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The impact of further expansion of the NATO on the military security of Russia. Possible countermeasures policy Alliance and neutralize the threat
Material posted: Publication date: 12-09-2002

In the analytical report outlined current problems of relations between Russia and NATO in connection with the further expansion of the Alliance and the adoption of new countries, shows the evolution of the strategic concept of the Alliance, its military-political and military-strategic capabilities, the nature of emerging threats and possible measures to neutralize them. This scientific work is intended for professionals and scientists working in the field of ensuring international and national security.

The content

A list of accepted abbreviations.. 4

Introduction.. 5

I. analysis of the development of NATO strategic concept 6..

II. Assessment of the status and capabilities of NATO in the Alliance's new members.. 14

2.1. Estimate the financial cost. 14

2.2. Assessment of the political and military aspects of NATO expansion.. 17

III. Forecast of development of military-political situation in Europe and on the West of the Russian Federation in connection with the possible expansion of NATO's 26..

3.1. Evaluation of military-political situation in the Baltic countries. 26

3.2. The position of the U.S. Senate on the issue of NATO enlargement 30..

3.3. The main consequences of NATO expansion.. 32

3.4. Assessment of the status and capabilities of the Russian Federation and its allies to neutralize the negative consequences of NATO expansion.. 34

V. the justification of measures to prevent threats to the military security of the Russian Federation.. 45

Conclusion 63..

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