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Roma Women And The "War 08.08.08. Forcing Georgia to peace"

The book is devoted to Russia's relations with the republics of the South Caucasus and the war of Georgia against South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The book examines the origins of the Georgian-Ossetian and Georgian-Abkhazian conflicts, the group of Russian forces in the Caucasus. The author also considers the Russian-Georgian and Russian-Ossetian and Russian-Abkhazian relations on the eve of war, strategy and tactics of opponents during the campaign, their strengths and weaknesses, analyzes the military operations by ground units, WSC, air force and air defense. This assessment of Russia's recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

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Hugh Thomas `the Civil war in Spain. 1931-1939 gg.`

The book describes in details the phases of the Civil war of 1936-1939 in Spain, which culminated in the establishment of the fascist dictatorship of Franco. The author based on rich documentary material offers a comprehensive, objective assessment of complex historical events of the era, provides interesting facts, little known to the modern reader.

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The leader of the Y. `NATO. Essays on the history and doctrines`

The book of the Polish journalist Julian the Leader awarded the first prize of the club of publicists of international Affairs of the Polish Union of journalists, as the best book on the political theme. Tracing the history of NATO since its inception, the author gives readers answers to questions about the stages of development of the aggressive North Atlantic bloc, its organization, the importance in international policies and goals. The history of NATO and the evolution of its military-strategic doctrines, the author examines on the basis of the post-war international relations.

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`The Chechen war: combat operations`

Both Chechen campaigns still remain largely unknown war. Cursed long gone are the days when even public media were open to enemy propaganda, but in recent years, television and print, have fallen into the other extreme — the country learns about the situation in the Caucasus by the meager reports of victories and losses, short news reports, almost devoid of detail.

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Finletter, T. K., `Power and politics. Foreign policy and military power the U. S. in the age of hydrogen weapons`

The main content of the book is the rationale for the United States to have an overwhelming superiority in "Vozdushnosti power" to provide air superiority and thus a victory in case of war with the Soviet Union. At the same time the author proves the importance of the defense of all member States of the North-Atlantic Alliance and the "Grey areas", i.e. countries outside of NATO, but the territory for which the U.S. has important strategic value.

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