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Contemporary geopolitics: reflections of an expert
Material posted: Publication date: 26-12-2019

Alexei Mukhin, Director of the Russian Center for political information, one of the most informed experts on covert and overt processes of modern politics. In November he gave a lecture on the geopolitics and political analysis for students of the Gubkin University.

According to A. Mukhin, a political crisis imposed on the financial crisis. In 1998 there was a serious global crisis in 2008-2009, he repeated. This will be repeated until then, until you reboot the entire global financial system.

"I was asked to describe the geopolitical situation in the world is on the threshold of global changes. This is due to the fact that the US has assumed a serious obligation to regulate global trade and global processes. In my opinion, and the opinion of many experts, the US has not coped with this task. The country, which at this stage form the face of the world economy and world politics, is fifteen years old looking for a way out of this situation."

The problem again in the United States. In his time at the summit of the Big twenty (G-20), leaders went to President Barack Abama and offered to update the global financial system together. "This will not stand!" - said the American President.

Russia and China have started to coordinate and organize their financial relationships regardless of political ambitions of the United States. Time showed that it was justified and was the right thing to do to survive.

"For obvious reasons, the expert said, - now we can see the regular edition or the likeness of some of the colonial system, which is periodically downloaded to the so-called developed countries feel comfortable".

The situation is compounded by the fact that these countries are experiencing the same problems as developing countries. One of the problems is the identity crisis. The current national cultural face of Europe is lost and undefined. In the USA, an acute crisis with the implementation of the so-called "American dream" - national ideology that has always defined the face of States and was an attractive tool in order to generate a unipolar system in the world. Experience has shown that the proverbial "American dream", with all its attractiveness cannot meet the interests and desires of man. And this situation continues to deteriorate.

"Today in the world political system, we have cognitive dissonance, - said the expert. – In a global sense, this system is built under decentre, that is, the Soviet system and she opposes the capitalist system. After the events of '91 and' 92 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when representatives of the Soviet society took and left the field of battle in the cold war, Western countries scored a technical victory. And subsequent history, the last 30 years, they are trying to convince Russia that she admitted that she lost the "cold war".

Our disagreement with this irritating Western politicians in relation to Russia, to other countries. To concede means to get into the situation of the country paying reparations, and will consider himself subordinate to other political systems. And in this contradictory reality we continue to exist.

Next A. Mukhin stopped at the formation of regional centers of influence that power, economic, political, even financial start if you do not compete and surpass, it has to seriously draw the attention of countries that shape this world's political and financial reality.

In this regard deserves the attention of an interesting phenomenon. We remember the fanfare with which the withdrawal of Russia from the G-8, and with some fanfare, presented the new format of G-7, which included USA, UK, France, etc. Since someone heard about G-7? Their meetings are now held in the format of G-20. Excluding Russia, they are relegated to the status of this interesting inter-state education up to the level of a "club talk."

This well-known joke: G-7 - that the US and its "six". Hard-hitting against other participants in the g-seven, but in fact – correct.

"Also I think, - said the expert. - that Donald trump is the best thing that happened to US lately. It's people outside the system, but he is a man of the system. He always says what he thinks and what he sees. When he says that the United States in Syria and protect the oil "We need oil, we love oil" - I have in mind the sketches of the Comedy club, in that sense, but he speaks the truth. On the other hand it is clear why the US establishment hates him. In fact, he says that Vladimir Putin spoke in February 2007 in the course of his famous speech at the Munich security conference. Analyzing the text of the speech, it becomes clear that it is quite a vegetarian, she's no cannibal, he's just talking about what was happening in front of him".

According to A. Mukhin, it made our Western partners to be terrified and to turn against Russia, the so-called sanctions.

Information space currently arranged as follows: we have a fake shining city on a hill, is the United States. Using political and military force they are trying to establish control over different countries. But with China they have difficulty. And with Russia and they also have complexity. And with Europe and with Latin America. And this shining city on a hill today trying to "strangle" all the rest, so they paid for incoming "oxygen". This U.S. position is not as strong as they try to show.

The expert noted that the Center for political information conducted research on NATO activities over the past 30 years. It turned out that the members of the Alliance did not win any war they started, didn't win any armed conflict. They destroyed the only political system that with the help of heavy bombing – it's not complicated. War is a complex mechanism, in which transformirovalsya society, which is involved in the war as a winner or as the loser.

"NATO is not able to fight at all, - said Alexei Mukhin. And this is not surprising, because NATO is a bureaucratic organization, and the howling of the army, members of NATO countries. When we speak of NATO, we mean, first of all, the Pentagon, the us military".

It is clear that shining city on a hill must have some opposition, says the analyst. This tension has led to a range of dictators, dictators that the U.S. invent in order to justify their aggressive behavior towards them. At the time dictator suddenly became Saddam Hussein, then it became a Muammar Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad and so on. We all remember a certain situation with Bashar al-Assad, when a number of American and European politicians said: "Assad must go". Where are these politicians and where Bashar al-Assad? This is how, in fact, politics works. As they say the Americans: "Real politic". Here it is how it works.

The announcement of a man, the leader of the country, the legitimate leader of the country's dictator, is very effective about a political mechanism to justify their actions. Any coup, including in Ukraine, or in Georgia, have always been preceded by "dismantling" the positive image of politicians and heads of state. We suddenly learned that Yanukovych, or Bashar al-Assad is not legitimate leaders, and petty tyrants and dictators who definitely are engaged in some kind of chemical poisoning or economic strangulation of life of its peoples.

According to Alexei Mukhin, such mechanisms can be applied once, twice, because it's not policy, is the technology. Such mechanisms always begin to cause irritation in more or less educated people. They begin to understand that this method of policy implementation – there is deception, manipulation to achieve political and military objectives and justify them in the eyes of the world.

This further emphasises that politics is a dirty business. But as you know, from the dirt grows the flowers, and of certain substances mined diamonds. Now, when it became clear that the bombing RAID – not an effective policy mechanism, the group of Seven countries have moved to a new kind of exposure – sanctions. Among States, regulators in world politics, economy and Finance and the countries that are the objects of this influence, i.e. future regional centers of influence, there is a competition, once it went to penalties. Sanctions can be of two types: legal and illegal. Legitimate – which assigns the UN Security Council. Illegal – all that is prescribed in the country at will.

In this regard, Alexei Mukhin drew attention to the fact that the impact of the sanctions, which have become global politics is very specific. It is designed for the "wow effect," when one country imposes sanctions against another country, and the country is allegedly the victim, first, is in a state of emotional shock. Our country is experienced, when it was introduced sanctions packages, so-called sectoral sanctions, the impact is not on individuals, but on politics and the economy in General. And these sanctions are, indeed, some time worked, but the most unimaginable way, because the impact of the sanctions has led our elites in a certain state of recovery, concentration. They were relaxed and they were all very good. There were sanctions, there was the inconvenience. And then the process was started the so-called "nationalization" of the elites. Adopted documents, which meant that the welfare of members of the elite preferred to keep in the West, in Western and Eastern countries should go to the territory of Russia. It was partially partially – no. Some shifted from West to East pocket. For example, the same Oleg Deripaska, moved to Hong Kong instead of new York. Otherwise, he didn't have the opportunity to realize their projects. Others have done the same thing, that is partially triggered this mechanism. But Barack Obama and Donald trump do not leave us without his care and still impose sanctions. And I must say, in recent years, it really worked, - as a result, our government has focused sufficient resources on-site. Our government loves and knows how to make money, well, or to take them in taxes.

However, according to Alexey Mukhin, the problem of the government that it cannot spend the money, "Mr. Siluanov and economic bloc of the government now sitting on large chests with money and saying that we have a lot of money. In opposition to Dmitry Medvedev, who said, "You stay here, - we have no money".

There is money, but spend it they can't. The reason is that under the influence of international organizations and of the internal organs in Russia today anti-corruption system is working well. Mechanisms were put in place such a plan as "clipping projects corruption-intensive projects," and the result is the money coming from the budget to the regions, departments and so on. But these same mechanisms to some extent, delayed the implementation of the projects recognized the corruption-intensive. And as a result, the money crash. And from year to year more and more money back in the budget. Well, that back. Previously, the money disappeared in the vastness of our great country. A year ago, it was one trillion rubles this year, two trillion rubles was returned to the Treasury. The money will not disappear, but they do not work. And should work for the benefit of the national economy, graduated Alexei Mukhin.

Marina Korneeva

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