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Aladin V., Kovalev, S. Malkov, G. Malinetskii `the Limits of reduction. The report of the Russian intellectual club`
Material posted: Publication date: 27-09-2013

In the book of famous Russian scientists – members of the Academy of military Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences V. Aladin, V. Kovaleva, S. Malkov, G. Malinetskij provides a detailed analysis of the situation in the field of nuclear disarmament of Russia, the USA and countries – members of NATO.

Based on the results of years of research, scientists have come to the conclusion that in modern conditions it is expedient for Russia not decrease, but increase in potential strategic and regional deterrence. Russia should keep its nuclear capabilities at a level that will ensure safety in a possible nuclear conflict with America, to ensure the loss of American geopolitical leadership. Russia needs a fully optimized nuclear activities, providing adequate reaction to various proposals for disarmament from the United States. Today's disarmament initiative of America is politically a reflection of the pack "technologically obsolete" weapons, which is taking this country to strengthen its military power. The proposed U.S. action on disarmament and arms control have as their ultimate goal is not so much a limitation of the scale of military-technical competition, how many translates them into other dimensions, best to America and weakens the nuclear potential of Russia.

ISBN 987-5-4261-0041-1


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