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The Balkan pattern
Material posted: Publication date: 19-07-2014

The issue of ownership of anti-aircraft rocket, got in Malaysian Boeing, could be discussed ad infinitum — at any of the proposed versions have their obvious advantages and disadvantages. Understanding who might be behind the incident, can come during the analysis of the consequences of the tragedy, and the demise of the passenger liner in the combat zone will inevitably benefit one and harm the other side of the conflict. Based on this logic, the conclusion is obvious — if ill-fated "Boeing" did not exist, Kiev and take care of his U.S. would have to invent him. Because the incident like a provocation, similar to those that have already taken place in the Balkans during the wars that accompanied the breakup of Yugoslavia.

More "opportune" time for the death of nearly three hundred peaceful foreign citizens at the hands of "Pro-Russian terrorists" it is difficult to imagine — the most efficient part of the APU is milled in boilers near Donetsk, the EU refuses to follow the US policy on the issue of sanctions against Russia and the whole world sees the consequences of the shelling and bombing of peaceful cities of new Russia by the Ukrainian military. Only the appearance of a sacred victim could swap right and guilty, to consolidate the anti-Russian bloc and to give Kiev the moral right to use any of the tools in opposition to the LNR and DNR and its allies the right to provide the regime Poroshenko all sorts, including military, support.

About analogies between the current situation around Ukraine and the process of disintegration of Yugoslavia had already said and written a lot. The actions of all parties to the conflict are almost identical to how they behaved in the 1990s, the Serbs, Croats, Bosnian Muslims and Kosovo Albanians, rachateva to live in a common state. It seems that the death of "Boeing" near Donetsk was another bar linking the tragedy of the Western Slavs with the current confrontation between the East Slavs. A similar situation had already taken place during the conflicts in Bosnia and Kosovo and have usually been an occasion for US not only to assist the ally that got in trouble, but also to use force against the other side of the conflict.

The first provocation of this kind can be called incidents in the market, "Markala", who worked in the Serbs besieged Sarajevo. According to the official version, followed by the leaders of the Bosnian Muslims and the U.S., "Markala" twice — in February 1994 and in August 1995 — was subjected to mortar fire, resulting in dozens of people died and were injured. It is interesting that, as in the case of Boeing, responsible Americans and Bosniaks found almost instantly — them, until the completion of all examinations prescribed by the Serbs, with which supposedly flew mines.

The first incident was used by the Bosniaks from the purely propagandistic purposes (according to witnesses, the crew of a foreign TV companies have started to drive to the market for 10-15 minutes before the explosions) — footage of bloody corpses and severed limbs, flavored with comments about "Serbian executioners", went around the world. The consequences of the second attack was much more serious. The death of 37 people and the demands of the leaders of the Muslims "to put an end to the violence of the Serbs" was the reason for the outbreak of the first NATO military operation called "Dead eye" — the aircraft of the Alliance in a period of 20 days were applied missile and bomb strikes on the positions of Bosnian Serbs trying to resist full-scale attack Bosniaks and Croats, started by "accidental" coincidence, shortly before the events described.

It is significant that later, when analyzing the incident, experts are unable to come to a definite conclusion about what points were released mines, could the position of the detachment to be on Serbian territory, and was there any shelling or worked explosive devices, pre-installed on the market (this point was made by characteristic wounds of the dead and wounded, no sound of the flying mines and other indirect signs). But the question is "who benefits?" dilemma, none of those involved in the investigation not caused to Muslims and the US was vital to strike the Serbs held 70 per cent of the territory of Bosnia and who had superiority in equipment and weapons, first media, and then a military strike, and that was done. It is part of NATO aviation caused by the explosions in Sarajevo changed the course of the conflict and forced the Serbs to agree to the partition of the country in the ratio of 49 to 51 is not in their favor.

The second time the same template with the "innocent victims" has been applied to the conflict in Kosovo, more precisely in the phase of preparation of the bombing of then-Yugoslavia, who did not want to agree to the terms of Washington for the transfer of sovereignty over the southern province. In the winter of 1999, the army and the Ministry of internal Affairs of Yugoslavia has effectively cleansed the area of gangs from Kosovo Albanian separatists, cutting them off from supply bases in the canyons on the border with Albania. The situation needed to be rescued, but in order to come to help the Albanians needed an excuse. He was found in late January 1999, when the OSCE mission (headed, as always "accidentally" turned out to be CIA personnel the U.S. William Walker) arrived in the village of Racak, released on the eve of the police forces of Yugoslavia. It is easy to guess that after a few hours the world learned that in the Racak "committed a war crime and executed several dozen civilians," said Walker signed official OSCE report, which was immediately disseminated by the media. The effect was as expected excited "progressive mankind" immediately demanded to punish "Serbian barbarians", which was done in March 1999. Interesting details about Racak began to emerge only after several years, the Finnish pathologist Helena ranta in his book said that the report on the study of the bodies was falsified at the request of Walker. However, the fact that "shooting peasants" were killed in battle with militants of the "Kosovo liberation Army", already no one cared — Walker set before the tasks were performed.

Going back to Boeing, it must be noted that between the Balkan examples and the current situation in Ukraine a lot in common. Kiev desperately needed a reason, allowing NATO and the US to support the armed forces, Washington needs to take control of the EU becoming obstinate, they all need to work together to create the image of terrorists to the militia of Novorossiya and reputation "of the country-sponsor of terrorism" for Russia. The extent to which these desires will be realized, we will see in the next few days — time for decisions from all parties of the conflict remained not so much.

Alexander Shirokov


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