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Netanyahu responded to Putin bombings in Volgograd?
Material posted: Publication date: 29-01-2014

As we approach the start date of the Winter Olympic games in Sochi, a wave of suicide bombings in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad, the place of delivery decisive resistance to German invasion in 1942) planted in the region of death and uncertainty.

29 December 2013 a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device at the railway station of Volgograd, killing himself and 16 people. The next day another suicide bomber killed at least 15 people in the bus. The attacks take place just a few weeks prior to 7 February, on the black sea coast near the border with Georgia Winter Olympic games in Sochi 2014.

The latest attacks followed by the explosion on October 21, when carried by the suicide bomber, a car bomb exploded in a passenger bus carrying 40 people. The Ministry of emergency situations of Russia reported that the explosion killed at least 5 people and another 17 were injured. Was established the identity of the suicide bombers – it turned out to be 30-year-old Naida Ajalova from Dagestan. Since 1999 the Sunni Mujahideen-a Salafi, often from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, acting from the territory of neighboring Chechnya, were trying to foment an Islamic revolution and install Sharia law in Dagestan as in Chechnya.

The recent new wave of attacks in the region has led many to consider them the work of a radical Sunni Mujahideen Salafis, led by the unpredictable jihadist from Chechnya, Doku Umarov, who sometimes goes under the name arabinomannan Doku Abu Usman. Umarov unilaterally declared himself President of the unrecognized Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI) in the underground, and later Emir of the Russian North Caucasus, declaring it an Islamic state of the Caucasus Emirate.However, he said:

"I will serve the word of Allah and work by killing the enemies of Allah all the time that he gives me to live on this earth".

In Russia it is called the "Russian bin Laden". In March 2011, the Committee of the UN Security Council on sanctions against al-Qaida and the Taliban included Umarov in the list of persons allegedly linked to "al-Qaeda" – a wide network of international jihadist brigades, which during the Afghan war of the 1980s against the Soviet Union led by the CIA, Saudi, Israeli and Pakistani intelligence. "Al-Qaeda" is the name of the database, organized by Saudi intelligence to monitor all Arab and other Muslim mercenaries operating against the Russians in Afghanistan.

Umarov took responsibility for the heinous terrorist bombings, using women called "black widows" whose husbands died in the Jihad against Russian security forces. Umarov has publicly claimed responsibility for the bombings in the Moscow subway in 2010 and an explosion in the Domodedovo airport in Moscow in 2011. The explosion in the subway has made 17-year-old widow of a Mujahid Jennet Abdurakhmanova.

Netanyahu responded to Putin bombings in Volgograd?

Jennet Abdurakhmanova poses with her late husband Umalta Magomedov. She became a "black widow" suicide bomber – blew herself in the Moscow subway.

In June 2013, Umarov called on his followers in the Caucasus and beyond to make the "maximum effort", taking measures to ensure that the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi did not take place: "They're going to hold the Olympics on the bones of our ancestors, the bones of many, many Muslims who died and are buried on the territory of our lands along the Black sea. We, as the Mujahedeen, must not allow this through any means permissible by Allah."

All signs indicate that recent suicide bombings in Volgograd are terrorists controlled by Umarov. Naida asiyalova, blew himself up in the October terrorist act in Volgograd, was born in Dagestan. It was reported that prior to "fulfill their duty" to the Jihad Umarov, she was "in love" in another bomber the bomber. She was also a close friend of the woman involved in a later explosion at the Volgograd station.

In response to these developments the U.S. State Department has released for traveling to Sochi U.S. citizens Advisory warning, even though Volgograd is situated from it at a distance of several hundred kilometers.

Mujahideen-terrorists Russia

Shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, "Halliburton", the world's largest oil service company, headed by then stood dick Cheney, determined that the Caucasus and the region around the Caspian sea contain dizzying amounts of untouched oil. Said it was a "new Saudi Arabia". As part of the broader Washington strategy of then former President George H. Bush, us intelligence began moving veterans of the bloody Afghan Mujahideen campaign into the Caucasus and Caspian region to facilitate independence from the Soviet Union and access to American and British oil companies to gain control of key oil regions.

Two "retired" CIA employee, close to former CIA head Bush, Ted shackley and General (RET) Richard Secord, was founded by a fake Azerbaijani oil company called Mega Oil. That was a cover to deliver air from the veterans of Afghanistan-the Mujahideen as "oil".
In 1991 Richard Secord along with veterans of U.S. operations in Laos, and later of joint operations Oliver North with the contras, has arrived in Baku under the cover of MEGA Oil. It happened when George H. W. Bush, supported the construction of an oil pipeline from Azerbaijan across the Caucasus to Turkey. Dick Cheney was then defense Minister in the Bush. No MEGA oil is not found.

But the MEGA employees in Azerbaijan took part in military training, passed "brown bags filled with cash" to members of the Azerbaijani government and organized the airline model caerulea "air America", the era of Vietnam, which shipped hundreds of hired Mujahideen from Afghanistan into Azerbaijan and the Caucasus, especially in Chechnya.

Associated with the American neo-cons and military industrial complex faction in the CIA and American intelligence was involved in the recording of the fanatically-Jihad of Islam in a peaceful traditional Sufi Islam of the Caucasus region. Osama bin Laden traveled extensively from Afghanistan to Bosnia, then Kosovo, and then after 1995 – Chechnya, where his main ally and compatriot, the Saudi jihadist Ibn al-Khattab, was a leader of the Arab Mujahideen fighting the Russians in Chechnya. Chechnya was chosen to be a transit region to a major Russian oil pipeline to pump Caspian oil from Baku to Russia, which Washington was determined to block. Journalist Ali Soufan notes that by 1996 "the United States was on the side of Muslims in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechnya."

At the time of slaughter in the Russian school of Beslan, near the border with Georgia in September 2004 Umarov's jihadists, including Arab Mujahideen, were partly financed by American money through the Washington-based NGO called ACDI/VOCA. Reportedly, most of the money that was received on a project financed by the American government NGO originated from the project "Food for peace" of the Ministry of agriculture of the USA. Apparently, they distributed the food was in the form of Kalashnikov assault rifles and hand grenades, not grain and apples.

According to working in the Caucasus, the veteran of journalism, Jeffrey Silverman, Doku Umarov is today an "asset" controlled and managed the Washington "think tank" called the Potomac Institute for policy studies. The composition of the Board of the Potomac Institute reads like a "who's Who among American retirees and army intelligence." According to the insiders from Washington, the Potomac is not only what he's trying to look.

Rather, say these sources, this organization is the facade of the Israeli intelligence and a group of American neoconservatives, working in conjunction with the exploration of Saudi Arabia. Two key figures of the Potomac relating to the Caucasus, reportedly, are Professor Jonathan Alexander, who heads the Institute's international center for the study of terrorism, and Ambassador (RET) David Smith.

Alexander studied at the tel Aviv University and led the project with the interesting sounding name of "Terrorism, gray area and low level conflict," for American Council for the global strategy organization, founded by a former Deputy CIA Director ray Cline. David J. Smith holds the position of Director of Georgian intelligence center (GSAC) at the Georgian Foundation for strategic and international studies in Tbilisi. Between 2002 and 2006 Smith was a member of the International Advisory Board on security issues from the U.S., helping Georgia "to build democracy and establish functional national security institutions". Apparently, the work he has done pretty weak, if that was what he actually built.

Many Arab and Chechen terrorists, jihadists, annoying in recent years Russia has been infiltrated into Chechnya through the Georgian border from the region of the Pankisi gorge, where Pro-us Saakashvili regime at the time obviously "looked the other way". According to available information, the brother of Saakashvili worked in London for BP, the main company of the Anglo-American oil pipeline consortium that owns the BTC pipeline, running from Baku to Turkey through Georgia.

Despite outside appearances, between Saudi and Israeli intelligence services for years, there is a close cooperation on common strategic interests. It is reported that these communications originated when Prince Bandar was the Saudi Ambassador in Washington.

If all this is true, then this suggests that the last umanovska terrorist attacks using suicide bombers in Russia are part of a directed sabotage the Sochi Olympics "operation retribution" Netanyahu and the head of Saudi intelligence Prince Bandar bin Sultan for the role of Putin in that last fall was able to "beat" Obama in the matter of the war against Syria, and for an open search for a diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear issue. The recognition of its cooperation Bandar and Netanyahu, reportedly got very angry at Putin for the failure of their Jihad in Syria.

And against Obama, too

It is also clear that the Saudis and Netanyahu actively work on undermining Obama's diplomacy in Iran. 30 October 2013 us-Israeli billionaire with dual citizenship Sheldon Adelson – one-financier Netanyahu, who owns casinos in Las Vegas, appealed to the U.S. Congress. It is reported that he said to his friends in Congress to adopt new sanctions against Iran aimed at derailing talks between Iran and Obama. Adelson was a major source of financial assistance Mittu Romney, which was to help Tom in 2012 to defeat Obama, who became the worst enemy of Netanyahu. Apparently, Adelson feels that Obama is slowly moving away from the strong bias of Bush and Cheney in the direction of the American hawks-neo-conservatives associated with the American-Israeli military industrial complex around the Likud party of Netanyahu.

Republican Jewish coalition – under the leadership of financial Republican donor Sheldon Adelson – is asking its members to call their senators and demand that they enact a new round of sanctions against Iran. This is done amid efforts by senior representatives of the Obama administration to persuade Congress to delay such measures and give negotiations with the Islamic Republic of time "to gain momentum".

The bombings in Volgograd are part of a global political shift, when the power factions of the major countries declare war on each other. Today Washington is polarized between "Pro-Israel" faction, represented mainly in the Congress and the mix of nationalists on the opposite side, which, apparently, trying to outline the real American interests in all wars on the planet. Reportedly, the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, the highest military authority at the Pentagon, General Martin Dempsey and others around President Obama taking steps aimed at alienation of Washington from the Saudi-Israeli war strategy which they knew was contrary to American interests.

The realization in the White house and state Department, as well as around them, the fact that the American government manipulated by false information coming from Israeli and Saudi intelligence services, was, according to reports from Washington, the cause of this sudden decision by President Obama last summer to halt the implementation of the plans of war against Syria. Obama was told that "evidence" of chemical attack by the Syrian government against civilians were rigged Saudi and Israeli intelligence to force him finally to declare war.

That's why Obama is suddenly and inexplicably accepted a mediation proposal on the destruction of chemical weapons, but Assad quickly agreed. Obama himself was strongly against military action in Syria. Applied in Syria chemical substances, as reported, had the source not the Syrian government forces and rebels have been supplied by Prince Bandar. Given President Obama's data interception of conversations which allegedly were records of discussion with commanders of the Syrian Army chemical attack that Washington handed over the Israeli intelligence in the face of "unit 8200" the Army of defense of Israel and, reportedly, they too were tampered with.

Now it seems that the same network retaliated for Putin and Obama for what they upset their stratagem. This is a very risky venture Netanyahu and Saudi Prince Bandar could seriously go sideways.

In addition to the hideous drama of Doku Umarov in General, it should also be noted that on January 17 the Moscow Times cited the message of President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in social media, who claims that he had "new evidence" the deaths of rebel leader Doku Umarov. Kadyrov wrote in Instagram: "According to our information, Umarov is dead and we're looking for his body." He said that Umarov was killed during the operation by Russian special forces.

The message Moscow is not confirmed. Kadyrov's words should be taken with a considerable grain of salt. Controversial Chechen President gave a similar message before, the last time in December, when he wrote that Umarov "most likely dead or will be dead soon". Doku Umarov is alive, or dead, more like what he is nothing more than a "roof" for a more hidden networks, leading terrorist activities against Putin's Russia in the Caucasus; they are a real problem in Moscow.

William Engdahl


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