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"On the brink of a third world": what are the implications of US air strikes on Syrian army
Material posted: Publication date: 18-09-2016
The agreement between Russia and the United States to resolve the Syrian conflict may be disrupted. The situation in the middle East flared up again after American aircraft struck on the evening of Saturday, September 17, strikes on government forces in Syria. With the help of experts RT figured out why the parties did not manage to compromise and what political implications of the strikes.

The Russian state Duma on Sunday, September 18, demanded to initiate an international investigation of the coalition air strikes on Syrian troops. In particular, the head of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Irina Yarovaya stated that "the United States came in a single operation with the terrorists."

In the afternoon on Sunday was followed by the official reaction of the Russian foreign Ministry. In a statement on the Agency's website States that a US strike on Syrian troops borders contributes to the "Islamic state."* Also in Moscow expressed hope that the strike was not directed from Washington.

"Especially worrying is the fact that this incident occurred against the backdrop of proliferating facts of documented violations of the cessation of hostilities by illegal armed groups of the Syrian opposition, which, according to the American side, joined," — said in the message. The foreign Ministry explained that if patronized US insurgents will continue to disrupt the truce in Syria, the agreement of 9 September will be threatened.

The expert of the Center for political analysis Andrei Tikhonov told RT that, according to the logic of the American side, the deal Russia and the United States can be executed only on American terms and only in the case of the departure of Bashar al-Assad. "Obviously, the Russian Federation it can not go. Tacit support for terrorists, from Washington will continue. Illusions about the joint fight against international terrorism should be discarded," says Tikhonov.

"We need to roll up our sleeves and to fight the terrorists without regard for the world community. If we give up the slack, the terrorists will continue to attack in Syria and the rest of the world", — concluded the expert of the Center for political analysis.

Chief editor of the magazine "national defense" Igor Korotchenko told RT that the US will continue to pursue a policy of double standards. "Of course, you must thoroughly investigate attacks on Syrian forces, which killed dozens of people. There is a failure of agreement on the truce in Syria, which is so hard managed to reach Moscow and Washington," — said Korotchenko.

In his opinion, the incident "very similar to the provocation". "Apparently, we are witnessing an attempt of the us military to disrupt the ceasefire", — stated the source RT.

The events in Syria to change your vector and move to a zone of severe turbulence. This opinion was expressed by RT the head of the Fund constructive policy Abdul Nagiyev. "The US refusal to disclose the agreement on Syria has pointed to the fact that all the agreements are temporary and a tactical purpose. Yesterday's strikes, the U.S. air force are a clear example of what to expect enhanced cooperation between the United States and the Russian Federation. The US are pushing their actions of the Russian side to retaliatory action against the forces that supported the American coalition, with the purpose of discrediting Russia in the eyes of the world and strengthening of anti-Russian sentiment in the world," — said Nagiyev.

He also noted that for Russia to initiate the convening of an emergency UN security Council testifies to the fact that the Kremlin decided to find a diplomatic solution, but the reaction of the American side of the Russian initiative completely undermines the level of trust between the parties. "To expect any progress in the Syrian direction is possible only after the presidential elections in the United States. While the situation will be in the zone of uncertainty and recrimination," — says the head of the Foundation of a constructive policy.

Director of the International Institute of the newest States Alexey Martynov told RT that "for the incident bomb US strike on Syria can stand the proverbial "party of war", which is active in America." "The regime of common sense, which prevailed in relations between Moscow and Washington, clearly not satisfied with the "party of war". That is why all efforts are directed to disrupt the Russian-American dialogue at the highest level", — explained his point of view Martynov. In his opinion, this situation fits into the context of the election campaign running in the United States, however, "puts the world on the brink of a third world war."

The day before, we will remind, the coalition led by the United States caused a number of strikes on the positions of Syrian government troops. Later, the American military has assured that the bug occurred — in fact, their goal was allegedly militants. The attack killed 62 soldiers, and about 100 people were injured.

Permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin at an emergency meeting of the security Council, convened at the initiative of Russia, said that the agreement between Russia and USA on Syria because of the shelling by the Syrian army coalition was called into question. However, the U.S. representative Samantha Power refused to listen to the speech of the Russian delegation. Instead, she came out to journalists, and just began to criticize Russia.

Churkin gave a balanced answer — he left the meeting room to communicate with the press, when the time of his American colleagues. According to him, he just "not interested in hearing how she is going to accuse us of all mortal sins."

Syrian authorities, in turn, sent two official requests to the UN security Council with a demand to condemn the air strikes of the international coalition against positions of the Syrian army.

* "Islamic state" (ISIS) is a terrorist organization banned in Russia.

Michael White


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