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Prestige at any price: the US air force equates to the ground, the residential neighborhoods of Mosul
Material posted: Valetskiy OlegPublication date: 07-11-2016
A military expert told why it is impossible to underestimate IG units (banned in the Russian terrorist group – approx. FAPN) in Iraq.

The representative of the General staff of the Russian Federation Sergey rudskoy Thursday, November 3, told reporters about methods of conducting military operations of U.S. forces in the Iraqi city of Mosul. According to him, the us aviation continues to strike missile and bomb strikes on residential quarters of a million population and nearby settlements.

In proof of the Russian military provided satellite images, which recorded the consequences of air strikes on the city of tel Kayf 24 Oct, located 14 kilometers North of Mosul.

"It is clearly visible that the defeat of the aircraft was applied in the vicinity of the school building, which was damaged by shrapnel and shock wave", — stressed Armenian President.

It is obvious that the international coalition aircraft, obsessed with the region and does not reduce the intensity of the shock in Mosul and the surrounding area. For example, on 30 October, the representative of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov reported nine new airstrikes on the Iraqi city.

The correspondent of the Federal Agency of political news talked about the progress of the operation in Iraq with an expert to assess the chances of the international coalition on the significant success ahead of the elections in the US on 9 November.

As noted by military expert of the Center for Strategic Market Oleg Valetsky, the militants of the "Islamic state" (is Russian terrorist group – approx. FAPN) have mainly light weapons and a large number of anti-tank complexes, therefore, in the current balance of power in the region the advantage of a well-armed international coalition. But a terrorist group cannot be underestimated.

"There are several factors that are not accounted for, was the opinion of the Valetsky. – Very often it is said that IG (banned in the Russian terrorist group – approx. FAPN) is a separate terrorist group. In fact, they formed in Iraq as a movement among Sunni Muslims and actively participated in ethnic clashes. For centuries, the Sunnis ruled Mesopotamia, and is closely associated with the tribes of Saudi Arabia. The situation in the Arabian state can change dramatically, after which can come to power forces that will act for the support of the Sunnis in Iraq, that will automatically mean support for militants (banned in the Russian terrorist group – approx. FAPN)".

The expert notes that the Iraqi city is not immune from new raids radical Sunnis who in these geographical conditions choose the tactics of the local defense of the settlements.

"In 2014 the fall of Mosul by militants struck the prestige of the United States, he says. – A return to the city will mean victory in the region over the "Islamic state" (banned in the Russian terrorist group – approx. FAPN). Mosul after the events of 2014 year has a symbolic value for Americans.

Currently, the international coalition led States actively uses the aircraft for strikes on Iraq's Mosul. Russia continues to maintain the "humanitarian pause" in Syria's Aleppo and does not employ videoconferencing for strikes on terrorist groups.

Roman Lykov


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