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Israeli aircraft hit the analogue of the Russian s-300
Material posted: Publication date: 06-03-2019
Pozariha on the situation in Syria threatens again to flash fire. Appeared information about the fact that Iran sent a SAR air defense systems of its own design to protect from bumps, Israeli and other aircraft. What started in Tehran, and here and Idlib?

Last year a large public outcry caused the death of a Russian Il-20 with all have military personnel on Board because of the provocative maneuver of the aircraft, the Israeli air force. In response, the Kremlin sent to Syria a few battalions of s-300. Since then, it took more than six months, but "formidable" Russian complexes are still "silent". It may give the impression that they were protecting themselves, but the problem may lie in the lack of qualified local personnel to manage the modern military equipment.

The result, however, is natural. The Israeli air force resumed its raids on Syrian territory, striking at Iranian military installations. The Jewish authorities do not hide that their goal is squeezing Tehran and Pro-Iranian armed groups from Syria. To rely on the protection of "ominously silent" s-300 in Iran do not intend to.

About six months ago there was a meeting of the Syrian authorities with the Iranian defense Minister Amir Hatani. There is evidence that it could then be decided on the supply to Syria of Iranian fighters of the fourth generation "Kosar" and the Iranian air defense systems. It is, apparently, about the air defense system "Bavar-373" Iranian "counterpart" of our s-300.

Military experts believe that "Bavar-373" at least not inferior to the Russian s-300, the Iranians claim that altogether they exceed in half. It is believed that the Iranian air defense shoots down targets at a distance of 200 kilometers with an altitude of interception to 30 km. "Bavar-373" is able to simultaneously track up to 150 targets. However, the speed of the flight of its missiles, "Sayyad-4" lower than the Russian competitor. Despite this, the "Bavar-373" is a formidable fighting machine that just will not be silent.

This system is a proprietary development of the Islamic Republic. Being under sanctions, Tehran was forced to start to copy existing foreign systems, American, French and British. Available in Iran and national SAM: s-75, tor-M1 and s-200. In the beginning of new century, Tehran was planning to purchase Russian s-300PMU-1, but then in the Kremlin changed his mind and took a long pause. The Iranian government has decided to develop its own modern air defense complex, not inferior to "Favorites". The result became the emergence of the "Bavar-373". According to reports, the development could participate and Chinese experts.

So why Tehran would want to throw in the Syria air defense system, and in the future more modern fighters?

The fact that Iran is pursuing a sovereign foreign policy, and the position of his authorities on the future of SAR the water with the Kremlin. In particular, Tehran and Damascus, it is not satisfied with unpunished attacks by Israeli aircraft, and also the existence in Northern Syria of a terrorist enclave in Idlib. There is a nonzero probability that the Iranians can try to clean it yourself, faced with fierce resistance of Turkey, Israel and the Western coalition headed by USA. That's it then you will need a modern air defense system, which will reflect the air strikes and cruise missile strikes. Iranian SAM definitely will not be silent.

Sergey Mariacki


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