections of local self-government bodies and always spoke from the position of the active logging and scoring of violations. In the parliamentary elections of 9 December 2018, the organization also carried out an observer mission, however, almost did not record electoral violations, although participating in the elections 11 the political forces periodically voiced and drew attention to the numerous election violations and the use of administrative resource.

It should be noted that in January 2018, just 3 months before the change of government, the organization received from the Soros Foundation about 81 000 dollars to prepare 50 of the 75 journalists and activists to participate in the processes of civil movements.

In the study of the history of grants received by the organization, it becomes clear that the media are "a Site fact-checking" function entirely at the expense of grants of the Fund "open society". For this program, the company has received from the Foundation grants in may 2017 $ 35,000 in January 2018 — 80 000 in June of the same year, 91 000 in October — 67 500.

After creating this platform, which essentially was to serve to identify the true facts and exposing the lies, the organization has begun more actively to anti-Russian propaganda on the part of the EEU, the Russian presence in Armenia, the 102nd base, and active-propaganda directed against the previous authorities, and, conversely, the active campaign support of the current authorities. It should also be noted that more than half of the funds received by the organization from the Fund obtained after the change of power in Armenia and their main task was precisely the involvement of this site.

The entire staff of this organization and its primary contact person in relation to the Soros Foundation, Daniel Ionnisyan, were active supporters of the process of regime change. They not only participated in the April demonstrations, but also used all of their platforms to spread hatred to the current government, and after April 23, following the resignation of Serzh Sargsyan, for propaganda in favor of Nikol Pashinyan. Daniel Ionnisian, which is the actual head of the organization, after the change of government was appointed Secretary of the Commission on the reform of the Electoral law to the government.

Attracts attention and that after the change of government the number of employees in the organization found refuge in various government posts. For example, Rafael Afrikyan, who was one of the editors of "fact-checking", works at the State non-commercial organization (SNCO) "Center of public relations and information" under the office of the Prime Minister. A former employee of the organization Ophelia Simonyan also works in this SNCO. Sona Ghazarian,who was engaged in the organization of a media monitoring today is a member of the party "Civil contract" and the Deputy of the faction "My step".

Vanadzor office of Helsinki civil Assembly

The organization was founded in 1998, and the state registration was received in 2001. Its donors is a set of Western structures, but most grants, this structure received from the Soros Foundation, since 2006, the total amount of funds obtained to date from the Fund is 1 026 169 dollars. In addition, from the same Fund for the implementation of joint programs with other organizations of the Helsinki citizens ' Assembly — Vanadzor (HGAV) received grants amounting to 82 300 dollars, and its Spitak branch received a grant in the amount of 9 070 dollars.

Thus, only from the Soros Foundation HGAW monthly had the financing in the amount of approximately $ 7,500. According to the study received grants HGAW spent these funds on program implementation in several directions. In this study closed and semi-closed institutions (penal institutions, psychiatric institutions and others), investigations in the military and law enforcement structures, the articulation of human rights violations and providing legal assistance, organization of monitoring for the election period. However, the real and not on paper directions HGAW actually very different from the declared goals. HGAW periodically applied to the events in army life, presenting them in an unfavorable light, completely ignoring the positive side. The same can be said about the coverage of events in the criminal-correctional institutions and law enforcement agencies. To violations of human rights HGAW applied selectively, and the responsibility for violations pinned on the current government then. With the help of a number of publications HGAW launched into circulation such unprofessional and flimsy thesis as a "dictatorial government" of the Republic of Armenia, "repressive", "authoritarian regime", "criminal-oligarchic system." These points are periodically propagated in society through various workshops, conferences, videos, publications, even large-scale studies, strongly spreading an atmosphere of hatred towards the current authorities.

HGAW and its Chairman Artur Sakunts, self-proclaimed human rights activist, did not spare effort and energy in order to instill in society the ideathat "Armenia has created a situation where the legal mechanisms for the resolution of issues do not actually work, and citizens as a last resort there is only the protest against authorities that adopt such laws, which by their nature illegal." These words were spoken in support of carried out in Armenia anti-Russian activities of Shant Harutyunyan in connection with the events in November 2013. Note that Shant Harutyunyan announced previouslythat he intends using Molotov cocktails to blow up the presidential residence. According to Artur Sakunts, "this is a typical example, when we, the citizens, as a last resort have the right to protest, until the uprising".

HGAW periodically made presentations on the issue of political prisoners, representing to the public that in Armenia there are more than a dozen political prisoners. About events of 2013 Artur Sakunts notedthat Armenia received "a new batch of political prisoners," referring to Shant Harutyunyan and 13 other persons who, according to Sakunts, as a "radical, last resort, in desperation, resorted to a civil uprising".

In September 2015 under the title "political Prisoners of Armenia" was published reference, which was cited as political prisoners 13 men, despite the fact that the international structures have never talked about the fact that in Armenia there are political prisoners.

Among the fictional HGAW theses in the context of human rights "the right to armed rebellion", about what was published a 195-page study entitled "the Right to civil disobedience from the point of view of legal regulation and legal practice in several countries". This thesis Artur Sakunts continuously injected into the circulation in various interviews and publications, which "proved" that there is a right to armed rebellion.

Interestingly, a year after the publication of this study, July 16, 2016, in Armenia there was an attack by a group of "Sasna tsrer" on a regiment of the patrol and killing three policemen. Of course, HGAV completely took over function to call this a terrorist act the right to armed rebellion and spreading propaganda of this thesis. Days after the capture of regiment PPS, 29 July 2016, HGAV along with several other agencies issued a statementdirected to the international structures, where it was noted that "Sasna tsrer" their actions to execute its right to armed rebellion and actions, which in those days was carried out by the police, not proportionate. It is noteworthy that joined the statement structure also funded by the Soros Foundation. HGAW also issued a certificate of police action, describing anti-terrorist actions of the latter as a totally disproportionate act.

With regard to election monitoring, this structure in the final report of the observation mission came to the conclusion that in the Republic of Armenia the elections were rigged and did not reflect the will of the people. In the coverage of election violations, the organization of the Sakunts showed extraordinary activity.

After the change of power in April-may 2018 methodology activities Arthur Sakunts and his HGAW changed. Sakunts and his team took an active part in demonstrations against Serzh Sargsyan, after which entrenched themselves as defenders of the interests of Nikol Pashinian and his government. After the change of power Sakunts made some interviews and publications about the necessity of transitional justice. It is noteworthy that, although Sakunts claimed that the changes in Armenia is possible only through an armed uprising, a change of power in Armenia took place only peacefully and the desire of the Sakunts to see the successful implementation of the "right to armed rebellion" remained unfulfilled.

After the change of government in the activities of the Sakunts has undergone dramatic changes. Previously, he has been active in human rights activities and highlighted the rights of detainees and convicts in prisons, violations of these rights, and that was his main activity, after the change of power Sakunts has made statements about violations of the rights of people who are in places of deprivation of liberty (e.g., in the matter of the application of the preventive measure to Manvel Grigoryan, death in penal institution Mher Yeghiazaryan, who for 44 days spent on a hunger strike).

The impression that Artur Sakunts and his team completed their mission and current human rights violations they are more interesting.

"Anticorruption center Transparency International"

In 2000 was founded the public organization "Regional development center", which in 2001 was accredited as a national branch of the global anti-corruption movement Transparency International (TI). In 2008 the organization was re-registered as "Anticorruption center Transparency International".

The structure is funded by many Western donors. According to the annual reports for the years 2001-2016, the structure of the received grants in a total amount of 5 660 000 dollars. Only from the Soros Foundation in Armenia organization in 2002-2018 he received more than 840 000 dollars, and from the office of the Foundation "open society — Budapest" grants amounting to more than 1 200 000 dollars.

Has huge financial resources, this structure has also for several years was engaged in propaganda against the former authorities, the protection of an armed group "Sasna tsrer", publications on counterfeit and unfair elections and so on. The organization was actively implementing joint programmes with organizations that were also funded by the Soros Foundation. In 2011, a joint initiative of TI and the Soros Foundation has established an award named Amalia Kostanyan, "which is awarded to individuals who scored principled and courageous activities and has made a significant contribution to the development of civil society." Interestingly, in 2017, this prize was awarded to the program coordinator of "Union of informed citizens" Daniel Ionnisian, whose principles are constantly changing depending on the political situation.

When in 2016 the group of "Sasna tsrer" seized the building of the PPP, which was followed by the demonstration part of the society against the authorities, organization in a number of other structures and public organizations expressed the need for an extraordinary meeting of the Parliament, condemning the "disproportionate use of force and violence by the police" - not speaking of action groups, who killed three policemen.

Campaigner for human rights and democracy, the organization today turns a blind eye to the limitations of freedom of speech, to campaign against the information field.

In this context it should be noted that many members of the organization after the change of government also hold public office. For example, Lena Nazaryan, who was the program coordinator of the structure, today the Vice-speaker of the National Assembly. Members of the center Arayik Harutyunyan — Minister of education and science, vine, Ghaltakhchyan — Deputy head of the Prime Minister, Wanui Matevosyan works already mentioned, non-profit organization "Center of public relations and information", Sarhat Petrosyan, who is also a member of the Board of the organization, — head of the real property Cadastre of the Republic of Armenia, Erignac Tigranyan — Deputy from the block "My step", Artak Manukyan, who was an expert at the procurement center, is also a Deputy on the list of "My step". Armen Grigoryan, who was the coordinator of the electoral programs of the centre after the change of government appointed to the post of Secretary of the security Council of the Republic of Armenia.

Thus, when studying the actual activities of the above organizations, it becomes clear that the Soros Foundation and sponsored by organizations in Armenia have been and continue to be anti-Russian propaganda, agitation against the former authorities for the implementation of the change the government supported any action that was aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country, including in the form of armed attacks. After achieving regime change, these organizations, along with holding public office and their members are actively engaged in propaganda in favor of Nikol Pashinian, the rationale for transitional justice dictating the agenda of Soros in foreign policy and in internal processes.

How to change the disposition after the new portion of "strong support" of George Soros, time will tell. The wildness of "Soros" of the biomass of former journalists and human rights defenders, the current pique vests, in conditions of increasing challenges and external challenges looks pretty tragicomic. Maybe the new government Nikol Pashinian makes sense to offer the George Soros along with the solution of problems of civil society in the limits of Yerevan to think about the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh problem? To propose a plan, the plan of Soros? Because after all the efforts and huge expenditures philanthropist in achieving its age-old dream — the development of civil society in Armenia can be useless, if you wallow defensive redoubts in the Karabakh mountains. But it will be a very, very sad. For him. For Soros. And for Armenia will be very painful.

Anna Ter-Ghevondian


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