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Prince Bandar and his terrorist network
Material posted: Publication date: 16-01-2014

Saudi Arabia has all the vices and none of the advantages of the oil-rich state like Venezuela. The country is ruled by a family dictatorship which tolerates no opposition and severely cracked down on human rights defenders and political dissidents. Hundreds of billions of oil revenues are subject to Royal tyranny and fueled speculative investments worldwide. In the task of protect the ruling elite relies on Western weapons and American military bases. The wealth of Nations producers pumped out for the sake of increasing conspicuous consumption level of the Saudi ruling family. The elite in power finances the most fanatical, retrograde, sexist version of Islam, "Wahhabi" sect of Sunni Islam.

Faced with internal opposition from the side of the oppressed subjects and religious minorities, the Saudi dictatorship feels threatened and danger is everywhere: from abroad – from the secular, nationalist and Shi'a ruling administrations; in the country – from the moderate Sunni nationalists, Democrats and feminists; from inside the regime – in the face of the royalist cliques, traditionalists and reformers. In response, he resorts to financing, training and arming an international network of Islamic terrorists, which throws the attack, seizure and destruction of regimes opposed to the Saudi clerical-dictatorial system.

The mastermind of Saudi terror network is Bandar bin Sultan, who has longstanding and deep ties with senior representatives of the political, military and intelligence community of the United States. Training and indoctrination Bandar was held at the Maxwell air force base and Johns Hopkins University, and he for twenty years (1983-2005) served as the Saudi Ambassador in the United States. In 2005-2011 he was Secretary of the National security Council, and in 2012 appointed General Director of the General intelligence Service of the KSA. Quite early on, working together with the CIA, Bandar deeply plunged into the world of covert terrorist operations. Among his numerous joint CIA "dirty operations" 1980 was smuggling 32 million dollars to the Nicaraguan Contras, who waged a terror campaign aimed at overthrowing the revolutionary government of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. During his ambassadorial term, he was actively involved in ensuring the safety of members of the Saudi Royal family were involved in the bombings of Three towers and the Pentagon. Suspicion that Bandar and his allies in the Royal family knew in advance about the bombing of the Saudi terrorists (11 of 19), suggests a sudden Exodus of members of the Saudi Royal family after the terrorist act. Documents of American intelligence relating to the involvement of Saud – Bandar are before Congress.

Having rich experience and trained in conducting covert terrorist operations learned from two decades of cooperation with us intelligence agencies, Bandar was able to organize its own global terrorist network for the protection of isolated, vulnerable and reactionary Saudi monarchy, despotism.

The terrorist network is Bandar

Bandar bin Sultan has transformed Saudi Arabia from a closed mode with the tribal basis, completely dependent for its survival from the military forces of the United States, a major regional center of a vast terror network, an active financial sponsor right military dictatorships (Egypt) and client regimes (Yemen), as well as military interventionist in the Gulf countries (Bahrain). Bandar funded and provided weapons huge lot of secret terrorist operations using associated with "al-Qaeda" Islamist-controlled Wahhabi sect as well as numerous other Sunni armed groups. Bandar is a "pragmatic" terrorist operator, overwhelming opponents of al-Qaida in Saudi Arabia and terrorist financiers of al-Qaida in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other places. Although Bandar has long been an asset of the us intelligence services, he recently took the "independent course", which is at odds with the interests of the United States. In the same vein, despite the longstanding enmity between Saudi Arabia and Israel, Bandar has set with the mode Netanyahu "hidden understanding" and working relationship, built on their common hatred of Iran, and in the narrower sense – on the rejection of the interim agreement between Obama and Rouhani.

Bandar intervene directly or indirectly in the process of renewal of political blocs, destabilizing enemies, as well as supporting and expanding the scope of political influence of the Saudi dictatorship from North Africa to South Asia, from the Russian Caucasus to the horn of Africa – sometimes in concert with Western imperialism, and sometimes projecting their own hegemonic Saudi aspirations.

North Africa: Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Egypt

Bandar has poured billions of dollars into maintaining Islamist regimes in Tunisia and Morocco, ensuring that the mass Pro-democracy movement was suppressed, pushed out of the center of political life and disbanded. Islamic extremists receiving Saudi financial assistance are encouraged to support "moderate" Islamists in government, physically eliminating secular democratic and socialist trade Union leaders of the opposition. Bandar's policies largely coincides with the course of the US and France in Tunisia and Morocco, but not in Libya and Egypt.

Saudi financial support for Islamist terrorists and associated with "al-Qaeda" organizations against Libyan President Gaddafi coincided in their goals with the air war of NATO. However, the differences revealed in its results – supported by NATO colonial regime, consisting of expatriates neoliberal faced by Saudi-backed "al-Qaeda" and terrorist gangs, as well as variegated tribal fighters and looters. Funded by Bandar in Libya, Islamic extremists were sponsored to disseminate their military action in Syria, where the Saudi regime organized a large-scale military operation to overthrow the Assad regime. Internecine conflict, NATO and Saudi armed groups in Libya has gone beyond and has led to the murder by Islamists of the us Ambassador and operatives of the CIA in Benghazi. Overthrowing Gaddafi Bandar actually lost interest in the ensuing bloodshed and chaos, the dispensation obey the armed groups. They, in turn, switched to self – financing- robbing banks, stealing oil and devastating the local Treasury – becoming relatively "independent" from the control of Bandar.

In Egypt, Bandar in collaboration with Israel (but for different reasons) developed a strategy to mitigate the relatively independent democratically elected regime "Muslim brotherhood" Mohammed Mursi. Bandar and the Saudi dictatorship financially backed the military coup and dictatorship of General Sisi. The American strategy agreed sharing of power between the "Muslim brotherhood" and the military regime, a combination of electoral legitimacy of the people and the Pro-Israel, Pro-NATO military positions, was broken. By providing $15 billion aid package and a promise of more in the future Bandar gave the Egyptian military a financial lifeline and economic immunity from any international financial sanctions. No one never answered. The military crushed the "Brothers", planted in jail and threatened to execute its elected leaders. They outlawed the liberal-left sector of the opposition, who are used as cannon fodder to justify their seizure of power. Supporting the military coup, Bandar eliminated a rival, democratically elected Islamic regime, which stood out sharply against the background of the Saudi despotism. He succeeded in establishing a key Arab country like-minded dictatorial regime, even though the military rulers are more secular, Pro-Western, Pro-Israel and less anti-Assad views than the regime of the "Brothers". Bandar's success in greasing the wheels of the Egyptian revolution gave him political ally, but its future is uncertain.

In the case of the revival of a new mass movement antidiktatorskoy his target would be the Saudi connection. Moreover, Bandar undermined and weakened the unity of the Gulf States – Qatar financed mode Mursi and lost 5 billion dollars, which he singled out the former regime.

The terrorist network is Bandar is the most prominent element in its long-term large scale financing, arming, training and transporting tens of thousands of Islamic terrorists, "volunteers" from the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Caucasus, North Africa and other parts of the world. Terrorists "al-kaidy" in Saudi Arabia became "martyrs of Islam" in Syria. Dozens of Islamic armed gangs in Syria competed for Saudi arms and money. In Jordan, Pakistan and Turkey were organized training camps with American and European instructors and Saudi funding. To conduct cross-border operations financed Bandar home "rebel" armed group of Islamic terrorists – the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant.

In response to Assad's support from the "Hezbollah" Bandar sent money and arms brigades "Abulla Azam" in Lebanon to implement the explosions in South Beirut, the Iranian Embassy and Tripoli. Bandar gave $ 3 billion to the Lebanese military to incite a new civil war between them and Hizbullah. In cooperation with France and the United States, but with a much larger funding and freedom of a set of Islamic terrorists, Bandar took the lead and became commander of military-diplomatic offensive on three fronts – against Syria, "Hezbollah" and Iran. According to the calculations of Bandar, the Islamic revolution in Syria will lead to an invasion of Syrian Islamists in Lebanon to help "al-Qaeda" to defeat the "Hezbollah", which should lead to isolation of Iran. In this case, Tehran becomes a target joint the onset of KSA, Israel and the United States.

Bandar diverges from Washington: the offensive in Iraq and Iran

Saudi Arabia was extremely useful, but sometimes uncontrollable by the satellite of Washington. This statement is especially true since, as Bandar was appointed intelligence chief – a longtime CIA agent, at times he also dared to extract "favor" of their services in the first place then, when this "benefit" contributed to his moving up the Saudi power structure. For example, the points he has brought his ability to get AWACS, despite the resistance of AIPAC. The same can be said about the ability of the heart to ensure the departure of several hundred members of the Saudi "Royal family", had connections with the perpetrators of the September 11 attacks, despite the ban on flights imposed at the highest level after the explosions in the interests of national security.

Despite the fact that in his past there were the occasional violations Bandar moved to more serious disagreement with American policy. He went on, building his own terrorist network aimed at maximizing the Saudi hegemony – even when it conflicted with the interests of the puppets, satellites and secret agents of the United States.

While USA focused on providing the assistance to Iraq right regime Maliki Bandar provides political, military and financial support to Sunni terrorist "Islamic state of Iraq and Syria". When the United States talked about the terms "interim agreement" with Iran, Bandar spoke against and "bought" his support. During the visit of French President Hollande, the Saudis in exchange for tougher sanctions against Iran signed a weapons contract for a billion dollars. Bandar also expressed support for the use of Israel's Zionist power configuration to influence the Congress to disrupt the U.S. negotiations with Iran.

Bandar has gone beyond the initial submission to their masters in the us intelligence community. His close ties with former and current presidents of the United States and the EU, with other influential politicians, prompted him to get involved in "adventures of big powers". He met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to try to persuade it to stop its support of Syria. Bandar showed whip and pryannika: offer a billion dollar deal for the sale of weapons in exchange for compliance and a threat to unleash Chechen terrorists disrupting the Olympics in Sochi. He made the move from Erdogan to support as a NATO ally "moderate" armed opponents of Bashar al-Assad to stand under the banner of enjoying Saudi support for "Islamic state of Iraq and Syria" – associated with "al-Qaeda" terrorist organization. Bandar closed his eyes to "opportunistic" efforts of Erdogan for the signing of oil deals with Iran and Iraq and current military agreements with NATO and its support in the past of now deceased Mursi regime in Egypt in order to enlist the support of the Turkish Prime Minister, necessary for the smooth transit of a large number of Saudis trained terrorists to Syria and probably in Lebanon.

Bandar has strengthened ties with the militants "Taliban" in Afghanistan and Pakistan, arming and financing their resistance to the United States and offering Americans a platform for "regulated care".

Bandar, probably supporting and arming Uighur Muslim terrorists in Western China, and Chechen and other Caucasian Islamic terrorists in Russia, despite the fact that the Saudis expand their oil agreements with China and cooperate with Russia's Gazprom.

The only region where the Saudis have resorted to direct military intervention, is a mini-state of the Gulf of Bahrain, where Saudi troops crushed the Pro-democracy resistance movement that challenged the local despot.

Bandar: global terrorism on shaky domestic foundations

Bandar has embarked on an unprecedented transformation of the foreign policy of Saudi Arabia and expanded its influence in the world, and all for the worse. Like Israel, when the power comes to the reactionary ruler and cancels the democratic system, the stage, the Saudis arrive with bags of dollars to support the new regime. Every time there is an Islamic terrorist network aiming to overthrow the nationalist, secular or Shiite regime, it can count on Saudi funds and weapons. The fact that some Western hacks gently call "timid efforts to liberalize and modernize" retrograde Saudi regime, is actually a military measures to improve its foreign terrorist activities. Bandar uses modern methods of terror to impose the Saudi model of reactionary management Board of the near and distant regimes with Muslim population.

The catch is that the "adventurous" large scale operation Bandar abroad come into conflict with the "introspective" leadership style of some members of the ruling Royal family. They want to be left alone, allowing to save hundreds of billions of oil rent, put them around the world in property in the upper price segment and luxury to quietly patronize prostitutes in Washington, London and Beirut – while posing as pious guardians of Medina, Mecca and the Holy places. Until recently, Bandar did not encounter any resistance, because he was very careful, doing honor to the ruling monarch and his inner circle. He bought and dumped in Riyadh Western and Eastern Prime Ministers, presidents, and other respected and prominent people for signing transactions and tributes of honor to the delight of the reigning despot. Although his keen interest in foreign operations "al-Qaeda", it is a boost Saudi extremists go abroad and participate in terrorist wars disturb monarchist circles. They fear that smart, trained and armed by Saudi-terrorists – dubbed the "Holy warriors" – may return from Syria, Russia and Iraq and a blow to Royal palaces. Moreover, foreign regimes, trapped in the crosshairs of a terrorist network, can answer – Russia or Iran, Syrians, Egyptians, Pakistanis, Iraqis may just to Finance their own instruments of retaliation. Despite hundreds of billions spent on arms purchases, the Saudi regime is very vulnerable at all levels. Not to mention the tribal legions, the billionaire elite has low popular support and even less legitimacy. It depends on foreign migrant labor, foreign "experts" and the armed forces of the United States. In addition most members of the Wahhabi clergy despises the Saudi elite at a tolerance of "infidels" on sacred territory. While Bandar extends Saudi power abroad, the domestic power base is shrinking. Although he challenges the creators of American policy in Syria, Iran and Afghanistan, the regime depends on the protection of the air force and the 7th fleet of the United States from the growing multitude of hostile regimes.

Bandar, with his bloated ego, may believe that he – "Saladin" building a new Islamic Empire, but in reality one wave of his finger monarch patron may lead to his immediate resignation. Too brash explosion civilians his vassals could cause an international crisis, in which Saudi Arabia will be disgraced in the whole world.

In fact, Bandar bin Sultan is the protégé and successor of bin Laden – he deepened global terrorism and organized it into the system. The terrorist network is Bandar's killed a lot more innocent victims than bin Laden. Of course, this was to be expected – after all, he had billions of dollars of Treasury Saudi Arabia, the CIA instructors and Netanyahu shaking hands!

James Petras

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