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US threatens Russia with underwater drones
Material posted: Publication date: 23-10-2017
The Pentagon has presented the first fleet of underwater drones. The US Navy is already being called historic, because before that the devices were assigned to the submarine base "Kitsap" in Washington state. Now the robot had its own commander. And the squadron in the Navy have called the unit of the future.

Underwater drones will be engaged in the exploration, protection and support of surface ships. And the main task of the robots becomes subversive work that is too risky to entrust combat swimmers. This mining of enemy vessels or, conversely, clearance. In addition, according to Discover with reference to sources in the U.S. Navy, the squadron will work on new technologies and management practices "to achieve advantages over the enemy." On this mysterious mission, the Pentagon has not regretted $600 million and, therefore, the US defense Department is seriously counting on their "e-sailors", which is safely hidden from the camera lenses and cameras - the project is strictly classified.

About the underwater drones began to speak to the media in December last year, when the Chinese suddenly fished near Philippine Islands an unidentified object that later turned out to be "American". In the United States then hastened to declare that the drone was completely harmless and only measured the salinity, temperature and cleanliness of water. And this was done ostensibly to simplify the work of military sonar systems. In Beijing in it, of course, did not believe, thinking that the drone was just spying on the Chinese ships. And refused to return. In response, trump invited the Chinese to take "a stolen drone" itself. But the US military has not been as generous. Press Secretary of the Pentagon Peter cook demanded from Beijing to return the drone, which eventually was done.

Submarine "Quirk". Frame
In the course of this story it became clear that the us underwater drones are small torpedoes with fins. But their functions are little known. According to us media reports, the U.S. Navy bought robots from companies such as Bluefin Robotics and Hydroid. These devices can locate and clear mines, that is actually to do the work of minesweepers. But that's not all. Drones can easily accomplish tasks that were previously performed combat dolphins and sea lions. For example, to deliver mine to Board the enemy ship. Currently, the advanced research Agency U.S. Department of defense is trying to teach drones to chase and destroy submarines. The hour is near, when such devices will become "tricky" invisible torpedoes and would be a nightmare of modern submarines. A small torpedo-the robot can put on the bottom of a nuclear submarine is worth a billion dollars.

Similar work in the future and do the Russian sailors. In Syria passes the test of an unmanned submarine "Quirk", developed at the Institute of marine technology problems far Eastern branch Russian Academy of Sciences. In the port of Tartus drone surveys the bottom on the subject of mines and other explosive devices, as well as the hull of ships. 12 hours the drone is able to fully examine the bottom in the area of 4 square kilometers. This "Quirk" chooses the path and is guided under water with the built-in side-scan sonar, liaising with the anti-seal cutter "Rook".

According to the developers, the UAV can perform high-quality photographs under water and capture, for example, grooves from the anchors. So the drone now can be used for reconnaissance. The "Fillets" at the moment a cruising range of 100 km and under water drone may to days. But this is only the beginning. While the US is somewhat ahead of Russia in this direction, "Quirk" is the first Russian unmanned submarine, while the Americans have several of them. But in recognition of the U.S. Navy, the first military underwater drones will appear not earlier than in 2020, while continuing the test. So the Russian Navy there's still time.

Alexander Ilyin

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