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"Prevented the collapse of the Syrian state"
Material posted: Publication date: 24-12-2016
The Board of the Ministry of defence for the year defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to the President on the results of operations in Syria and stressed that the Russian military has fulfilled its basic objectives in the country. Respondents "Газетой.Ru" experts believe that now is a good time for a political settlement of the situation, however, given the peculiarities of the conflict and the number of participating regional players war for Russia may be delayed for years.

The main objectives of the operation in Syria is finished, said in his report to the President by the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu.

"The actions of Russian air force turned the tide against terrorism in that country", — quotes its statement to the Department of information and mass communications of the military.

According to the Minister, the actions of the Russian military "prevented the collapse of the Syrian state", the damage to international terrorist organizations and stopped them from spreading in the region.

"The interrupted chain of "color revolutions" that are replicated in the middle East and Africa. Started the process of political settlement and reconciliation of warring parties", — said Shoigu.

Now in Syria on a regular basis are the aviation group of the Russian space forces at the airfield Hamim and the point of logistics of the Navy in Tartus, which is already elevated military and social infrastructure. For long-term use of these objects signed relevant international agreements.

"To guide our actions in Syria, using the latest technical means deployed multi-level management system. We constantly monitor the situation on the ground and in the air, have accurate information about the location of militants and their objects" — the Minister said.

Shoigu reminded the President about the success of the Pro-government forces for the year of the Syrian campaign. According to him, was destroyed large group of militants in the cities of Hama and HOMS, were completely knocked out fighters from Latakia and from areas South and North of Damascus, unlocked the main thoroughfare linking the Syrian capital with the North of the country.

"The liberated city of Aleppo and al-Qaryatayn of key importance," stressed the Minister.

The militants released 12 thousand sq km of Syrian territory and nearly 500 settlements. According to Shoigu, over the entire operation military pilots made 18,8 thousand missions, causing 71 thousand blows.

According to the military, the air strikes have managed to eliminate 35 thousand fighters, including 204 field commander, as well as 1.5 thousand units of military equipment, hundreds of training camps and workshops for the production of ammunition.

9 thousand militants laid down their arms. The ceasefire has joined more than a thousand settlements with a population of about 3 million people. More than 100 thousand refugees have returned to their hometowns and villages.

During operation from illegal armed groups seized 28 thousand units of small arms, hundreds of armored vehicles, serial and improvised rocket launchers, mortars.

Experts of the International mine action centre of the Ministry of defence cleared and disposed of more than 25 thousand explosive objects on the territory of 1.5 hectares.

"Only in the liberated Aleppo discovered and defused 66 thousand tons of explosives," — said Shoigu.

He stressed that the Russian delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria joined the UN, Armenia, Belarus, Serbia, India, China and Kazakhstan.

Also Shoigu told, as obtained in the Syria combat experience helped to increase the level of training troops.

"Given the Syrian experience was modified division set for a single system of troops and weapons control at the tactical level. It is possible to reduce the time in decision-making and the planning of the battle the commander and staff", — said the Minister.

Combat experience in Syria have received 84% of the flight personnel of Russian air force.

Including through the Syrian campaign in 2016, a 21% increased rate of annual plaque.

In Syria was tested 162 example of modern and upgraded weapons, including su-30SM and su-34, helicopters Mi-28N and Ka-52. Tactical characteristics confirmed precision-guided munitions, cruise missiles, sea-based, for the first time used in combat.

"Identified deficiencies that were not revealed during field testing. To eliminate them, suspended the purchase of ten weapons," — said Shoigu.

Now the turning point in favor of the Syrian government, and they should use it, relying on a political settlement, the adviser to the Director of the Russian Institute for strategic studies, Oriental studies Elena Suponina.

"Moreover, it is backed up by the latest victories of the Russian army in Syria, which may be a return to the city of Aleppo under the control of Damascus. It happened in the first place because of the actions of the Russian army," — said the expert.

In her opinion, in order to avoid prolongation of the war should rather look for political resolution. Although Russia still have outstanding tasks indefinitely to fight in Syria is impossible, says the specialist.

"The Americans, unfortunately, with the objective of cooperation in this field failed. Hopes for leaving the Obama administration no. But with the help of regional powers, in particular the tripartite Russian-Turkish-Iranian Alliance, something in this direction can be made. However, we must understand that the process will be very complex and in this way there were many obstacles," stated orientalist.

However, to say that in the near future it is necessary to completely shut down, still early, said Suponina. For complete military victory in Syria will need too much time and effort, specified the expert.

Under treaties with Syria, Russia is in Tartus and Mamimi now forever reminded that, in turn, the chief editor of the magazine "Arsenal of the Fatherland", a reserve Colonel Victor murakhovski.

What are the chances of Moscow in the foreseeable future to finish the operation in Syria is more dependent on the success of the Syrian government troops and building relationships and joint actions with the troops of the Western coalition which operates in Iraq, said the military expert.

According to him, we should not forget that the jihadists "don't look at the borders."

"They have the basic tools available on the territory of Iraq and Syria. And when in one place where the activity is reduced, they can perform a maneuver where it's hot. How Syrian troops, even with the support of allies, able to completely clean Syria from terrorists — is a big question. In my opinion, they have not enough strength for that", — said murakhovski.

He is confident that the Russian operation in Syria will last for years.

"Besides, it is not clear the behavior of such interested parties, such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar. If this were any normal army operation, the forecast would, but in this case to talk about specific dates is impossible," — said murakhovski.

Inna Sidorova, Maxim Solopov


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