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Bartosz A. A. 'the Evolution of NATO strategy: from the cold war to the globalization age. NATO and Russia'

Attempt to understand the meaning and the prospects for the evolution of NATO strategy has taken in his monograph Alexander Bartosh. Interest in the problem of the author is not accidental and originated long ago. To judge about the changes occurring in NATO, he can quite competently, because for several years he worked at the Permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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Konovalov I. P. `state Collapse and civil war in Somalia`

In this study, for the first time in Russian historiography is considered in detail political Somalia in the period of disintegration of gosudarstvo and intestine war that has lasted more than twenty years, examines the historical dynamics of the Somali crisis and the main factors that have a decisive influence on the development of crisis events — clan structure of Somali society, the influence of Islamic fundamentalism, the role of external forces. The author investigates the processes of formation, structure and activity, involved in the conflict of political, military and religious groups.   ISBN 978-5-91579-086-4  

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The Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905.

The book provides a brief description of the events preceding the Russo-Japanese war, and preparing for one of the parties. The main focus in the book is given to the description of military action at sea during the period of the war, the siege of Port Arthur and the transition of the 2nd Pacific squadron to the far East.

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G. V. Glinka's "Atlas Of The Asian Russia"

Atlas of Asian Russia, released in 1914, the Resettlement administration of the Chief administration of land management and agriculture, on the right is one of the first places among the highest achievements of Soviet cartography.

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Bogdanov, R. "the U.S. war machine and politics"

This monograph analyzes the peculiarities of functioning of the mechanism of the military machine of the United States, and the formation of military policy, the evolution of military doctrines. The author examines the foundations of American hegemony, shows the patchwork of military and political leadership.

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