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Media: Saudi Arabia and Iran are on the brink of war
Material posted: Publication date: 23-09-2016
The spat between Iran and Saudi Arabia have reached a critical point. Cause a serious worsening of relations was preventing the Iranian Muslims to the Hajj, reports Islam Today , citing foreign media.

According to military experts, in the near future the two States can move to full-scale fighting, during which it may be applied to biological and chemical weapons.

This year the conflict around the Hajj came to the fact that the mufti of Saudi Arabia declared Iran's Supreme leader Ali Khamenei "non-Muslim". The Iranian leader, in response, decided to move the place of the Hajj in Iraq.

New round of the conflict has passed after September 19, in Yemen, Saudi aviation was fired by the hospital organization "Doctors without borders".

It is argued that a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the international community will not be able to stop. And since the roots of the conflict actually are religious differences (Iran — the leader of the Shiite world, the Saudi Kingdom is Sunni. — "Rosbalt".), right or wrong find will be hardly possible.


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