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Predictive assessment of the military-political situation and scenarios of development of Russia in the conditions of the predictable actions of a geopolitical and regional power centers
Material posted: -Publication date: 08-03-2013

In preparing this report there was a question about form submission. If the research materials to present in the author's exposition, given their objective severity, may occur the assumption of a biased presentation.

It was therefore decided to submit this necessary but painful information as an interconnected set of facts from different sources and with minimal comments, which mainly serve as a logical connecting elements between information blocks.

It seems that while the perception of the data presented will become more psychologically adequate.

Said will become clearer during the following discussion.

In the 1st part of this report discussed the internal problems of the country, from which it will be possible to make a conclusion about the validity of the representation of Russia as a center of power under ideal external environment. In other words, analyze only the set of internal conditions that determine the stability of the country's existence. The following issues are considered General problems typical for the whole country, in the regions some of these problems may be even more relevant, and their list is expanded.

In the 2nd part of the report considers the current state of the Russian armed forces as the main instrument of power of response to external threats.

There is only the substance of the problems with their binding to a particular source of information. In the analysis no account was taken of the sonorous plans, strategies and concepts. The price of such forecasts is well known: "catch up and overtake America", every family by 2000, according to a separate apartment, in doubling the GDP by 2010, and the provisions of the utopian Manifesto of the party "United Russia" 2002.

Again recall the words of Bismarck: "politics do not matter intentions are all looking for opportunities."

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