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"Greater Israel" and Kurdistan
Material posted: Publication date: 10-09-2017
The Kurds in the middle East there is a strong state in which they are included as equal citizens and in which due to the process of democratization in recent years, they are guaranteed cultural rights. This is the state of the Turkish Republic. To reinforce this point, it is enough to compare how you lived the Kurdish people in Iraq under Saddam and Syria under Assad, being doomed to existence in a certain region and also not having civil rights.

Even the Kurdistan workers ' party (PKK), which acts as armed pawns of imperialism in the middle East, was not able to drive a wedge between the wise people of this ancient region, and 40-year-old bloody adventure RPK all the people of this country regard as "external attack of imperialists".

"Plan of Inon" and the history of Kurdistan

In the early 1980s, years imperialism has put in place a plan for the reconstruction of the Middle East "under the umbrella of the great Imperial Israel", and the first step was the Iran-Iraq war that began on 22 September 1980 and lasted eight years. In the course of this war the imperialist powers applying in respect of the two Muslim States the principle "and our, and your," he cleared the path to military, economic, and social disaster. War in the Persian Gulf and the occupation of Iraq in 2003

It was during this period go into effect "the plan of Inon" written by Inon Oded (Oded Yinon) in 1982, providing for the dissolution of all Islamic and Arab countries in the region. While the PKK committed its first terrorist attack in 1983.

The plan is simple, but bloody: region Iraq — Syria — Lebanon will be divided into small States, which will eventually fall under the control of Israel. First of all should be a divided Iraq along the axis of the Kurds — Sunnis — Shias, and then the line of Turkey — Iran — Pakistan also needs to be shared...

In fact, this plan looks like the creation of a "greater Israel" and involves the formation of a major axis of American foreign policy in the region.

Kurdistan to be created with the support of Israel, is the starting point of this plan is, in a sense, the key to influence not only Iraq, but also Turkey, Syria, Iran.

In Iraq and Syria, the plan of the Inon, it seems, was a success, and now it will be difficult to maintain unitary structure of these States. In the Sudan, Yemen and Libya, frankly, this plan is about to win. If the middle East would face a Domino effect, each undergoing section of the country will stimulate the opening of a new front in the next state.

Germany — the Zionist state

Today we see the continuation of the plan prepared by the UK in the nineteenth century, and changed the Anglo-American Union, in accordance with its objectives. But it is noteworthy that the country that "used" against Turkey — Germany. Germany is not an independent state. Its territory, which in the period after the Second world war was occupied by the Soviets in the recent past joined with the area of British, American and French occupation. But in fact Germany has the identity of the state on the main axis of Zionism. Payback for what the Nazis did to the Jews, concluded that the German state and its people came under the full control of Zionism, and why Israel is the main recipient of all applications coming from Germany.

What are they concerned?..

Putin and Erdogan broke the chain

Despite the fact that Iran has existed since time immemorial, he betrayed the Muslim world with the aim to get the maximum benefit from the implementation of the plan of Inon. The main strategy of Iran was to take away a significant part of the Sunni region, fragmented in the direction of the Zionist plan, but in fact he was faced with the intervention of the US and Russia in this region, I realized that, despite spending over 80 billion dollars and thousands of deaths, he did not get it, and now, besides Turkey, other left forces, whom he can trust.

On the other hand, according to the "plan of Inon" was dealt a crushing blow from the two different fronts and two leaders. First, Putin, providing military support, the BA'ath slowed the process of disintegration of Syria and took the situation under control. Secondly, Erdogan is providing support to the Free Syrian army, provided the balance on the battlefield, stopped the collapse.

Currently the only force that is bending over backwards, if only Iraq and Syria have disintegrated, the United States of America...

And the fact that Israel officially supports the referendum on independence Barzani, openly discovers this plan.

If the coup attempt on 15 July 2016, to succeed, Putin would have remained single in that region. Therefore, in the course of these events, he openly took the side of Turkey, and a week after the coup met with Erdogan in St. Petersburg and actively continued the process of easing relations.

In short, the agreement Putin and Erdogan is vital for the Middle East.

Ardan, Senturk


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