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Obama is preparing for a pre-emptive nuclear war with Russia, Iran, North Korea and Syria
Material posted: Publication date: 28-06-2013

I now have the opportunity to read the recently published report of Obama's strategy of using nuclear weapons of the United States (21 June 2013).

Most importantly it is on the 5th page:

In the review of the nuclear doctrine of 2010 before the Administration the goal is to provide the conditions under which would be possible to secure the adoption by the United States policy of making deterrence of nuclear attack the only purpose of US nuclear weapons. Although we cannot adopt such a policy now, the new guidance reiterates the intention to work towards this goal after some time.

In other words, "nuclear deterrence" is not the policy of the Obama administration, beginning with its review of the nuclear doctrine of 2010.

Now since "nuclear deterrence" is not and never originally was a policy of the Obama administration in the area of nuclear weapons, this by default means that its contents now and before is, and has always been offensive, preventive war with the use of strategic nuclear weapons.

The policy will be implemented and supplemented by the resources of the "United non-nuclear strike capabilities" (ibid.).

So the entire review-2013 and the last sentence of Obama's "reduction" of nuclear weapons should be understood in the context of the U.S. desire to gain the ability to conduct offensive preventive war involving strategic nuclear weapons, supplemented by non-nuclear strike force:

After a comprehensive study of the status of our nuclear forces, the President came to the conclusion that we can to ensure the safety of the United States, our allies and partners, and to maintain the ability to sustainable and reliable strategic deterrence, without any risk moving to reduce deployed nuclear weapons by one third from the level established in the new start Treaty (ibid. at p. 6).

And we know that all missile defense system (BMD), which is currently at Obama in the process of deploying in Europe, Asia and the United States, on land, sea, and maybe even in outer space, are designed to give the United States the ability to conduct offensive preventive war fought with the strategic nuclear weapons against Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Syria, for starters. Against the latter three because the United States took the position that these countries do not comply with their obligations under the non-proliferation Treaty: "... the strengthening of regional security, the U.S. increasingly rely on non-nuclear elements, including the presence of conventional forces in forward areas and effective protection against tactical ballistic missiles..."

So the United States government is currently preparing to unleash, to lead and win an offensive preemptive war with use of nuclear weapons against Russia, Iran, North Korea and Syria.

Everything else is just chatter. Including the one that comes from our Glavnokomanduyuschego. "Krasnolimanska" at Harvard law school.


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