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The US redirected the "new Armenia" on the Georgian-Turkish transport vector
Material posted: Publication date: 02-12-2018
From 1 January 2019 Georgia prohibits the importation and exportation of wheat or wheat-rye flour by car. The decision applies to all countries that carry similar cargo through Georgian territory. In the case of Armenia, the neighboring Georgian Republic, traditionally experiencing difficulties in the transport sector, will have to use the alternative checkpoint "Upper Lars" and it can be a ferry Caucasus-Poti-Caucasus.

It would seem that the question refers to the category of easily solvable. However, in the light of unfolding around the "new Armenia" events, there are additional risks for communication security.

"Information attacks" CJSC SCR

So, from the beginning of the twentieth of November, the Armenian media began to spread the message under such headings as "Suspended the regular movement of the ferry line Caucasus-Poti-Caucasus", "SCR reversed the movement of the ferry Caucasus-Poti", etc. the basis for the notes was a letter (from 05.11.2018) head of Road transport service centre (DCFTA) SCR CJSC Dmitry Gvozdev, addressed to shippers, consignees, forwarders of the Republic. The letter stated that "of CJSC "South Caucasian railway" informs that from 1 December 2018 to suspend the regular movement of the ferry line Caucasus-Poti-Caucasus".

"In 2019, ZAO SCR will continue to work to restore regular ferry plying on this route. If necessary, and in the presence of a large consignment of CJSC South Caucasus railway is ready to assist in organizing occasional trips according to your order. On the resumption of the regular operation of the ferry line Caucasus-Poti will be announced later," — noted in the document.

It is surprising that the Armenian media when reporting on this subject suddenly together "blind" and did not notice that the letter said, firstly, about the temporary nature of the measures taken, and secondly, the complete suspension of the message, but only on the cessation of regular crossings. And finally, about the readiness of the SCR to facilitate the transportation on the specified route as needed, as well as with the necessary large batch of transported goods (up to 30 rail cars).

The news was accompanied by motley reviews in the press, the essence of which was to ensure that "thanks to Russia" (CJSC SCR is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JSC Russian Railways) Armenia will not be able to receive the cargo of grain by sea (in addition to the Georgian side introduced the ban on ground transportation of the agricultural products).

November 21, the Armenian media published the clarification of the press Secretary SCR Ruben Grdzelyan about the fact that the owner of the ferry operating the flight to the Caucasus-Poti sold it, and it is unclear whether they want the new owner to work in this direction. It turned out that Yerevan discusses the issue of purchasing my ferry on this route.

The withdrawal of some local media in this regard was to the statement that the company UICD "avenges the new authorities" of the Republic, in particular the head of the government to Nikol Pashinianfor his resonant statement (November 20, Pashinyan said during a press conference that the activities of the SCR there are many things that you should find out the investigating authorities).

Note that no further clarification of CJSC SCR, first, that "nothing fundamentally new in the work of the company of gruzootpravitelej the port of Caucasus-Poti has not happened, and if there is demand for transportation, SCR will provide transportation on the route", second, "the ferry communication between ports Caucasus (Russia) and Poti (Georgia) provide a separate legal entity, the owners of which neither Russian Railways nor a subsidiary of Russian Railways in Armenia are not," had no result.

"Vengeance" of the new authorities of Armenia in the understanding of those same local media put it on 21 November, when the Commission on regulation of public services of Armenia adopted a decision on imposing a fine on the SCR in the amount of 60 thousand dollars.

So, Gulba is authorized to declare

At a time when the Armenian media exposed CJSC SCR (read — Russia) in a very bad light, in Azerbaijan signaled on "good neighborly relations" of his older brother Turkey towards Armenia. Since November 19, Azerbaijani media, citing the Turkish newspaper published a report that Turkey has allowed 400 Armenian heavy trucks annually travel from the port of Trabzon. About it in interview to Haberturk said the Turkish "Organization for combat against groundless claims of Armenians" (ASIMDER) and So on, Gulbai.

According to him, such permission was allegedly issued by the Turkish Embassy in Georgia. According to Gulbey, informed the Armenian truckers had to use the Georgian port of Poti, but "the use of Turkish Armenian Trabzon will allow drivers to save up to $ 600" on each truck. He also recalled that after the August war of 2008 for Armenian heavy vehicles crossing the Georgian-Turkish border, the quota was established. Recently, however, due to the difference in the cost of transportation of Armenian drivers prefer to travel in the Turkish Trabzon than in Georgian Poti. And further explained that "according to Turkish laws, the drivers of Armenia can enter into Turkey as tourists and have to get a work visa".

According to him, the Armenian side has long tried to address this issue, in mediating, spoke to the Ukrainian side, but now work visa for Armenian drivers gives the Turkish Embassy in Georgia.

For those involved in the review of the Azerbaijani press, a familiar what is a "Sale, Gulbai". By the way, it periodically blows that they say the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic "sheltered" members of the outlawed Turkey Kurdistan workers ' party, and on its territory "is preparing terrorists." And articles with him to print such famous Turkish publications, such as the newspaper Milliyet. In short, he is a "Herald", which is allowed in the case if necessary.

"Sensational revelation" from Hulbee was followed by an immediate reaction from Baku. Ambassador of Turkey to Azerbaijan Erkan Ozoral issued a denial, saying that no permission of the authorities of the Armenian carriers is not allowed. In turn, head of the port of Trabzon Muzaffer ermish said that such messages cause it was just unfortunate because "the port management consistently pursues the policy of Turkey in the relations with Armenia."

Muzaffer ermish is authorized to declare

In early July of 2012 Turkish newspaper Gunebakis has published a statement by the Director transantiago port Armia. Six years ago, he assured that in case the relevant consent of the Turkish government, under his leadership, the port is ready to implement bilateral cargo transportation between Armenia and Turkey that would benefit both countries.

"Armenia is currently implementing import and export for $ 7.5 billion via the Georgian port of Poti. To Poti there is a railway, but it operates only intermittently. From Yerevan to Trabzon can be reached at any time of the day. Our port is ready to carry traffic of such volume," said ermish, adding that currently Tradonsky the port is operating at 25% of its capacity.

Armenian carriers authorized to declare

But let's be objective, such statements were heard from the Armenian side. For example, the Chairman of the Association of international road carriers of Armenia Herbert Hambardzumyan once complained that Turkey has not taken any steps for issuing visas for Armenian drivers for the carriage of goods to the port of Trabzon. while "we (meant his AssociationColossal) all ways trying to resolve this issue." In this regard, he recalled that in 2011, out of 200 Armenian heavy vehicles managed to get permission for transportation in Trabzon for only two machines, and after numerous difficulties.

In turn, the Director of the programme "Assistance to improvement of Armenian-Turkish relations" (program funded by the us Agency for international development (USAID) and implemented through the Eurasia partnership Foundation, Yerevan press club, International center for human development and the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (employers) of Armenia) Artur Kazaryan noted that all the carriers of Armenia are interested in Trabzonspor direction, because it is profitable. According to him, the port of Trabzon in Turkey is a real alternative to Georgian Poti. And then there was the spoken text, which is one-to-one reproduced above-quoted statements Hexes Hulbee about "Turkish legislation", "help the Ukrainian side in the issue of visas", "opportunities for the Armenian carriers to reduce transport costs $ 600", etc.

Was there a boy?

If in 2012 the chief of the port of Trabzon Muzaffer ermish hastened to deny their own words and to explain that "all appeals by Armenia, we have one answer — until occupied territories of Azerbaijan, cooperation cannot be and speeches", in 2018, the head of ASIMDER, and So Gulbai only acknowledged the fact that he has the evidence that heavy trucks from Armenia use the port of Trabzon. He pointed to information from the "locals".

I think, given the similarity of the statements, "peddler" rumors in both cases could be a single center.

Bolton andabout

All pronouncements on "trabzonlu", which were announced with a six-year interval, can be seen another coincidence. Thus, the first information in 2012 appeared exactly once in an interview with Turkish newspaper Today's Zaman US Ambassador in Armenia John Heffern made a number of statements. In particular, he said that the United States will continue to promote Armenian-Turkish economic relations. "If the railway re-opens (meant the opening of the railway Kars (Turkey) — Gyumri (Armenia)Colossal), there will be a huge boost to trade and tourism," said Heffern, adding that the railway can be opened without release of the entire Turkish side of the land border with Armenia. We note, without any preconditions, and postulating the need for progress in Karabakh settlement process.

Nowadays, the statement "the kindness of Ankara" has appeared after a visit to the South Caucasus the American "hawk" — the adviser of the US President for national security John Bolton. Recall that one of the promises of the Advisor to Donald trump during his stay in Yerevan was to demand "full use of Armenia's national sovereignty (according to Bolton, not to be constrained by "historical patterns") and independence of the external (Russian) influence".

It is symptomatic also that in mid-November published a forecast of the American private intelligence analysis firm Stratforin 2019, according to which (part of Armenia), the United States hopes to exploit tensions between the leaders of Russia and the new authorities of Armenia in connection with the history of opinion from the post of the CSTO Secretary General Yuri Khachaturov to place a wedge between Armenia and Russia.

Without bread Armenia will remain, but...

And yet, if Georgia will introduce a ban on the import of wheat by road, then you will have to use the alternative checkpoint "Upper Lars" which is objectively not cope with the flow of goods, especially with the onset of the winter season. And the alternative is to become not "Turkish coast", and ferry Caucasus-Poti-Caucasus.

The question arises: why was organized by the "information attack" on the SCR? Versions few and they are all, one way or another, refer to the possible hidden influence of American advisers on the minds and attitudes of the authorities, "new Armenia".

Bolton arrived in Yerevan on 25 October, among other things, in order to probe the local soil on the subject of the growth of anti-Russian sentiment, redirection of traffic flows to Armenia with Russian and Iranian vectors strictly on the Georgian-Turkish route. "Upper Lars" is at the limit of their capabilities and experience chronic difficulties in ensuring a stable message Transcaucasian Republic with the outside world. 35-kilometer stretch of the Armenian-Iranian border also cannot serve for Yerevan "dear life," referring to the increasing US sanctions pressure on the Islamic Republic. Then you need to refocus "revolutionary government" of Armenia on the Georgian-Turkish track, using any of his cases. For example, "assaults" of the government in addition to the SCR, in order to deprive the Georgian-Turkish vector last serious rival in the person of ferry Caucasus-Pothia.

There is also the factor of the upcoming 9 December parliamentary elections in Armenia, against which in the political field of the Republic was designated a new power of the reactionary nature ofapplying for entry into power. It is noteworthy that these forces are experiencing unconcealed antagonism to Russia and insists on the need to "de-Russification" of Armenia, spoke about the need for the closest relations of Yerevan with Tbilisi. Down to the "blurring of boundaries" between the two neighboring republics.


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