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The defense Ministry has accused Israel of "criminal negligence" and "ingratitude"
Material posted: Publication date: 23-09-2018

Ministry of defense of Russia presented his version of the chronology of events that led to the collapse of the Syrian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20. The main conclusions have not changed: the responsibility for the deaths of 15 Russian military carries Israel. Agency spokesman Igor Konashenkov accused the Israeli side of criminal negligence and ingratitude. During the presentation of the Ministry of defense also spoke about the steps made by Russia towards Israel since the beginning of the Russian operation in Syria. The answer was "hostile actions" of the Israeli air force.

"Criminal negligence"

The blame for the tragedy with the Russian Il-20 aircraft in the skies over Latakia on 17 September "as a whole lies with the air forces of Israel and those who made the decision about this sort of activity", is the conclusion of the presentations on Sunday, the defense Ministry about the circumstances of the deaths of 15 Russian soldiers, aboard a Russian reconnaissance aircraft in the skies over Latakia.

"Presents objective data indicate that the actions of the Israeli fighter pilots that led to the deaths of 15 Russian soldiers, say, or about their lack of professionalism, or at least criminal negligence",— said Igor Konashenkov. He stressed that the actions of fighters of the Israeli air force on the evening of September 17 was carried out in the area of the traces of landing on the airfield Hamim, not only military but also civilian passenger aircraft.

Thus, the Israeli fighters had created a direct threat to any passenger and transport aircraft that could be there at this time and become victims of Israeli military adventurism.

Il-20 was shot down on 17 September, over the Mediterranean by Syrian air defense system of s-200. It happened during the attack, four Israeli F-16 fighters to Latakia, near the Russian air base Hamim. The next day after the incident, the defense Ministry said that the Israeli pilots shot up the Il-20 under attack Syrian air defenses.

Israel did not admit guilt, placing the responsibility on the Syrian regime, Iran and Hizbollah, whose objects, according to the Israeli side that is attacked. The Israelis claimed that at the time when Russian aircraft came under attack, the F-16 have already returned home. Thursday came to Moscow, the Israeli delegation led by the commander of the Israeli air force major General Amikam Norkina. She brought a 40-page report, which was intended to shed light on the incident with the downed Monday over the Mediterranean sea Russian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20. Judging by the responses in the Israeli media, the delegation appreciated the conversation with the Russian colleagues, as a professional, and was confident that Moscow accepted the information. However, the presentation of the defense Ministry demonstrates the opposite.

Sunday during a special briefing Igor Konashenkov has led the minute information of what was happening in the skies over Latakia on the basis of objective data, radar means including a display system of information on the air situation ", Plotto".

According to the presentation, the Israelis announced their plans at 21:39 local time (coincides with Moscow). The first Israeli attack on Latakia began at 21:40. 21:51 the Syrian air defence proceeded to repel the Israeli attack and began launches of anti-aircraft missiles. 21:59 one of the F-16 has taken a manoeuvre for rapprochement with Il-20, committed the landing. It was perceived by the calculations of the Syrian air defense for new attack Israeli aircraft. 22:03 Syrian anti-aircraft missile hit a larger and near-goal — Il-20. The commander of the crew reported a fire on Board and the beginning of emergency descent. 22:07 mark of the Russian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20 has disappeared from the radar screens of funds. Meanwhile, Israeli planes not gone into its airspace, and remained in the same area and continued duty in the air until 22:40.

Igor Konashenkov reiterated previously voiced the idea that the Israeli side has notified the Russian group on the conduct of its operations almost simultaneously with the beginning of blows, and not in advance. This, according to him, is a direct violation of the Russian-Israeli agreement in 2015 to prevent incidents between our armed forces on the Syrian track.

Also, the Russian military were misled about district strike fighters, which did not allow to bring the Russian plane Il-20 in a safe area and, when landing on the Hamim, it was on the direction of fire of the Syrian air defense at Israeli planes. Igor Konashenkov noticed that the representative of the headquarters of the Israeli air force said that the purpose for which it is planned to strike Israeli aircraft, located in the North of Syria, while the strike was on the Western Syrian province of Latakia.

Misrepresentation of the Israeli officer on the area of strikes the fighters are not allowed to bring the Russian plane Il-20 in a safe area",— said the representative of the Ministry of defense.

He also added that the Israeli pilots could not understand that the effective reflecting surface of the plane Il-20 significantly higher than the surface of the F-16 and Russian aircraft will be the preferred target for anti-aircraft missiles.

Igor Konashenkov noticed that the behaviour of Israeli pilots is fundamentally different from the actions of American aviation in the region.

According to him, the current between the Russian and American military communication channel before notify each other of plans to use aircraft in different parts of Syria. "It allows us to take timely measures to avoid any situations that carry the threat of Russian and American military personnel both in the air and on the ground",— he stressed.

"Ungrateful response"

According to Igor Konashenkov, Russia has never violated the agreement with Israel and was not used deployed in Syria, Russian air defense systems, despite the fact that in the course of Israel's air strikes, in some cases, raise issues, which are a potential threat to the security of Russian servicemen.

He recalled that in 2015, for the duration of the agreements command center of the Israeli air force was sent to 310 notifications about actions of Russian air force near the Israeli territory. However, the Israeli side gave notice only 25 times, just before by blows. Recall that in early September, an Israeli military source told reporters that only in the last year and a half, the Israelites spent more than 200 attacks on facilities on Syrian territory.

"In the context of constructive Russian-Israeli cooperation on the Syrian track, it is difficult for us to understand what caused the actions described tel Aviv. It's a very ungrateful response to all that has been done by the Russian Federation for the state of Israel and Israelis in recent years",— said the representative of the defense Ministry.

Igor Konashenkov recalled the steps taken by Russia at the request of Israel, including for its security. So, in the result of operations conducted in the southwest area of de-escalation of Syrian government forces with the support of the Russian space forces this summer, after a six year break by patrolling the area of separation between Syria and Israel on the Golan heights UN peacekeepers under the guise of fighting the Russian military police.

Also, according to him, Russia at the request of Israel has consulted with Iran. In the end, all of the Pro-Iranian formation with heavy weapons, with the assistance of Russian troops were withdrawn from the Golan heights in Israel safe distance — more than 140 kilometers to the East of Syria. "All was allotted 1050 personnel, 24 launchers, multiple rocket launcher systems fire and tactical missiles, as well as 145 units of other arms and military equipment",— said Igor Konashenkov.

He stressed that at the request of Israel, the commanders of the Russian forces in Syria repeatedly allayed the fears of the Israeli side about the possible transfer of the so-called "sensitive" samples of military products, supplied from Russia to Syria, to a third party.

In 2016, at the urgent request of the chief of the General staff of the Israel defense forces, Lieutenant-General Gadi Gadi eizenkot of the Israeli side handed over a tank "Magi-3", seized in 1982 in Lebanon, and who was in Russia. The defense Ministry also assisted in the preservation of Jewish shrines and burials in Aleppo and helped in the organization of work on search of the remains of Israeli soldiers killed in Syria during the previous wars. Igor Konashenkov said that the special operation to search carried out in the area of combat actions on the territory controlled by the terrorist group "Islamic state" (banned in Russia). In the course of operations, the militants suddenly attacked the Russian troops, engaged in search of the wounded fighter of the Russian special forces, but Russia was still ready to continue this work.

"Against this background, the hostile actions of the Israeli air force committed against a Russian Il-20 beyond civilized relationship building",— concluded Igor Konashenkov. According to the representative of the Ministry of defense, "military leadership of Israel is either not appreciated the level of relations with Russia, or not in control of individual commanders and commanders understand that their actions lead to tragedy."

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