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Murder on the eve of the terrorist attack: who killed Ahmad Shah Massoud?
Material posted: Publication date: 13-07-2018
Strategy or coincidence? The day before the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, in Afghanistan suicide bombers eliminated one of the most successful warlords — Ahmad Shah Massoud. Who is behind the murder of the Panjshir lion and how it related to the tragedy in new York? WARHEAD.SU I tried to understand.

The tenth of September 2001, the planet lived in a usual rhythm. The world yet didn't know that until the beginning of a new era in which the main danger will proclaim terrorism, only a little more than a day. In new York another night, so a glass bulks of the twin towers, there was almost no light. Only the blood-red lights on the roof warned the unwary helicopter pilot.

In the North of Afghanistan already past noon. The territory of the Northern Alliance, Madistan — the place where the residence of the Minister of defence of Afghanistan Ahmad Shah Massoud, nicknamed the lion of Panjshir. It has been a month to him trying to get two strange journalists. They said they were making a documentary, but more praying than doing business.

However, Ahmad Shah, never seen in cowardice, took reporters in his office. He was very respectful to the media and asked the security not to frisk journalists.

It is known that they could ask only one question — about Osama bin Laden. Then "operator" approached the Minister and activated an explosive device disguised as a camera. The explosion ripped the bomber apart, and Ahmad Shah was mortally wounded.

The wounded lion of Panjshir was dead within the hour. And, most likely, around this time, the order was given to launch the operation to capture the planes and the attack on the American skyscrapers. Over Manhattan as the sun rose, and poured a rosy light towers of the world trade center. They had to stand about 30 hours.

Leo Panjsher

If you try to describe Ahmad Shah Massoud in a word, the most appropriate would be "controversial".

Real name Afghan field commander Ahmad Shah. Massoud is a special nickname, LKAB — the honorary title, talking a lot about its owner. In Persian language "Masoud" means"happy", "fortunate". By the way, if our Gregory Pastushkova gave lukab, he likely would become the Azeem (Great).

Yes, the enemy. But what! Panjshir valley has become one of the most difficult targets for Soviet troops in Afghanistan. Buried at the top of the turban spooks where he organized a powerful defense. Hack which of our 40th army was possible only after serious training involving aircraft and special forces.

Ahmad Shah Massoud

However, many opponents said, though Ahmad Shah and fought, using whatever means and opportunities, he did not fall to terrorism and hostage-taking. With the Panjshir lion was negotiated during the withdrawal of our soldiers from Afghanistan. And proud commander of the Mujahideen kept the adopted agreement.

Later, he became the second person in the state and was appointed Minister of defense. Then to power in Afghanistan came the Taliban, who have established Sharia. And the Panjshir lion by 2001 became the head of the opposition to the Taliban and the Northern Alliance. Thanks to Ahmad Shah in the North formed the whole region, living by their own laws (of Madistan).

Version 1

Ahmad Shah Massoud was eliminated Osama bin Laden started the world terror stakes. There is evidence that since 1999, the field commander worked closely with the CIA. Thus, after committing a planned attack against the US "al-Qaeda" would have to fight not only with us intelligence agencies, but also with the Northern Alliance, capable of a lot. At that time, under the Panjshir lion were more than 60,000 well-trained and battle-hardened Mujahideen.

In favor of this version and the way to eliminate Ahmad Shah — with the help of religious suicide bombers. It is characteristic of the handwriting of Osama bin Laden.

In any case, the Wahhabis (radical Muslims) succeeded: after the death of Ahmad Shah, Madistan and the whole Northern Alliance gradually fell into disrepair. And breaking into smaller formations, moved in the power of the Taliban.

Version 2

There is a view that the reason for eliminating the field commander of steel the accumulated contradictions within the Northern Alliance. Many believed that Ahmad Shah too many deals with the Europeans and Americans. In addition, not everyone liked and less of the religious policy of the Alliance. Unlike the Taliban, which established on the land of Afghanistan Sharia is pleasing to the prophet.

This theory confirms at least the fact that livejournalist more than a month traveled around the country without arousing suspicion. Moreover, a few days before coming to the Ahmad Shah suicide bombers visited one of the leaders of the Northern Alliance, the powerful commander Abdullah Sayyaf.

If it was really so, for the conspirators further events developed not the best way. The Northern Alliance is not just a redistribution of power — the organization, as such, ceased to exist.

In addition, in this case, you need to believe in a very strange coincidence that the murder happened exactly one day before the attacks on the United States...

Version 3

Just be warned: the latest version refers to quite so vigorous conspiracy theories.

The U.S. government has long looked for a pretext to invade Afghanistan. And to direct a military contingent in the country, where is the army of the Northern Alliance — with good experience, but still under the command of one of the best field commanders — not a good idea.

Therefore, the CIA eliminated Ahmad Shah the hands of Osama bin Laden. Then with his own hands he organized a historic terrorist attack and got almost carte Blanche for the use of the army in Afghanistan. Further — already famous Afghan campaign, where everything that "went wrong".

From this point of view is logical and time selected to eliminate the Panjshir lion, and the consequences for the country that took place after the assassination of the field commander and defense Minister.

In fact, Afghanistan has lost most experienced and capable in negotiations and diplomatic moves of the leader. No doubt there was an invasion during the lifetime of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the commander could gather under the banners of a significant part of the Mujahideen, and he had to agree.

Who's afraid of a dead lion

Since the death of Ahmad Shah has been almost two decades. However, a serious investigation was not, and is not expected in the future. Already dead Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan turned into torn apart the semblance of the state in which feeling good only engaged in the drug business.

Could the story go differently? For sure! But now it's only interesting for historians and authors of books about popadantsy.

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