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Material posted: Publication date: 20-06-2022

From the first month of the war, Ukrainian forces began to rapidly switch to civilian vehicles – fees began to be collected for the purchase of various off-road vehicles, convenient for action both in urban conditions and in rural areas. With this, the AFU and other armed detachments gained a significant advantage in mobility, and this became a characteristic feature of the enemy forces.

The concentration of forces and firepower of the Russian forces were countered by Ukrainian dispersal and mobility. And it gave its result.

Often superior forces were held by such mobile detachments, effectively using artillery, mortar and rocket attacks. This tactic works effectively not only in urban areas, but also in wooded areas. Each vehicle becomes a universal autonomous combat unit, due to the installation of various weapons on the pickup truck – machine guns, grenade launchers, mortars, automatic cannons, TPRK, reconnaissance (UAV) and communications (Starlink). Recently, the APU has been using pickups quite effectively to install British Brimstone guided missiles and RZSO complexes.

The situation is aggravated by the shortage of UAVs on the Russian side, which makes the task of detecting such maneuverable forces difficult. It cannot be said that this is a surprise for the Russian army. The MTR forces operating in the Kiev direction in March effectively used similar tactics, moving in pickups. But that was the end of it.

Now, the lack of light transport severely limits the mobility of Russian forces, especially in terms of intelligence.

In the "gray", in the frontline zone, it is almost impossible to conduct operational reconnaissance, raid and sabotage operations without fast, all-road transport.

It is amazing how the Russian army ignored all the results and lessons of the Syrian operation, being an active participant in it. Despite the fact that all methods of conducting combat operations by mobile forces have long been described in the relevant conceptual and guidance documents of the US Army, some of which can be found in the public domain.

The main outcome of the Ukrainian conflict is the "pick–up war", the opposition of dispersed mobile forces armed with precision weapons to traditional methods of warfare, has shown its effectiveness in conditions of a large-scale long-term conflict.

Source: @genshab

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