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Trump made a bet on the Marines
Material posted: Publication date: 22-12-2016
The US President-elect Donald trump on 6 December he wrote in his Twitter: "Boeing builds a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but spending is out of control, more than $ 4 billion to Cancel the order!".

From this tweet "on the American industry a breath of cold" (Trumptweetchillsindustry), two days later, wrote in his article, the browser edition "" (first"defense") Marcus Weisgerber.

Weisgerber discussed not only the words of Donald trump, but in General his relations with representatives of the American military-industrial complex next to the Reagan national defense forum, which is often called the "Davos of defense".

This forum shows who is who in the elite national security of the United States, and here you can often see how the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, standing at the "back wall" (standing along the back wall), listens carefully to the discussion of complete strangers.

Ironically held at the Reagan presidential library debate, speech, and even the lunch breaks are held under "under a brilliant nose of the giant Boeing 707, the aircraft that served as Air Force One presidents Nixon, Carter, Ford, Reagan, George Bush the elder, Clinton and George W. Bush. Meanwhile, the successor of this aircraft as Weisgerber ironically, came under the hot hand the next President of the United States.

Trump did not explain why he lashed out at a draft of a new presidential plane, which has not even started, and not on any other design work. Any idea Weisgerber writes that it was "a slap in the face to the head of "Boeing" Dennis Muhlenberg": "There are many defense projects, which are actually too costly or not efficient enough, because of this, many wonder who will be next".

In the background after the outbreak of the terrible trompowsky tweet media hysteria (media frenzy), Muhlenberg met with trump to announce that his firm is "willing to cooperate with the new administration in the area of cost control...".

In a word, the powerful head of the "Boeing" immediately "disarm the party," as said in the "good" of the Stalin era without even trying to bargain.

Right under the nose of the aircraft-veteran Marcus Weisgerber caught by the sleeve Leanne Caret, the President and chief Executive officer of Boeing Defense, Space & Security, which is humbly confirmed to him that the company is working on a maximum of economy in terms of the new draft of the "Board №1".

Did not finish the Reagan defense forum, trump once again broke out a terrible tweet. This time to the Pentagon. December 10, he posted in his Twitter a link to an article-investigation of known browsers, "the Washington Post" Craig Witoka and Bob Woodward about the fact that the Pentagon hides the "unspecified costs" ( as they like to say in Russian media) in the amount of 125 billion dollars.

The venerable authors write that the Pentagon bureaucracy has buried an internal investigation about the missing nowhere in "administrative business operations" 125 billion.

Donald trump told his readers that reading this is very interesting, but "unfortunately, it's true." (A very interesting read. Unfortunately, so much is true).

If you wonder what makes the Donald Trump kind of confidence that he is not afraid to encroach on the surplus of the powerful defense corporations and military bureaucracy, the answer lies on the surface.

Trump relies on the army. Rather, its elite - the famous marine Corps.

In fact, it is the support for these smiling slim older generals of Marines in field uniform, drinking seagulls in the background of the interiors of the White House, and allowed an eccentric billionaire to win the favour of the continuation of global interventionism Hillary Clinton.


Three of them will occupy key positions in the sphere of national security (Minister of defense, Minister of internal security, the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff) in the future administration of the trump. The rest, presumably, will also not remain idle.

That's not all. Served twenty years in the Marines, senior fellow for defence Heritage Foundation Dakota L. wood, under the version of which recently released the report "2017 Index of US Military Strength", entered sostituzione team trump on defense.

With the support of the elite marine corps, the tramp, which is understandable, intends to increase the role of this kind of troops.

According to the Russian military blogger Prokhor Tebin, "according to chief of staff of the ILC General Robert neller, the Commission can increase its population by 12,000 people to 202000 people, but it will happen gradually. Before that, in 2017, the number of ILC will be increased by 3,000 people to 185000. To do this, however, has yet to adopt a law on the allocation of funds for this increase. Now the focus will be to increase the number of specialists in information security and warfare, intelligence, electronic warfare and target designation (information operations, intelligence analysis, targeting, electronic warfare, cyber). Then наростечислапехотныхбатальоновитанковыхрот".

In addition, the elected President of the United States, as you know, ambitious plans for the rebirth of American sea power and the creation of ocean-going Navy to 350 ships. Therefore, according to the Russian military bloggers, "many people in the Navy and around the fleet is now in readiness for the inauguration of D. trump. If he will do what he says, the city where the major shipyards and other defense plants, it will show all of America how to vote...".

Of course, this "objective reality" is aware of the majority in the electoral College, so the final approval of the trump in the position of President of the United States, presumably, will pass without any problems.

How trump will take the money for their ambizione military programs? It now shows the sources of these additional funds, posting tweets resonance, which turn frosty soul of the defense of the magnates and Pentagon officials.

The strategy of military construction should be determined by military, not lobbyists for defense companies. Trump follows this classical principle, which is applicable to the Russian reality.

Vladimir Prokhvatilov


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