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Oilprice: the purpose of the Russian Federation in Syria – Turkey
Material posted: Publication date: 01-04-2016
A well-known portal asks the question: was the energy sector of Turkey is one of the main objectives of the Russian campaign in Syria? Oilprice experts cite a number of arguments in favor of this theory.

Relations between Russia and Turkey called "ten year honeymoon" ended after Turkish air force shot down a Russian bomber. A few months before that, Moscow and Ankara jointly promoted the project "Turkish stream". President Erdogan made the promise to sign the documents and start the construction immediately after the election.

However, during the vote, the party of the Turkish President, the AKP failed to win a majority of seats in Parliament. Numerous new coalition partners stalled talks with Russia to a complete stop. A few weeks later, Moscow announced about the freezing of the project and sent a contingent to Syria. "Honeymoon" was replaced by stern routine.

Oilprice says: Putin knew that the increasing support for Assad will take erdoğan. Contrary to the expectations of Ankara, Russia's actions in Syria have been recognised by international aggression. On the contrary, after the Paris attacks France insisted on including Russia in a common front against ISIL.


Turkey could become the crossroads of the GTS Europe, Middle East and Africa

From the point of view of influence on the energy sector a key factor was the unified opinion of Moscow and Washington on the Kurdish issue, experts say Oilprice. Russia and the U.S. disagree on many points, but when it comes to the Kurds, the position of the two countries is clear: Turkey oppresses an entire people based on ethnicity. Russia strengthens relations with the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds, the same deal and the States, which is inconsistent with the regional policy of Ankara.

Active actions of Russia can lead to the fact that importing oil and gas from Iraq (to be precise, from Iraqi Kurdistan) will be significantly reduced. Ankara also have to forget about his dream to pipeline, Qatar - Turkey. The pipeline had to pass through the territories of Iraq and Syria controlled by ISIL. For some reason the presence of international terrorists in the planning of the route the Turkish side doesn't. By a strange coincidence about the project began to forget as we move Assad's troops passed to the offensive with the support of Russian aviation after several years of deaf defence.

Russia strengthening legitimate government of Syria. While maintaining good partnership relations with Assad (or his successors) will be to build new pipelines along the route of the Northern Iraq - Syria, and thus to reduce the intermediary role of Turkey in the regional market of hydrocarbons to a minimum.


The economy of Syria destroyed by the war, but the partnership promises prospects in the oil and gas sector

Erdogan is showing early signs of an easy panic. The Turkish President is looking for new and unexpected allies in the middle East and trying to get closer to Israel! Given that Erdogan Terry occasionally used anti-Semitic rhetoric for a quick score political points, such an Alliance may raise questions and in Ankara, and tel Aviv.

The idea of creating a logistics network Turkey - Israel may face hundreds of barriers. For example, Israel itself has no idea what to do with your gas sector (not to be confused with Gaza Strip!): The Supreme court has blocked the creation of long-term preferential treatment for developing the largest gas field "Leviathan". Inside the country, open conflict of the Prime Minister and the Supreme court, what kind of negotiations with external partners, especially with Muslim Turkey.

Oilprice experts have analyzed the situation in the middle East and the influence of Russia, came to the conclusion: it's not Turkey and Erdogan. While the current Turkish President in power, Moscow will block any pipeline projects, connecting the Republic with the outside world.


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