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Did the USSR attack Germany in the forty-first year
Material posted: Publication date: 28-06-2017

The last 25 years in the West vengeance exaggerated version that Stalin was actively preparing for an attack on Germany. Supposedly he waited until Hitler bogged down in the war with France and England, and then to break into a weakened Europe.

At the time, a lot of fuss works defector peysatel Suvorov (Vladimir Rezun) "Icebreaker" and "Day-M", where he on the basis of some indirect sources claims that a Soviet attack on Germany was planned for 6 July 1941, and not even in connection with the German plan "Barbarossa". Rezun himself is not writing, but instead doing other "researchers and historians".

Here are some facts secreted by Suvorov.

  • Victor Rezun was observed in the Carpathians mountains a soldier's Kersey boots on the border with Romania.
  • He refers to Germans captured our train full of brand new maps of Europe.
  • Our tanks were designed for fast swapping with a lug on the wheel move. To the West of Brest stretched a splendid paved highway, and the Soviet tank crews had only to remove their helmets to a tight wind break tank refreshed their faces...
  • In the headquarters of military districts, in the secret parts of the political departments were kept in the mountains poster “the Motherland calls!”.
  • Finally, Viktor Rezun “digs” that the General staff of the USSR were expanded airborne division with incredible speed, at the same time as schools and aviation clubs were preparing a army of paratroopers... And rightly observes that the airborne troops need not in defense but in attack.

Well, these facts took place. Comrade Stalin was fond of saying: “Bad facts — the same facts!”.

Which only sins you can blame Stalin (sometimes rightly!), but you can't blame it on one thing: political folly or stupidity. Stalin knew that the USSR was not ready for war with Germany, and did everything to delay its beginning.

One of the reasons is the willingness of the USSR to start a war:

  1. First, the Soviet Union pursued the rearmament of the red army, which according to plans would have ended only in 1942;
  2. Second, the Soviet Union conducted large-scale reconstruction of the airfield boundary, the height of which came in the summer of 1941;
  3. And third, the Soviet Union had mobilized and concentrated at the border with Germany army. Without numerical superiority over the enemy in three or more times about the attack could not be considered.

Thus, Hitler could not pre-empt Stalin for a very simple reason – to prevent nobody. Even if I wanted to (and he didn't want), Stalin technically could not attack Germany. But Hitler wanted to attack the Soviet Union.

Let's take a careful look at the map.


In the West, the Soviet Union is a powerful potential enemy. Nazi Germany formed the Triple military Alliance, which, in addition to the powerful Wehrmacht mobilized armies of Italy and Japan. For their war work industrial potential of the occupied Europe.

And to the East of the USSR, far-Eastern borders, hanging Imperial Japan, which is bound by Treaty obligations with Germany. Germany and Japan had a Treaty that said that if Germany attacks the USSR, then Japan decides on its own to attack or not. And if Germany will attack the "third side", that Japan stands on the side of the Germans. Thus, Hitler's train was covered from possible "pre-emptive" attack by the Soviet Union. In this case, Japan's Treaty with Germany, will be obliged to attack the USSR.

And in Japan at this time, according to Richard Sorge, fighting two military-political forces: one insists on throwing in the far East, and beyond, without stopping to Siberia; the other declines of the Emperor to the development of the archipelagos of South Asia and Polynesia. Who will win? It is clear that after the attack on Germany begins immediately offensive pyatisotletny the Kwantung army to the West. Stalin gets a war on two fronts! And now, Soviet troops bogged down in Prussia and Romania, as Japanese aircraft with the Ural airfields bombed Moscow!

At the same time, the USSR had no allies except... Germany! Where France, England, America? In nineteen forty-first they are not visible!.. If the USSR attacked first, except for the title of “aggressor”, he would have received the war without allies against a powerful Tripartite coalition!

Do not forget Turkey.

Few people know that in 1941, on the border with Turkey was the group of Soviet troops, is very efficient. And the black sea fleet was put in readiness for another night on the 22nd of June. This option (Turkey, Germany) and considered Turkey not to court disaster, quickly declared its neutrality.

In 1942, the Turks thought, what if the fall of Stalingrad? Just in case they have carried out a partial mobilization. They had been drafted 50 divisions. But Paulus lost at Stalingrad 22 division. And the Turks have changed his mind.

The Turks had remained neutral until February 1945, when not to declare war on Germany was considered bad manners.

Stalin definitely was not schizophrenic and suicidal. He was given the role of Hitler.

In the possibility of a Soviet attack on Germany in 1940 or 1941 did not believe even the highest circles of the German military leadership. 9 January 1941, at a secret meeting at the headquarters of the operational management of the Wehrmacht, Hitler declared: "Stalin clever head, he will not openly oppose Germany, but you have to expect that in hard times for Germany, he increasingly gives us the difficulties." Hitler's adjutant Nicolaus von Belov also stated: "After the visit of Molotov to Berlin in November 1940, the Soviet Union really began to prepare for war, but the war is defensive". The German command did not develop any plan based on the assumptions of pre-emptive attack by the red Army.

Goebbels wrote in may, 1941: the Russians still do not seem to suspect. They are deploying their troops in such a way that their position serves our purposes the best we can wish for...

Recently, the parliamentary Assembly of OSCE has equated Stalinism to Nazism, almost laying equal responsibility for the outbreak of war in Germany and the Soviet Union. And the rest of Europe looks white and fluffy.

But in fact the war was started by Hitler and his European friends. During the Second World War against the Soviet Union fought the whole of Europe.

As a result, "the Munich conspiracy" that Hitler came from France and the UK, permission to take Czechoslovakia — the plants which then produced for the Nazi army huge amount of military equipment. By the way, Hitler's attack on Czechoslovakia, Poland — the same Poland, which now poses as a victim of communism.

The first strategic offensive of the Soviet troops in the great Patriotic war has bounevialle very unpleasant for the Soviet Union circumstance. Among captive at Moscow troops of the enemy were many military units in France, Poland, Holland,Finland, Austria, Norway and other countries. Captured military equipment and ammunition were discovered, the output of almost all major European firms.

The French not only gave the Germans their tanks, but produced a huge amount of military equipment – from cars to optical rangefinders.

The Czechs, who have only one firm Skoda has produced more weapons than the entire pre-war Britain, built a whole Park of German armored vehicles, a huge number of tanks, aircraft, small arms, artillery and ammunition.

The poles built the aircraft, the Polish Jews in Auschwitz used to murder Soviet citizens the explosives synthetic gasoline and rubber; the Swedes mined and supplied the Germans components for military equipment (e.g., bearings), the Norwegians supplied the Nazis with seafood, Danes – oil... in Short, all of Europe tried as best he could.

And tried it not only on the labor front. Only the elite troops of Nazi Germany – the SS took into its ranks the 400 thousand "blond beast" from other countries, but only in Hitler's army came from all over Europe 1800 thousand volunteers, forming 59 divisions, 23 brigades, and several national regiments and legions.

The most elite of these divisions had not rooms, and their own names pointing to national origin: "Valonia", "Galichina", "Bohemia and Moravia", "Viking", "Danemark", "Gembus", "Langemark", "Nordland", "Netherlands", "Charlemagne" etc.

The Europeans served as a volunteer not only in national but also in the German divisions. Thus, for example, an elite German division "Great Germany". It would seem, at least from the names it should have been completed only by the Germans. However, it served as a Frenchman, guy Sayer says that on the eve of the battle of Kursk in his infantry Department 11 people from the Germans was 9, and apart from him, is poorly understood in German and Czech. And all this in addition to the formal allies of Germany, whose army shoulder to shoulder were burned and looted the Soviet Union, Italians, Romanians, Hungarians, Finns, Croats,Slovaks, apart from the Bulgarians, who at that time was burned and looted guerrilla Serbia. Even officially neutral, the Spaniards sent under Leningrad, his "Blue division"!

Extremely much has been written about dutom European "Resistance movement", supposedly would be causing huge damage to Germany and testify that Europe flatly rejected their Association under German supremacy. But, with the exception of Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece, and partly of Poland ,the extent of Resistance — the same ideological myth. Undoubtedly, the regime established by Germany in occupied countries, did not suit the General population. In Germany, too, there was resistance to the regime, but neither in that nor in other case, it was not the resistance of the country and nation as a whole. For example, in the Resistance movement in France for 5 years, killed 20 thousand people; over 5 years against the us fought 200 thousand Frenchmen were killed including about 50 thousand who fought on the German side, that is 2.5 times more!

We also captured 60 thousand poles. For Hitler against the Soviet Union fought 2 million European volunteers.

Really resists only Serbia ,it is at war with Germany for a month, and then another, and throughout the war the Serbs held bound in the Balkans about 20 German divisions.


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