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Deceptive vulnerability: why a modern aircraft carrier is virtually impossible to sink

United States of America is today the leading country in the use of aircraft carriers. Her military make a huge bet on these giant ships is not just. Nuclear aircraft carriers are indeed a formidable force, and moreover, they're not nearly as vulnerable as it might seem at first glance.

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The Strategist: China plays Australia in the Pacific?

If Australia is to capitalize on its immediate neighborhood, China will gain a strategic victory.

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After the "Syrian Express" — "Sudanese Express"

According to the command of the Naval fleet, the crews of 70 warships and support vessels of Russia the new year holidays met in the long March. This fact — like the bright garland on the main tree of the country. Because for a long time such did not happen. Is that in the Soviet times.

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The decline of US influence — the great global story of our age

Daniel Kahneman (Daniel Kahneman), who received the Nobel prize in Economics for what changed our view of human motivation, once said, "Nobody ever made a decision because of some numbers. They need a story." It equally applies to countries and to individuals. Countries have always focused on the larger international story. What is today's global story?

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Egypt would provide Russia has its own airbase. What in return?

Agreement on mutual use of airspace and airports between Cairo and Moscow, the details of which became known recently, sheds light on some peculiarities of the Russian military presence in Egypt, despite refuting the statements made by both countries in recent months.

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