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Saudi Arabia seeks to fix the leadership
Material posted: Publication date: 14-01-2016
Passed enough time to understand the reasons of unexpected creation of the coalition of the Islamic states by Saudi Arabia on fight against the international terrorism, after all the first that this news caused is a surprise.

After all there is already powerful coalition on struggle against terrorism which have created and have headed the United States of America where 65 countries enter officially. By the way, as the active participant Riyadh there enters. The coalition from the date of the creation has actively joined in "struggle" against terrorism in Syria and Iraq. Rather languid and changeable bombardments have followed it is not known whom and it is not known where. However now terrorists of "the Islamic state» and «Dzhabhat an-Nusry» sport in the western form and are at war basically the American weapon. It seemed, it suits all.

But here struggle had very effectively and actively joined Russia. Bombardments of the Russian Military-space forces (VKS) have put and cause rather strong loss to gangsters and terrorists. And in due course there was a new coalition which not in words, and in practice struggles against terrorists. It is Russia, Iran, Iraq and official Damascus. It very much was not pleasant to bosses of the American-Saudi coalition, which steels constantly to criticise actions Russian VKS, in words declaring that those gangsters, not those terrorists, not those oppositionists, with the American weapon in the hands are exposed to effective bombardments not, unsuccessfully trying to discharge of the power of president Bashara Asada. We will remind, that Syrian president who was officially and it is lawfully selected by the Syrian people, instead of those who in European and a number of the Arabian capitals is fed from hands of Washington. By the way, those terrorists who on the money are contained by Riyadh and the Fur-coat are exposed to bombardments also.« From December, 18 till December, 23rd fighters of the Russian aviation group in Syrian Arab Republic have conducted 302 fighting departures and have destroyed 1093 positions in provinces of Idlib, Aleppo, Dejr-ez-Zor, the Boor and Homs », the Press Secretary of the Ministry of Defence of Russia Igor Konashenkov has reported on December, 24th. The Russian planes have destroyed training camp of terrorists in the Syrian province of Idlib where there were fighters from Turkey and the CIS countries.

The initiative has as though passed from the USA to Russia which has decided to eradicate terrorism roots in the Near East. Here again Riyadh which always played to an American team, has decided to show the initiative. It is a lot of reasons for that, first of all, the strongly pronounced initiative of Saudi king Salman ibn Abdul-Aziz Al Saud who has decided to enter also into a cohort of Great powers and personally to decide destinies of the people of the Near East. In the beginning, as it is known, has been created under the aegis of Saudi Arabia certain coalitions in struggle against its friendly neighbour - Yemen. Basically councillors of cooperation of the Arabian states of Persian gulf who militarily do not represent any force there have entered. And consequently struggle against Yemenites has not brought laurels to the king! Moreover, Yemenites, having collected the strength a little, already began to fire at the Saudi territory rockets. And after all sooner or later Yemenites will receive the modern weapon and, considering their long experience of struggle and aggressive character, they can already enter on territory of the Saudi territory and try to win disputable regions on border. That then to do saudovtsam, how not to run on the military bases under a wing of the American advisers. As has reported on December, 24th Fars News Agency referring to the Yemen military source: «More than 50 thousand soldiers are ready to attack positions of Saudi Arabia and to release from the largest cities in regions Dzhizan and Azir. This operation will be performed within the limits of the first stage of strategic variants. Earlier the army of Yemen and national forces attacked strategic military base in a province of Azir by means of a ballistic missile of"Kaher-1".

But all the same it is necessary to give due to king Salmanu - he has understood a certain vacuum of the power in the Near East and has decided it to fill. The United States any more sap the first year strength in this region, and besides Barack Obama does not aspire to undertake last year the board any active actions, have in some measure left this region without supervision.

Russia which aspires to be guided in all by international law, cannot break alone a difficult situation and finish the international terrorism which is constantly pumped up by money of reactionary Arabian modes of Persian gulf.

Moreover, there were rather dangerous tendencies of some the states to seize the moment and polovit a small fish in "muddy" water. First of all, it concerns Turkey which has simply seized the moment and has entered armies into area of the Iraq city of Mosul. As a formal occasion that throughout 500 years in the Arabian territories Ottoman empire dominated has served, and the city of Mosul belonged to Turkey. And the basic occasion are huge deposits of "oil" in this region. Having realised hopelessness of the further attempts to manage in territory of Syria which after incident with the brought down Russian plane is reliably covered now from air by systems of air defence and strengthened aviagroup VKS of the Russian Federation, Ankara has switched the military vehicle to more perspective (in respect of vulnerability) a battlefield.

It is quite natural that Iraq has addressed in the UN Security Council with the request to take in hand absolutely a dispersing aggressor. But what this international organisation can make? Turkey - a member of the NATO, and the USA do not allow to anybody to undertake something against Ankara. If with the initiative Russia which repeatedly tried to apply rates of the right in the international relations, Washington which hardly remembers such incident as the international laws, will block any our initiative in the UN Security Council as it was repeatedly acts. By the way, here to it to the aid European and their others willingly will come improvised, trying to do a favour the transatlantic cartridge and by that to cadge from it the next tip in the American dollars.

In similar conditions king Salman has decided to take responsibility in the senile hands and to create a certain joint body under the decision of destinies of the people of the Near East by the Saudi variant. Creation of "the Islamic military coalition» under the direction of Saudi Arabia it has been declared on December, 15th by the third person in Saudi Arabia, the son of the king and the Minister of Defence, prince Mohammad ibn Salmanom Al Saud. Fight against terrorism should become the Main task of a new coalition, according to Riyadh. Thus the Saudi party denies that the alliance under its management is sunnitskim. Proceeding from statements of the Minister of Defence, the coalition purpose - opposition to all forms of terrorism not only in territory of Syria and Iraq. It is much more considerable project, than simply coalition which is directed on struggle against IGIL in Syria or Iraq. By the way, obligatory decisions within the limits of a new coalition will not be accepted, and all members will act how will consider the necessary.

In this connection political scientists have noticed the geopolitical purposes of a new coalition that does not exclude that fact that Riyadh tries to stir up activity «the Organizations of Islamic cooperation» to counteract Iran. Indirectly given thesis proves to be true that the Minister of Defence has declared that members of a coalition successfully act in Yemen. Riyadh charges Teheran that «its policy is a source of problems for Syria, Yemen and the reason of origin IGIL». It once again confirms that the alliance is created against Iran. It is indirectly possible to believe that the new coalition is directed as well against Russia as Moscow and Teheran perform joint actions, for example, in Syria.

Creation of a new coalition from 34 countries already began to acquire scandals as the management of some the countries even did not know that them have included in the given organisation. For example, the management of Iraq was indignant with that Saudi Arabia has not notified it on creation of "the Islamic military coalition» on official channels, and instead sounds by means of mass-media appeals to Bagdad to enter it. «We heard about the initiative of forming of an Islamic military coalition. However as it is possible to urge to enter this coalition by means of television channels? Iraq underlies Arabian and the Muslim world and is one of the basic fighters with terrorism. With Iraq it is necessary to carry on the same dialogue, as well as with other independent states», - the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iraq has declared Ibragim al-Dzhaafari after a meeting with the Kuwaiti colleague Sabahom al-Haledom to Al Sabahom (Kuwait Times 23 December).

Last steps of the Saudi king show its obvious inability to count the actions on the world scene. As it is known, money solves much, but not everything as the Saudi treasury because of inept actions of the present king promptly becomes empty. It is possible to remind that except oil at Saudi Arabia and its people of other significant resources are not present. And, besides, it is possible to assume that the king strenuously pushes the son to the royalty, trying to bypass heir-at-law Mohammed ibn Naifa who, by the way, holds an important post of the Minister of Internal Affairs who has temporarily left while in a shade. But whether for a long time? Time in the Near East, unlike the past, rushes quickly, and the near future will place all on the places - as as a whole in region, and in the Saudi kingdom in particular.

Victor Mihin

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