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Vietnam responded to China's claim to Rosneft
Material posted: Publication date: 17-05-2018
Vietnam in response to the protest of China against the development of deposits in the waters of the South China sea, said that the works are in Vietnamese territorial waters. Beijing considers this territory. Start drilling "Rosneft".

Development of deposits in the South China sea is in accordance with international law and conducted in the Vietnamese territorial waters. This was stated press Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Vietnam Le thi Thu hang, his words leads Reuters.

"All Maritime economic activities in Vietnam, including oil and gas, licensed and carried out in Maritime areas under the sovereignty and jurisdiction of Vietnam", — said the Agency representative of the foreign Ministry.

According to him, the development of deposits carried out in accordance with the UN Convention on Maritime law of 1982. In "Rosneft" also has informed RBC that the work being done at the site, located in the territorial waters of Vietnam.

In Rosneft Vietnam have expressed concern because of the negative reaction after the start of work offshore, the company did not want to draw attention to their work.

China opposed the development of the field "Red Orchid" in the South China sea company Rosneft Vietnam. This was stated by foreign Ministry spokesman of China, Lu Kang.

"We demand to respect the sovereignty of our state," he said, adding that no company has the right to develop resources in waters controlled by China.

The Vietnamese authorities think that the field is located in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic. Chinese authorities insist that the "Red Orchid" is located inside the so-called nine-dashed line, which Beijing refers to that portion of the waters of the South China sea, which he considers his.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on this subject, told reporters that "Rosneft" did not consult with the Kremlin on drilling wells in the offshore Vietnam, adding that, "as far as we know, the company made a statement that works in accordance with the licenses obtained," reports RBC.

Rosneft Vietnam has begun drilling development well on the field "Red Orchid" (Lan Do) in the development of the Block 06.1 offshore Vietnam. Rosneft acts as the project operator, holding a share of 35%.

In the area of the unit in addition to the "red orchids" is a two gas condensate field. According to Rosneft, the initial geological reserves of gas in all three fields — about 69 billion cubic meters, the initial reserves of "red orchids" is estimated that there are 23 billion cubic meters.

Rosneft participates in the project for extraction of gas and condensate, and exploration at another block in offshore Vietnam — a Block 05.3/11. In this project, Rosneft Vietnam holds a share of 100%. The resources of this block are estimated at 28 billion cubic meters of gas and 17.5 million tons of gas condensate.

Margarita Devyatkina, Gregory Oaks


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