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The threat of terrorist attacks at the upcoming Olympic games reveal the "big game"
Material posted: Publication date: 30-01-2014

Recently one of my dear people was asked what I thought about the possibility of terrorist attacks in Sochi committed "false flag". He is well prepared, possesses information and not chasing miracles by rabbit burrows. At first I did not give the issue adequate attention. But aftermuch, turned to a friend associated with intelligence. I was somewhat surprised, having received everywhere the same answer. I have outlined a very logical (and disturbing) scenario associated with the current situation in the middle East.

Speaking of "actions under a false flag", I mean inaction or connivance of any high-profile event that will attract worldwide attention. Not necessarily the scale of 11 September. But with very similar effects, which can lead to a world war. Alarm messages are flashed every day, but I don't know much about them thought. I had no idea that the threat of action under a false flag is quite possible during the upcoming Olympics.

Given all that has been taken to develop the games that required, as reported $ 50 billion, Sochi is almost ideal for such a development. A special scope is not necessary. Likely President Putin would be enough for a small attack or even just uncovered criminal plans to achieve widespread support both in Russia and in the world. But the Olympic games is the biggest event, which will bring together representatives of many countries. Any RAID, a terrorist attack or other crime committed during their implementation, will be considered as a challenge to the world, not just Russia.

As we approach the Olympics we've noticed some oddities that can talk about possible problems. The most arresting, perhaps, was the fact that the head of intelligence of Saudi Arabia Prince Bandar bin Sultan met with Putin in August and December 2013. It's no secret that Bandar known as Bandar Bush, the Saudi Kingdom declared Putin that he will not initiate or support any terrorist attacks during the Olympics, but subject to certain conditions.

What lies behind this offer, and on what conditions was he referring to? Through Bandar of Saudi Arabia has announced its demands regarding Syria and President Assad. Threatening with terrorist attacks in Sochi, they put pressure on Putin, trying to corner him and force him to stop openly supporting the Assad regime, including arms. Refusal to obey means that they will attempt terrorist attacks, why they have certain features. On the one hand, it could not appeal to Putin. And, it seems, it gave him the obvious suspects, alibi is solid and "right" to a terrorist attack or other incident during the games.

Those who have followed my stories about the events in Benghazi and their connection with attempts to overthrow the Assad regime, you know, Syria is important for Russia in strategic and military relations. For us also it is no secret that Putin does not believe the explanation of the West (USA and NATO under their power, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and even Israel) about middle Eastern events, from the Arab spring to Syria today. The world has already seen what chaos has led the Arab spring. Naturally, Putin does not want Syria Union was in the same situation under the rule of "Muslim Brothers".

Now, Saudi Arabia uses the Olympics as a bargaining chip to tie Putin's hands, at least until the end of the games. So far Putin has acted very cautiously and prudently.

Interestingly, this week echoed reports of terrorists-suicide bombers, so-called "black widows". Intelligence agencies know how difficult it is to get to Sochi and get out of there. Surprised by the fact that one or more of these "black widows" reportedly were able to sneak in Sochi, because it is, to put it mildly, difficult journey. What about a security framework that could and should have stopped them? Could this be a symptom of action under a false flag? It is not excluded.

Perceives whether America is serious? Looks like after all the ships the U.S. Navy will be ready near Sochi in case of an emergency and the need to evacuate Americans.

Historical reflections

First, we must realize that the Arab spring did not arise by itself, and was planned in advance. Secondly, it is important to understand what led to the attack on the CIA base in Benghazi. The fact that in Benghazi the West (the US in collusion with Britain, France and others) handed weapons to the Syrian rebels. In my previous materials presented enough evidence for this.

As is known, the so-called Arab spring began on 18 December 2010 and was not a spontaneous revolutionary wave that has thrown off the shackles of governments. One evidence of this is an email from the 1300 words from a former Ambassador to Libya sir Vincent Fean to Tony Blair. The book describes in detail the overthrow of Libyan ruler Gaddafi. The letter was sent on June 8 2008, two years earlier than the beginning of the Arab spring.

It contained information about the state of relations between Britain and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Shortly thereafter, on 10 June 2008, Blair arrived for talks with Gaddafi. Generally, after stepping down as Prime Minister Blair made six trips to Libya. After three years the efforts of the US and the UK, Gaddafi was overthrown and eventually killed.

So, Benghazi was a staging point for shipment of arms. Putin knew exactly what was happening. His position was fairly moderate attitude toward the West regarded them as an infringement on Russian interests against its allies, especially Syria. Putin is not so easy to openly change course, but the attack definitely would play into his hands. Just look at the US after 11 September.

Equally important to know what's going on in the Iraqi region of al Anbar, in particular, about the terrorist group "Islamic state of Iraq and Syria". As Putin rightly believes, is supported by the Western education will be strengthened during the Olympics. Preparing the next stage of the offensive in Assad's – the emergence of a new front in the South-Eastern border of Syria. USA did not let it. Mr Kerry reiterated that America is not going to keep fighting with this grouping.

The aim of the West, from the Arab spring to the Benghazi and the present time is the overthrow of the Assad government and its replacement by the regime of the "Muslim brotherhood", like in Egypt. The consequences of this policy, whether active intervention or withdrawal, will cause turmoil in the region.


Considering this situation, it is possible that Putin could easily close their eyes to the preparation of the attack and let it happen. As noted, the overt threat of Bandar in some way, gave Putin's hands, giving them the opportunity or even the rare chance plausible to blame Saudi Arabia. And for that matter, at the same time leaders of the Western world, especially Obama, putting their weak, indecisive and sluggish in combating terrorists. In this sense, it is hard to imagine that he'd miss such an opportunity.

Putin knows how to impress and knows a lot about geopolitics. He is a very experienced player and in the event of a terrorist attack could take advantage of this development, occupying a strong position implacable fighter against the forces of evil in the world.

A broader view of the situation

It is important to assess the probability of such accidents at the Olympics, possibly committed with intent. We need to understand what is at stake.

By and large, Sochi is just a very expensive ride. The real value of the Olympics is that perfect at the time the attack is seen as a challenge to the world. The real goal in the long term strategic advantage Putin in Syria and in the region.

Mind you, we're witnessing a Grand battle of ideologies and States for economic, military and political dominance in the middle East in the next 50-100 years. Given this, if any high-profile event immediately and will give an excuse and a good reason for any active response of Russia in Syria and the surrounding region, especially in Turkey, Putin easily will go on it and find the guilty Saudi Arabia, USA, any countries from NATO, Qatar or even Israel. After all, Saudi Arabia and Israel are working together in the Syrian issues, although many do not notice it.

Summing up, unfolds for us the decisive round of political confrontation, where the organization of terrorist attacks by the hands of others is one of the maneuvers. Terrorism is just a tool to achieve geopolitical objectives.

The cause of the terrorist attack at the Olympics will not be the "crazy fanatics", which we're told all sorts of experts and the media. It's just a tool to achieve much more ambitious plans in the middle East. Dig deeper. It is important to see the big picture and not the piece, where carefully direct our attention.

We are entering a very serious and dangerous phase of the redistribution of power. Be attentive to everything that happens on the map of the entire world.

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