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The Turkish Parliament approved the agreement on normalization of relations with Israel
Material posted: Publication date: 23-08-2016
The Turkish Parliament ratified a peace agreement with Israel. It provides for the payment of compensation to the families of those killed in the incident with "freedom Flotilla" in 2010, after which the country severed diplomatic relations.

The deputies of the Turkish Parliament voted to ratify the settlement agreement with Israel, which opens the way to a full recovery interrupted in 2010, diplomatic relations and exchange ambassadors, Haaretz reports.

The agreement provides for the payment by Israel of a one-time payment of $20 million that will be transferred to the victims in the incident with "freedom Flotilla" in 2010. This incident became the reason of rupture of relations between the two countries.

Under the agreement, citizens of Israel also will not be involved in criminal or financial liability because of the incident.

About the upcoming restoration of relations between the two countries on June 27 announced simultaneously in Ankara, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, and in Rome — the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli Premier said that tel Aviv had agreed to permit Turkey to send humanitarian aid to the Palestinian territories, as well as deliver infrastructure projects. Netanyahu stressed that supplies to Gaza will be possible only through Israeli ports, as "marine protective blockade" will be saved. According to Yildirim, a priority for his government is to normalize political and diplomatic relations with Israel. In particular, both countries plan to exchange ambassadors, which were withdrawn after the incident with the activists.

The incident with the "freedom Flotilla" took place on 31 may 2010 when Israeli commandos landed on the ship "Mavi Marmara". Then, Israeli soldiers killed ten Turkish activists who tried to break the blockade of Gaza established by Israel.

The activists claimed that the soldiers immediately began to shoot. According to the Israeli side, first attacked the activists, armed with batons, knives and a gun. The UN tried to conduct an independent investigation, but it is not able to determine precisely who was the initiator of the conflict.


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