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Russian-Korean relations in shaping the security architecture of the Asia-Pacific region
Material posted: Publication date: 16-11-2020
"With the concept of the East in the representation of each of us combined complex the amount of problems, patterns, aspirations, challenges and achievements. A huge continent with a population equal to half of the human race, with an endless variety of biological, climatic, geological and other prospects, he's already on this side is an infinite task for scientific poznavani" wrote A. E. Snesarev, Russian scientist, military theorist and geopolitician-orientalist.

Also, in 2019 the plan was signed at the initiative of the "nine bridges", which involves the cooperation of Russia and the Republic of Korea in 9 different areas, such as shipbuilding, agriculture, industrial and energy complex, the Northern sea route and others. Moreover, between the two countries have signed over 50 agreements, which indicates the strong contractual-legal base of bilateral cooperation. The agreements cover a wide range of cooperation ranging from military-technical cooperation and the peaceful use of nuclear energy to trade and investment. The South Korean company assist in the development of Russian hydrocarbon deposits in the Arctic, as well as implementing plans of economic development of regions of Siberia and the Far East.

Management of innovation process has become an integral part of national policy of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea on the path to economic security in the Asia Pacific region, international competitiveness and guarantee sustainable development. In turn, innovative security is defined as part of the security of the region or a single country, which is characterized by state protection of the national economy through increased innovation processes.

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