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The turning point in the war? Novorossiya was held in early July on a knife edge
Material posted: Publication date: 21-07-2014

Novorossiya was held in early July on a knife edge. Avoiding catastrophes, which have been prepared "fifth column" in Donetsk and "sixth column" in Moscow, people's Republic junta inflicted a strategic defeat. The turning point in the war is now achievable. But it depends not only on the front.

"Defeat is impossible", — said on 9 July, the people's Governor of the Donetsk national Republic (DND) Pavel Gubarev, answering a reporter's question about the nearest future of the new Russia. Two plan of taking the Donetsk fell one after the other. In June, Ukrainian troops failed to capture Slavyansk, at the same time smashing the militias. They easily captured intentionally not protected Mariupol and was preparing for a quick victory.

Defeat of group of Igor strelkov could open the way to Donetsk from three directions without the threat of retaliation from the flank. This would calm and the Moscow liberals. But history decreed otherwise. Arriving at Slavyansk reinforcements and skillful actions of the militia prevented the triumphal March of the National guard the Donbass. Was soon ripped off and the second plan of the Kiev junta, based on the work of traitors. The main forces of the militia were required to continue to defend Slavyansk, meanwhile, the "fifth column" would open the army guards the gates of Donetsk. The city did not have enough fortifications, and in the manual DND was sitting Renat Akhmetov bribed people. However, the second plan fell through in early July as well as first in June.

Strelkov left Slavyansk and made the throw to Donetsk. Traitors and leaders with tarnished reputation went into hiding or fled the city. Donetsk began to prepare for defense. Similar measures now being taken in Lugansk. The troops of the Kiev junta took control of new territories and narrowed the front line, having achieved tactical success, but they suffered a strategic setback. Perhaps, it will provide a breakthrough in the war between the Kiev regime and the new Russia, prejudging the outcome of the struggle. All of this can happen before 2015.

Kyiv does not lack in the military, weapons, communication and supply. Despite the failure of the mobilisation activities, it has a huge numerical and material superiority over the forces of resistance. The Achilles ' heel of this regime — in its radical neo-liberal policy, ruinous for workers and destructive for the economy. The hryvnia with the help of the West manages to hold, but inflation is gaining momentum and the fall promises political difficulties for the Ukrainian regime.

Kiev was supposed to win the war quickly. Otherwise you may have new fronts of resistance to his policy, and drugged by propaganda, the masses will lucid. But a quick victory in Kiev rulers will not succeed.

The turning point in the war is not yet committed. But it can become a fact, if the Republic of new Russia will last until the autumn and will cause manpower of the enemy considerable damage. This is not part of the plans of the Kiev junta, nor in the plans of some very influential people in Moscow. They were shocked by the failure of the latest plan to crush the uprising. First hoped to present to Ukrainian public the victory, the latter was calculated after the fall of Donetsk and Luhansk to restore relations with Ukrainian authorities. This, according to the hidden enemies of Novorossiya in Russia, would reduce all the problems in relations with Kiev to net trade by removing the threat of a rise in their own country, anti-liberal social forces. The shock of the failure of the operation "plum new Russia" gave rise to flagrant attacks conservatives-guardians at Strelkova, which was picked up by the Ukrainian press.

Civil war in Ukraine has exposed the crisis of Russian politics. All the efforts of domestic elites to avoid new conflicts with the EU and the US fail because of internal problems of the countries of the West are pushing them to fight against the Russian state and capital. Timid attempt of the Kremlin to start the integration of post-Soviet economies appreciated by Brussels and Washington as an act of aggression, as a threat to the neo-liberal order in Eurasia. And surrender of the Kremlin's "sixth column" of Novorossiya, nothing would change, except that the US and the EU, taking advantage of the situation, would cause new blows to Russia. The only way they can secure their hegemony.

The war in Ukraine has divided Russian society. She shared the "left" and "right-wing" supporters of the reactions (a truly right-wing) and those who want to see the socio-economic regeneration of the post-Soviet world. Those who backed Novorossiya, independently of their subjective views and prejudices, objectively stand for the social Republic, for the Union of peoples and substantive democracy, which was confirmed by the Yalta conference 6-7 July. Separated by the authorities. But the struggle here is of a hidden nature. The opinion of the Russian oligarchy and the preservation of a balance between liberal and illiberal groups in the government remains a major constraint to any attempt by the Kremlin to protect the national interest.

However, Russia has not remained constant. It changes radically under the influence of events in Ukraine. If Novorossiya survives, she will give an example of a successful liberation struggle of the Russian society. His emotional involvement in the war will no longer work as a distraction from internal social and economic problems, especially as the insidious action and omission overt and covert opponents of Moscow's Novorossiya mass returns to his native land — to Russia, and finally to decide the fate of the rebellious territories. Economic problems in our country is increasing and is as much a result of domestic liberal Ministers as weak and help DNR and LNR.

Those who in July 2014 had tried to "merge" the rebel Republic, was hit. The new Russia overcome the military-political crisis. Set the order in the management of troops and rear services support. Have successes on the battlefield. In these conditions it becomes very important to clearly formulate the problems of resistance and bring them to the public in both the CIS and the EU. A step in this direction was made at the Yalta conference. The Declaration reads: "We are fighting for the sake of building on the territory of Ukraine a just social people's Republic without oligarchs and corrupt bureaucracy... Our enemies — the liberal fascist elite."

The proclamation of neo-liberalism as the main enemy of the movement is its another victory, already perfect on the ideological front. Forces of national liberation of the new Russia — for all the brothers in Eurasia and beyond who oppose the global party "free market" and its nationalistic minions. Because Russian spring is not only a Russian, and a breakthrough in the war against the junta will also be shared.

Boris Kagarlitsky


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