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Special briefing of the Russian defense Ministry on the crash of flight MH17 in the sky of Ukraine
Material posted: Publication date: 21-07-2014

In connection with the crash of July 17 passenger plane "Boeing-777" airline "Malaysian airlines", follow the international air route Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur, in recent years, a large amount of conflicting information. Therefore, the Russian defense Ministry considers necessary to submit available to the General staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, data of objective control.

The diagram shows the international route, which was supposed to fly the "Boeing-777". Please note that to Donetsk the plane followed the established corridor, and then he deviated from the route to the North. The maximum distance from the left border of the corridor was 14 kilometers.

In the future there is a maneuver to return "Boeing-777" within the established air corridor. Finish the same maneuver initiated Malaysian crew did not have time. With 17.20 recorded steady fall speed of the aircraft, and in 17.23 - the disappearance of the mark of aircraft with Russian radar screens. What was the reason of going beyond the boundaries of the route - a navigation error crew or command execution Manager Ukrainian authority for air traffic control in Dnepropetrovsk - sure can be answered only after decoding of flight recorders called "black boxes", talks of dispatching services.

According to our data, in day of crash of Malaysian "Boeing-777" group defense armed forces of Ukraine near the city of Donetsk consisted of three or four anti-aircraft missile complex division "Buk-M1".

These complexes are capable of hitting targets at ranges of up to 35 km and at altitudes up to 22 km. Why and against whom the Ukrainian security forces have deployed such a powerful grouping of air defense near Donetsk? Because as you know there is no militia aviation.

The figure shows that the route of flight and the estimated site of the lesion Boeing fall into range SAM "Buk-M1" of the armed forces of Ukraine.

We have satellite images of individual locations of air defense of the Ukrainian army in the Southeast of the country.

First three pictures are dated July 14, 2014:

  • in the picture 1 shows the SAM launchers "book" in the area 8 km North-West of Luhansk. In the picture You can see a well-propelled fire installation and two pre-charging machine.
  • in the picture 2 - radar station near the city of Donetsk, 5 km to the North. In the picture you can see two radiolokatsionnye station, as well as various equipment and facilities.
  • in the picture 3 – shows the air defense equipment in the area North of Donetsk. In the picture is clearly visible propelled fire setting with rotated launcher, about 60 units of various military and special equipment, shelter for engineering and other technical facilities.

And here is a shot of the same area made on July 17.
Please note that the launcher is missing.
Pictured 5 that morning of the same day in the area of the settlement Zarosinski, 50 km East of Donetsk and 8 km South of Shahtersk detected battery "Beech". The question arises why the battery was in the area, near the territory controlled by militants just before the accident?

Shooting in the area, made on 18 July in the same area (picture 6) showed that the battery left the occupied position.

Furthermore, it is to July 17 possible increased intensity of Ukrainian radar stations 9С18 "Dome-M1" anti-aircraft complex "Buk".

On the slide, you see well that on July 15 worked 7 stations, July 16 - 8 and July 17 - were already 9. But with July 18, the intensity of the radar declined sharply and now stands at 2-3 per day. What is the reason yet to understand.

I would like to show the data on the air situation in the Donetsk region on this day.

On the slide you see the data of objective control since 17.10 to 17.30 hours Moscow time.

During this period in the air was three civilian aircraft operating regular flights:
The flight from Copenhagen to Singapore in 17:17;
The flight from Paris to Taipei at 17:24;
The flight from Amsterdam in Kuala Lumpur.

Moreover, the Russian means of control of air situation recorded climb by a Ukrainian air force plane, presumably su-25, towards the Malaysian "Boeing-777". Removal of su-25 of "Boeing-777" was from 3 to 5 km.

Its characteristics su-25 is able short to reach a height of 10,000 meters In the composition of its standard weapons included rocket class "air-air" R-60, capable of capturing and hit targets at a distance of 12 km and is guaranteed at a distance of 5 km.

For what purpose combat aircraft was flying on airway civil aviation almost simultaneously and at the same level with passenger aircraft? I would like to get an answer to this question.

The corroborate the information the video of the Rostov aerial center of the joint system of air traffic management.

Today from the Federal air transport Agency received materials of objective control of the Rostov aerial center of the joint system of air traffic management.

This video presents status information on the air situation in the area of the city of Donetsk in the period from 17 hours 19 minutes to 17 hours 25 minutes (Moscow time) on 17 July 2014.

In the top left corner of the marker from an aircraft Boeing 772, performing flight on a route COPENHAGEN - SINGAPORE.

Underneath is a mark from the aircraft Boeing - 777, following on a route AMSTERDAM - KUALA LUMPUR.

To the right is the mark from aircraft Boeing - 778, next on the route DELHI - BIRMINGHAM.

All three aircraft have been steadily monitored by the three radar stations of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

Boeing - 777 is moving towards the state border of the Russian Federation and must cross it in the point of "OBTAINED".

Manager, proactively controlling flight of an aircraft, for its flight parameters on conformity to the set.

In 17 hours and 20 minutes at a distance of 51 km from the state border of the Russian Federation on an azimuth of 300 degrees the plane abruptly began to lose speed, which is clearly seen in the scoreboard characteristics of air object.

At falling speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour in 17 hours 21 minutes 35 seconds in the destruction of the Boeing there is a new mark on air facility.

This air stable object is observed by radar stations of UST - DONETSK and BATURINSKA within 4 minutes.

Manager, requesting the characteristics of the new object, information about its settings can't get, because most likely the aircraft system of the secondary identification is not equipped, which is typical for military aircraft.

Early detection of this air object was not possible, because the air control is carried out by means of radar standby with the capability to detect at this range at the altitude of 5000 meters.

The discovery was made possible during climb.

Further changes in the flight parameters of the object at the rate indicates that he's loitering in the area of destruction of the Boeing 777 and oversees the development of the situation.

Earlier the Ukrainian officials reported that in this day Ukrainian military aircraft on the line of the original incident was not, as you can see it is not.

Have a question for our American colleagues. According to American representatives, the U.S. has satellite images showing that the missile in the direction of the Malaysian aircraft committed by militias. But these pictures no one saw.

According to our calculations, in the period from 17.06 to 17.21 (Moscow time) on July 17 over the South-Eastern territory of Ukraine really flew an American spacecraft". This experimental apparatus space system "STS" designed to detect and track missile launches of various ranges. If the American side has pictures from this satellite, I would like to present them to the world community for detailed study.

Coincidence or not, but the time of the disaster Malaysian "Boeing-777" and the observation by the satellite over the Ukrainian territory are the same?

In conclusion, I would like to note that the information presented is based on objective and reliable data of various Russian technical means, in contrast to the unfounded accusations against us. An example of this is show in the media move launchers "Buk-M1" on a trailer, supposedly undertaken from Ukrainian to Russian territory. There is a clear manipulation of materials.

These pictures were made in the city of Krasnoarmeysk, as evidenced located next to the road banner, on which the address of the dealership on the street of Dnipropetrovsk 34. And he Krasnoarmeysk with 11 may is under the control of the Ukrainian army.

In this regard, we have a number of questions. What is this launcher? Where is it transported? Where is it now? Why is it not transporting a full load of missiles? When was the last time it launched missiles?

To conclude, I want to emphasize that the Russian Federation has not passed the militia of anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk-M4", as well as other types of weapons and military equipment.

Prepared by the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation will be transmitted today to the experts of leading European countries and Malaysia. I hope that they will help in conducting an objective investigation of the tragedy that occurred July 17 in the sky over Donetsk.

The defense Ministry will continue to inform about newly revealed facts related to aviation disaster Malaysian aircraft "Boeing-777".


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