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Impregnable fortress: Russia gradually preparing for war
Material posted: Publication date: 23-09-2014

The Russian Ministry of defense intends to turn Crimea Peninsula into a fortress. It will become not only a military Outpost of Russia in the black sea region, but also be able to defend themselves, even being cut off from the mainland of our country.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the deployment of a complete and self-sufficient forces in the Crimean direction has become one of the main tasks of the Russian defense Ministry. "The military-political situation in the South-Western strategic direction since the beginning of the current year has changed significantly. This is largely due to the expansion of the territory of the southern military district after Crimea became part of Russia. In addition, sharply escalated the situation in Ukraine and increased foreign military presence close to our border" - explained Sergey Shoigu reasons for this decision at yesterday in Moscow the Board of the Ministry of defence.

That Moscow intends to regain Crimea as a strategic military Outpost of Russia in the black sea region became clear in the spring, after the Peninsula became, or rather, returned to the Russian Federation. But then the leadership of the armed forces said that our country has no need to rush the militarization of the Peninsula. "Available forces and resources are now sufficient to ensure a high level of defense capability of our country in this direction" was on the Board of the Ministry of defence, held in early April. However, since then a lot has changed.

Playing the "Ukrainian card", NATO quickly began to build up military, air and naval forces close to the Russian borders. The ships of the North Atlantic Alliance, including the American destroyers type Arleigh Burke, carrying on Board to 56 cruise missiles "Tomahawk", literally did not get out of the Black sea. At the NATO summit in Cardiff in early September, decided to create five thousandth rapid reaction forces designed for combat actions in Eastern Europe. Did not have time in September to end the U.S.-Ukrainian naval exercise Sea Breeze-2014, as Monday on Ukraine began land military exercise Rapid Trident 14, which was attended by 1200 (according to other data – 1300) US troops, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Canada, Georgia, Germany, great Britain, Poland and Spain. These teachings, according to the head of the Western regional media center of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Colonel Alexander Poronyuk, will be held according to the scenario, where is drawn conflict of two hypothetical countries, taking into account the reality of the "multifaceted war and the use of various means, including the means of information influence". A separate aspect of Rapid Trident 141 will be devoted to the training of the Ukrainian military tactics against non-state armed groups, or more simply – with the militia. "It is obvious that NATO exercises on Ukrainian territory is a provocation. Proof is that U.S. forces and other NATO countries are close to the Russian border. In July, President Barack Obama ordered to send to Kiev military consultants in the US to lead the army and the National guard of Ukraine. But Washington accuses Russia of military intervention in the conflict. There is no evidence that in the Donbas are Russian armed forces. From Russia come the volunteers, but Russian troops in Ukraine. Western media lie about this", − said in a broadcast RT about these teachings Director of the Center for research of globalization, Michel Chossudovsky.

Ukraine, led by current political leaders, despite the truce with the militia of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, continues to actively prepare for war. On 4 September the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, speaking at a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said that with the countries of the Alliance on a bilateral basis agreements were reached "concerning military-technical cooperation, including supplies of non-lethal and lethal weapons, including precision-guided weapons". Further official representatives of most of the countries in NATO, including the USA and Germany, disown this statement of the Ukrainian President, stressing that they will send to Ukraine military equipment and weaponry. However, sources in the Ukrainian defense Ministry said that arms shipments from NATO countries in Russia's neighbour country yet begun. Visibly brightened and Ukrainian military factories. More recently, the idle of the Lviv armored plant, in the message "Ukroboronprom" now works seven days a week in three shifts, building and repairing the BTR-80, BTR-60PB and BRDM. The official website of the national guard reported that its units in Donbas have "replenished upgraded tanks T-64 BV-1". Obviously, these tanks and other modifications to shovel out from "the vaults" of the Ukrainian military Department are upgrading the plant and, after regrouping and training in the spring will appear on the "Eastern front".

All this cannot but worry the Russian defence Ministry. So, obviously, the Russian defense Ministry decided to accelerate the establishment in Crimea "complete" and "self-sufficient" , emphasized defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, troops. "Full", apparently, means that in the Crimea will be all, except, maybe быть1, missile troops of strategic purpose. Will be significantly expanded the black sea fleet, including six new frigates of project 11356 and six diesel-electric submarines 636.3 "warszawianka", four of which - "Novorossiysk", "Rostov-on-don" and "Stary Oskol" and "Krasnodar" already built on "Admiralty shipyards". In the "transition" period in the Peninsula appeared anti-aircraft missile systems s-300, which is an important part of military-space defense. Due to the new anti-complexes "Bastion" and "Ball" will be significantly strengthened coastal defense of the Crimea. The other day it became known that the Ministry of defense will use in the Crimea four airfield: "guards", "KACA", "Saki" and "Belbek". In the "Belbek", for example, now based multi-purpose fighters su-30, and several su-24 appeared at the airport in guards. Director CAME Igor Korotchenko does not exclude that Crimean airfields can be placed and supersonic long-range bombers Tu-22M3. In case of active operation of the American system of the ABM in Europe, including sea-based, these aircraft can be used as to neutralize the command and information centers of this anti-missile system and for the direct destruction of the enemy fleet in the Black sea. "Russia also needs to actively track the actions of the US in the Black sea, which should strengthen the system of control and reconnaissance patrol and naval aviation. Similar opportunities exist in Russia and are used in the tracking of military activity in various parts of the World ocean", – says Igor Korotchenko. In addition, in the Crimea recently formed two new pieces - artillery regiment and the independent regiment of radiation, chemical and biological protection. The artillery regiment, for example, has about 300 units of weapons and military equipment, including more than 60 artillery systems, such as anti-tank complexes "Chrysanthemum"1, 152-millimeter howitzers "Msta-With", reactive system of volley fire "Tornado-G". On turn, obviously, the placement in the Crimea, units of the airborne troops.

All this grouping of the Russian armed forces in Crimea will have such a supply of ammunition, fuel, food and medicine that will allow her a long time to protect the Peninsula, even being cut off from mainland Russia. This, apparently, was referring to defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, speaking about "self-sufficiency" of the Crimean group.

Vadim Ponomarev


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