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Clear text. Moscow is aware
Material posted: Publication date: 13-09-2014

Rarely, very rarely, you can hear the so-called "straight text" when a top politician says exactly what he thinks, rather than what is required by the rules of international diplomacy or political expediency. I have a suspicion that recent statements by Lavrov just for those who are concerned about the damn Russian question "whether the Kremlin, what's going on?".

In an interview with TASS (by the way, I congratulate the colleagues with the return of historical names!!), Lavrov put the point in terms of how the Kremlin sees the situation on the Western Front: the conflict the US with us is fundamental, principled and deliberate. Quote:

"It would not be of the Crimea and the South-East of Ukraine, the West would have invented something else. The goal at any cost to bring Russia out of balance. The task was formulated long ago. Take Syria, for example. A couple of years ago we were up in arms because both the defenders of iniquity own people dictator."

For the gifted Lavrov reiterated this message again, well just plain text:

"I repeat: there is a will, there's a reason. Washington and some European countries yesterday decided to isolate Russia"

Accordingly, the Kremlin yesterday found out about it and considers the situation along the line of the Syria — Iran — Ukraine as links in a chain and how the episodes of one big campaign to destroy Russia.

In this context, I would like in blitz mode to comment on some recent events:

1. Truce. In my opinion he has not long to live.
To the question of its feasibility: pull power lines, to mend/to put in order gaztruba to the Lugansk/Donetsk which you have not used the XS many years, to transport convoys with humanitarian aid and "humanitarian aid" better in peace and not under fire. IMHO, the presence of gas and light in LDNR - a strong trump card in future stages of the conflict. Put 9 to 1 that the military conflict (periodic negotiations) — for a long time and God forbid that the intermediate finals we saw this year.

2. Blocking reverse to Ukraine, Gazprom. The Europeans have sent signals that "winter is coming" and that Gazprom/Kremlin are serious in their intentions to bring the gas conflict to end.

3. The shooter in Moscow. Alive is good. Believes the Murid and works with the Murid is bad. Catastrophically bad, especially for him.

4. Introduction the Association of the EU-Ukraine postponed to 2016. Late, gentlemen. This version of the compromise Putin (through Yanukovych) was offered at the last iteration of the conflict. Now it can be fixed as the recognition by Brussels that Moscow was originally the right, but no more. Rates have risen significantly from the time when this was relevant.

5. Sanctions — the more the better. Point, to longer stretches the process, we not yet ready for alternative swift and other components approves, but the hard work. The speed with which this is all now is almost perfect.

6. The contract with Iran for oil begins to crystallize. Separately I would like to thank particularly frostbitten fellows in Washington, who decided in late August to impose new sanctions against Iran -- it was an unexpected move, so to say "diplomacy in the style of Klitschko", which can evaluate not only all. In Tehran did not appreciate. We can say that Iranian leadership has successfully passed the IQ test.

7. Putin invited India, Iran, Pakistan in the SCO. If you implement one of these invitations, this is a huge victory for the anti-American coalition.

8. Hints at the possibility of Russia's withdrawal from various international treaties. It's not about the ECHR, no. The ECHR is a trifle of life. Much more interesting various treaties on nuclear weapons, including prohibiting the deployment of nuclear weapons in outer space and underwater platforms (off the coast of the USA) — these areas much more interesting. Special attachments do not require, many of the technologies are already there, and košmarnost for the United States is excellent.

The end of autumn will be very hot. Even too.


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