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Military Review. Events in the field of defense and security in the mirror of the media. Media Monitoring during the week 01 to September 6 2015
Material posted: Publication date: 07-09-2015

Military men have received the ninth regimental complete set of system S-400; terms of the beginning of release of the high-speed helicopter are named; the vessel of the Navy of the Russian Federation has shipped a diving bell on 450 metres in Atlantic; defensive management companies can acquire the right to foreign trade activity - FSVTS; the Air Forces of India will buy from Russia 48 helicopters on 1,1 mlrd dollars; Morocco will buy 222 tanks M1A1 Abrams in the USA; Russian Space Department has refused the rocket engine with a nuclear reactor; OPK "Corsair" in a year plans to make to hundred newest bespilotnikov; the USA have entered sanctions against the defensive enterprises of Russia; Naval Forces of the USA aspire to constant presence at Black sea; Germany has explained increase in the military budget «the Russian threat»; the NATO staff has opened in Lithuania; to Estonia two fighters F-22 have arrived; Poroshenko declared plans to increase number of contract employees VSU; more than 6,4 thousand civilians became victims of a confrontation in the southeast of Ukraine - the report of head SKR of A.Bastrykin.

On these and other events in the media monitoring for the week from 1 to 6 Sep. 2015.

Attempt of destabilization of a situation in Tajikistan became one of the main events of the past week. So in territory of Tajikistan in the city of Vahdate armed attacks on military facilities in the country - on central office of the Ministry of Defence and on department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have been made. Besides, the ex-deputy minister of defence of Tajikistan Abduhalim Nazarzoda has shot 25 military men for failure to join a terrorist group headed by it. One of posts on an entrance to Dushanbe also was subjected to an attack. After attacks of Nazarzoda it was harboured in Ramitsky gorge.
The president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the president of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon have conducted telephone conversation. Putin named events in Tajikistan attempt of destabilization of a situation and has certified of support of the country leaders from Russia.

Heads of the states also have decided to hold a separate meeting within the limits of summit ODKB coming in September which will pass in Dushanbe.

In Ramitsky gorge of Tajikistan operation of agents of national security on search and detention of major general Abduhalima Nazarzody accused of terrorism proceeds. Also searches of supporters of the mutineer are conducted. As transmits TASS referring to the republic Ministry of Internal Affairs, to the authorities the brother of general Nazarzody Abduhaet has handed in. He has escaped a gang and has pled guilty. That has forced it to make such solution, it is not known.

Agents of national security carry on negotiations with mutineers, suggesting them to handing in voluntarily in order to avoid the further bloodshed.

About army reequipment

Past week the Concern of air defence "Diamond-antej" has ahead of schedule transmitted the Minister of Defence of Russia the next regimental complete set of antiaircraft missile system С-400 "Triumph". About it it is told in the message of a press service of the concern, arrived in edition "".

Engineering transfer has passed in territory of range Kapustin Jar in the Astrakhan region. Thus the general director of concern Jan Novikov has updated that the conclusion of engineering to range by transfer occurs on request of the customer. As he said, till the end of 2015 the Concern will deliver the Minister of Defence of Russia two more regimental complete sets of ZRS С-400 "Triumph".

To a present situation in Russia it has been already organised nine antiaircraft rocket regiments, equipped with system S-400. The transmitted regimental complete set is named the ninth because the first of rearmed regiments (606th antiaircraft rocket regiment in Electrostal situated near Moscow) received system not the complete set, and podivizionno, in 2007-2009. Thus, from this day in Russia there are 10 regiments of system S-400.

For information: С-400 "Triumph" - the multichannel antiaircraft missile system equipped with several types of rockets of various range. The system is capable to strike all available means of air attack, including planes, helicopters, pilotless flight vehicles, cruise missiles and tactical ballistic missiles with the maximum speeds to 4800 metres per second.

About workings out, tests

The perspective fast-track helicopter (PSV), developed in interests of the Minister of Defence, will go to a series since 2022. The commander-in-chief of Aero-space forces has informed on it (VKS) colonel general Victor Bondarev, transmits TASS.
In the taktiko-technical project on designing of the perspective helicopter speed of 500 kilometres per hour is set. «If it will be received it is more, we will be glad. Naturally, this helicopter will solve all those problems which are solved now by helicopters of families of Kamov and Mile. It will take to itself(himself) all the best», - the commander-in-chief has explained.
Earlier it was informed that at the first stage PSV should show the maximum speed to 350 kilometres per hour, on the second - about 450 kilometres per hour. The first version was considered civil, the second is more orientated for needs of military men.

For information: Program PSV (in commercial version it is advanced under brand RACHEL - Russian Advanced Commercial Helicopter) is launched in the beginning of 2010th years. Certified tests of the new car are planned by 2020. The multi-purpose helicopter potentially double (military and civil) appointments is intended for replacement of cars of family Mi-8 (Ми-17), and planned to working out at once in several versions, including passenger, search and rescue, patrol and medical. The car in weight of 10,5-11,5 tons should supply transportation of 21-24 persons for the speed to 450 kilometres per hour. Range of overfly with a normal pay load of 2500 kgs is determined in 900 kilometres.

Past week more than 1,3 thousand military men have conducted doctrines near Volgograd with use of jet systems of a volley fire "Tornado-g", self-propelled artillery pieces of "Host" and the newest self-propelled howitzers 2С19М2 "Msta-with".

Thus battle calculations fulfilled skills of management of reconnaissance, determined co-ordinates of the purposes, prepared data for the shooting, orientated on district by means of the newest navigating equipment "Grotto", using resource of satellite system GLONASS, transmits RIA Novosti news agency referring to a press service of Southern military district.

The ocean salvage ship "Igor Belousov" of Navy fleet of Russia has shipped for the first time a diving bell on working depth of 450 metres in Atlantic, the representative of a press service of the Minister of Defence of Russia on the Navy the captain of 1 rank Igor Dygalo has informed.

According to Dygalo, the second stage of tests ГВК-450 is scheduled on second half of September and will pass at participation, including, 12 divers of the Navy of Russia who has passed special training.

As informs RIA Novosti news agency it is planned that after the fourth stage of factory trial runs in Atlantic the crew will start state official tests. The salvage ship "Igor Belousov" will be a part of the Navy till the end of 2015.

For information: "Igor Belousov" - a head salvage ship of the project 21300С, constructed for the Navy of Russia on «the Admiralty shipyards» in the city of St.-Petersburg. It is intended for rendering assistance to crews of the emergency submarines which are lying on a ground or being in a surface rule, submissions of air, the electric power and saving means for submarines and the surface ships. Displacement of a vessel - 5000 tons, length - over 100 metres.

About military-technical cooperation

Important news: defenᥠmanagement companies can acquire the right to foreign trade activity. New corrections to the legislation will allow to allocate with the right of independent foreign trade activity management companies in "oboronke", and not just developers and manufacturers. So the deputy director of Federal Agency of military-technical cooperation (FSVTS) Konstantin Birjulin has commented on the bill introduced the past week in the State Duma by the government of the Russian Federation.

Corrections to the law «About military-technical cooperation of the Russian Federation with foreign states» suggest to allocate with the right to independent foreign trade activity on military goods aftersales service (PVN) management companies of the integrated structures under condition of fastening not less than 51 % of their actions (shares) in the federal property and (or) state corporation "Ростех" property, transmits TASS.

For information: At present in independent foreign trade activity can be engaged over 15 Russian defenßÑ companies. On their share, according to FSVTS, it is necessary $2-2,5 mlrd from 15 mlrd, gained annually from military export. Earlier head "Rosteha" Sergey Chemezov declared that the right to foreign trade activities will receive each holding of state corporation. Today such right allocates only «Helicopters of Russia», it is expected that «High-precision complexes» and concern «Electronic technologies» (KRET) become the following.

Council about defence purchases of India has approved purchase at Russia 48 new helicopters Mi-17V-5 for needs of the Air Forces, transmits edition Hindu. The volume of the contract, one of the largest lately, will make almost 70 billion rupees (about 1,1 billion dollars).

As have informed before RIA Novosti news agency in a holding press service «Helicopters of Russia», the Russian Federation has delivered in 2012-2015 of India of 148 troop-carrying helicopters of Mi-17V-5 from 151. To finish contract fulfilment it is planned till the end of the year.

And here Armed forces of Morocco will receive 222 tanks of type M1A1 Abrams from the United States. About it writes the Russian military blog bmpd referring to the American sources.

In TV channel Your News Now message (the local television network of the city of Lima, the State of Ohio) against which the blog leans, is quoted senator Rob Portman, declared that factory Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (JSMC), arranged in a city, will secure an offer on 222 tanks for Morocco. The senator has noticed that towers of tanks will be finished under the separate contract, writes "".

Authors of a blog remind that the contract on delivery of tanks in Morocco was discussed even in the summer of 2012. Then it was supposed to transmit to Rabat 200 tanks in version М1А1 Special Armor approximately for 1 billion dollars. Tanks should be transmitted from presence of army of the USA with modernisation and insignificant adaptations which factory JSMC just should carry out.

Besides, as it is informed in a blog, on August, 28th company General Dynamics Land Systems (operating a factory in Lima) has secured an offer a volume over 17 million the dollars, meaning adaptation of tank towers for marrokanskogo the contract.
It was earlier repeatedly informed that the fate of a tank factory in Lima entirely depends on possible export orders or purchases of tanks by army of the USA. By different estimations, for maintenance of a factory without reduction of workplaces it is necessary, that it let out to 70 tanks in a year.

Science and manufacture

Russian Space Department has refused creation of the orbital transfer vehicle with a nuclear electropropulsion system. The mention of it in the text of the project of the Federal space program (FKP) for 2016-2025, directed on the coordination in the government, remains only in a context of a technological reserve on systems of perspective space vehicles. On it inform "News".

By means of the perspective engine Russian Space Department planned earlier fulfilment in 2030th years of piloted flights for moon. The idea was supported in 2012 by Vladimir Popovkin heading at that time agency. Now dispatch of astronauts on natural an Earth satellite, predictably, will occur not earlier than 2035 by means of oxygen-hydrogenous orbital transfer vehicle MOB-KVTK.

He allows to withdraw from an earth orbit to moon freight in weight to 38 tons. It is supposed that engines with nuclear reactors if will find the application in the space program, only in case of more distant flights, in particular, to Mars.
Earlier within the limits of developmental activity (OKR) «Working out and ground tests of key elements and technologies of nuclear power propulsion systems for the orbital transfer vehicle and interplanetary space vehicles» creation of a nuclear reactor for a rocket engine was planned by 2017. Parent organisation on power propulsion system creation was FGUP «Keldysh's Center», and a vehicle - RKK "Energia".

The project under the name «Creation of the transportno-energy module on the basis of a nuclear power propulsion system megavattnogo a class» in 2010 has been approved by the commission at the president of the country on modernisation and technological development of economy of Russia. For its realisation from the budget have allocated 17 billion roubles.
In Russian Space Department comments to the edition have refused. In «Keldysh's Center» have declared that continue activities on creation of installation which pass in time according to earlier planned plan. The edition Istochnik on one of Russian Space Department enterprises has informed that does not exclude transfer of activities on creation of a nuclear electropropulsion system in closed (military) unit FKP.

Design office "Beam« (enters in Incorporated instrument-making corporation) plans to increase volumes of production of a pilotless flight vehicle (BLA) middle class of new generation "Corsair" to 100 in a year. On it informs RIA Novosti news agency referring to the general director of the enterprise Michael Shebakpolsky.

OPK on September, 3rd has opened on the basis of Rybinsk KB "Beam" the first industrial body for the serial manufacturing small and average BLA new generation. In creation of new manufacture it is invested more than 120 million roubles. On its powers issue of the "Corsair" intended for monitoring of a situation in radius of 120 kilometres, and of some others BLA short range is planned.

For information: "Corsair" has weight nearby 200 kg, wingspan makes 6,5 metres, a radius of action - 120 kilometres. It is informed that subsequently technical characteristics bespilotnika will be essentially increased. In the long term it is expected what to make bespilotniki in weight to 500 kg and wingspan to 10 metres.

Opposition of the Russian Federation - the USA

Past week the USA have entered sanctions against the Russian companies suspected of activity, breaking the American law on a non-proliferation of weapons concerning Iran, Democratic People's Republic of Korea and Syria. The corresponding list is placed in the governmental edition Federal Register, transmits "".

The list included such enterprises, as Tula instrument making KB, the Novosibirsk manufacturer of night vision devices and electron-optical converters "Cathodes", reutovskoe NPO engineering, "Rosoboroneksport", the Instant.

Also in the new list the companies from Iran, China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Sudan and Turkey have got.

As it is explained, it will be forbidden to ministries and departments of the USA to conclude purchasing contracts with these companies and to render them any material support and the help. Exceptions can be done only from the sanction of the US State Secretary.

Besides, it is forbidden to sell to the companies the military-oriented goods from the profile list of the American government. Earlier concluded transactions on sale of the goods and the services falling under the law on export control of the USA, are broken off. Henceforth issue of licences for similar transactions is forbidden.

Measures will remain valid for two years if term is not changed by the solution of the state secretary.

For information: the Law on non-distribution on which sanctions are based, has been entered in 2000 concerning Iran. In 2005 to it Syria, and in 2006 - Democratic People's Republic of Korea has been added. The document forbids deliveries in these countries of the goods, services and the technologies falling under the international monitoring modes and corresponding lists.

About that Naval forces of the USA try to save almost constant presence at Black sea, using a rule of a freedom of navigation in international waters, the commander of 6th fleet of Naval Forces of the USA vice-admiral James Foggo has declared past week.

The statement has been made in connection with carrying out in Black sea naval doctrines Sea Breeze-2015 / «Si a breeze-2015» / with participation of American destroyer Donald Cook / "Donald Cook"/.

Foggo has noticed that Naval Forces of the USA «try to support almost constant presence at Black sea». These are international waters, and the American fleet intends to be there, «exercising the right to free marine navigation», gives of TASS of a word of the commander.

James Foggo has underlined that the American vessels which regularly go to Black sea, «the Russian military ship» nine times out of ten waits, and it always impresses it, as «immediately to send in the sea the ships not so simply».

Reaction of Russia

Moscow is compelled to consider in the defenᥠplanning the military preparations of the USA directed against the Russian Federation in Europe, Maria Zaharova has declared at a briefing the official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, transmits RIA Novosti news agency.

«To deceive world community into the account of the one who provokes intensity and who is military threat if and it it is possible, first, for a short while, and secondly, not clearly, what for it to do», - she has told.

«Before all of us there are global, present threats with which we on a place need to co-operate somehow. In particular, the international terrorism. That occurs in region of the Near East - about it tells all international community. There are real threats with which it is necessary to struggle, instead of to think out imaginary, to increase in certain regions military potential. Nevertheless we hope that in Washington realise perversity and tupikovost a similar line», - she has added.

About «the Russian threat»

The budget of the Ministry of Defence of Germany will be increased for the first time for many years, and this solution is proved by a policy of Moscow as which in Berlin consider menacing european safety, transmits DW.

Making dispositions to discuss the military budget next four years, the Bundestag already now assumes that the sums of expenses on the next year as a result will appear above declared as «the today's policy of Moscow concerning Ukraine is more and more perceived in Germany as military threat to all Europe», transmits "Sight" referring to Deutsche Welle.

While it is a question of allocation 34,4 mlrd euro in 2016 (on 1,9 mlrd more than in 2015), in 2017 - 34,9 mlrd euro, in 2018 - 35 mlrd euro and in 2019 - 35,2 mlrd euros, however in defenᥠcommittee of the Bundestag consider that at least in 2016 military expenses as a result will appear above indicated.

Meanwhile the secretary general of NATO Jens Stoltenberg has visited on a visit Lithuania where has taken part in opening
ceremony of a headquarters of the Lithuanian subdivision of integration of forces of the NATO (NFIU).

To Estonia (on air base Emari) profits two American fighters of fifth generation F-22. On it has informed own source of "" in Estonia.

Four F-22 have arrived for the first time to Europe on August, 29th, 2015. Planes have arrived from Florida on German air base Shpangdalem. On August, 31st two cars have been thrown on air base of Caresses to Poland for check of a capability of accommodation of planes of this type in NATO aerodromes in the Eastern Europe. These fighters also have appeared in Emari.
For information: Movement has been conducted within the limits of accepted by Washington «Initiatives on maintenance of the european safety». It is supposed that planes will stay in Europe to the middle of September. The minister of the Air Forces of the USA Deborah Li James has declared that this step is reaction to actions of Moscow. «Military activity of Russia in Ukraine continues to call large concern at us and our european allies», - she has noted.

Situation in Donbass

The president of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko has declared that Kiev will increase number of the military men serving under the contract, writes "Sight".

«We, certainly, will increase a contract component, and corresponding commissions me are already given both to a management of the Ministry of Defence, and a Joint Staff management. I think that this strategic direction of formation of the Ukrainian troop», - was declared by Poroshenko which words are resulted in the message on a site of Presidential Administration of Ukraine.

As he said, first of all it is a question of subdivisions which will draw duty in zones of the raised risk, near to border, and will demand special technical knowledge, expensive preparation. At the same time Poroshenko has noticed that «anyway the appeal will be saved».

The edition reminds that reconnaissance DNR has intercepted documents (on July, 22nd, 2015), testifying to preparation in Ukraine an off-schedule, seventh wave of mobilisation.

In June in Ukraine the sixth wave of mobilisation has begun. In total Ukrainian authorities plan to call in 2015 on service in army of 100-150 thousand persons. On March, 25th president Peter Poroshenko has signed the order on increase in a strength of the army to 250 thousand persons.

Thus the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak has not excluded in case of need carrying out of the seventh wave of mobilisation.

Meanwhile president Poroshenko past week has discussed with the co-chairman of committee on armed forces of the senate of the USA Jack Read a question on the further rendering assistance of the Ukrainian army.

In particular, Poroshenko has underlined «importance of the help of the USA in training of the Ukrainian military men». «It helps to restore the lost defensive ability of Ukraine», - he has told.

It is informed also that «Read has shared the impressions of visit of military range where the American military men impart experience with the Ukrainian colleagues». During a meeting with the representative of committee on armed forces of the senate of the USA Poroshenko also was once again divided by the reasonings about «transatlantic unity and solidarity with Ukraine». We will notice that on the eve of this meeting the secretary of council of national safety and defence of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov has urged the USA to unblock deliveries of the lethal weapon to Ukraine.

In the meantime it became known that during the conflict in the southeast of Ukraine was lost over 6,4 thousand peace citizens, almost 16 thousand civilians it was wounded. About it it is told in the report of head SKR of Alexander Bastrykina which quotes "Interfax".

«In the southeast of Ukraine was lost more than 6400 peace citizens, and from above 15900 have got wounds of various severity level», - it is referred to in the report. In it it is indicated that «it is in full or in part destroyed and burnt more than 10 thousand objects of an inhabited infrastructure - residential quarters, office buildings, hospitals, schools, preschool centres, objects of municipal services and life-support» are destroyed. Referring to data FMS, A.Bastrykin has informed that since April, 2014 more than 1 million Russian-speaking inhabitants of Lugansk and Donetsk areas have forcedly escaped permanent residence places, and more than 110 thousand having a status of refugees, have already addressed with statements for granting of citizenship of the Russian Federation.

According to head SKR, from interrogated on the case of war crimes in Ukraine получено17 thousand 683 statements in the European court on human rights and the International criminal court. Now 806 statements of victims are directed in ESPCH from which 549 - are accepted to manufacture.

About ice «the Silk way» Russia

Priorities of a national marine policy on regional directions are the Atlantic and Arctic directions, the secretary of Security council of the Russian Federation Nikolay Patrushev has told. About it «the Weapon of Russia» reports.

As he said, in development of the Arctic direction modernisation of an infrastructure of seaports along lines of Northern marine way, their adaptation to conditions and requirements of basing of the ships and courts of the Navy of Russia has special value at the solution them of problems in the Arctic zone.

«The national marine policy on the Arctic regional direction is determined by importance of maintenance of a free exit of the Russian fleet to Atlantic, riches of an exclusive economic zone and a continental shelf, increasing value of Northern marine way for a sustainable development and safety of the Russian Federation in a main role of Northern fleet for national defence in this direction», - Patrushev has told.

N.Patrushev has added that on the Atlantic regional direction vital importance determines development of an infrastructure of the Black Sea fleet in Crimea.

The secretary of Security Council has reminded that in day of the Navy by the president of Russia has been declared the statement of the Marine doctrine of the Russian Federation. In it it is more accurate, in comparison with the previous doctrine, the national interests of Russia connected with the World ocean are determined. According to N.Patrusheva, in the Marine doctrine development of friendly communications with China and India, maintenance of technological independence of Russia in the field of shipbuilding and creation of naval engineering also is designated.

Personnel shifts in "oboronke"

Igor Arbuzov is appointed by the General director of joint-stock company NPO "Energomash" - one of world leaders in manufacture of liquid rocket engines. Igor Arbuzov held earlier a post of the assistant to general director ORKK on manufacture development. Vladimir Kolmykov will continue to work in the company as the chief executive.
The solution on introduction of a post of the general director and on appointment to it Igor Arbuzova Board of directors "Energomash" in connection with an exit of the company from under control RKK "Energia" and formation on its base in the future dvigatelestroitelnogo has accepted associations as a part of the State corporation "Russian Space Department".

Russia Arms EXPO 2015

10th Anniversary international exhibition of arms Russia Arms Expo 2015 will pass on September, 9-12th, 2015 - on the eve of Day of the tankman and in a year of 70-year-old anniversary of a victory in the Second World War.

The exhibition will collect the largest participants of an arms market for all-round discussion and evident demonstrating of the most forward military technology. The exhibition purpose - rendering of assistance in advancement of the Russian military technology, arms and ammunition on the internal and external markets, expansion of a circle of foreign partners, demonstrating of advanced achievements of the Russian and foreign manufacturers of the military equipment, development of business contacts between manufacturers and customers of military technology, arms and ammunition from every corner of the globe.

The international exhibition of arms and military technology Russia Arms Expo (RAE-2015) becomes record on scale of displays of military workings out.

As informed RIA Novosti news agency in the company «Business Dialogue», responsible for forum carrying out, for today have already confirmed the participation in a forum about 160 companies-exhibitors, visit of 23 delegations from distant and the near abroad is expected.

In a press service "Almaz-Antej" have explained that in the program of indicative fires participation of antiaircraft self-propelled installations (ZSU) from a structure of an antiaircraft rocket-gun complex "Tunguska-M1" and ЗСУ-23-4М4 "Shilka-M4" is scheduled. Also within the limits of daily dynamic displays of engineering on range full-scale samples of pusko-charging installation of an antiaircraft rocket complex (ZRK) "Buk-M2E" and a fighting vehicle on the full-track landing gear from structure ZRK of "Torahs-M2E" will show.

On an open exhibition platform visitors RAE 2015 can examine a fighting vehicle 9АЗЗ1МК ZRK "Torahs-M2K", a direction post of a fighter aviation "Horizon-e", interspecific radiopelengatsionnyj a meteorological complex "Smile The" and other full-scale samples.

In the form of models and posters antiaircraft missile systems С-400 "Triumph", С-300ПМУ2 "Favourite", С-300ВМ "Antej-2500", ZRK "Buk-M2E", "Torahs-M2KM", "Torahs-M2E", "Torahs-M2K" will be presented, to "Osa-AKM1", rockets from a structure of the integrated missile systems "Calibre-ple" and "Calibre-nke" and other production.

In total concern will show about 50 military-oriented product samples.

For information: Open Society «Air defence Concern «Almaz- Antej»- one of the largest integrated associations of the Russian oboronno-industrial complex. The concern occupies 11 place in a rating of 100 largest companies world OPK, among which: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, Thales, EADS, IAI. Concern production costs in the inventory more than in 50 countries of the world.

Memorials: Day of the Russian guards

On September, 2nd Day of the Russian guards is celebrated. This holiday is established on December, 22nd, 2000 by the decree of the President of Russia of Vladimir Putin in connection with 300-year-old anniversary of the Russian guards. The Russian Imperial Guards have been set up in the beginning of reign of Peter the Great from Preobrazhenskiy and Semenovsky regiments. In 1918 it has been dismissed, and again created in days of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). Caused a stir near Smolensk in 1941 four rifle divisions under I.Stalin's order have received the name of the Guards. In September of the same year in Red army the concept "household troop" has been entered. The rank "Guards" was appropriated to military units, the ships, connections and associations of the Soviet Armed forces which have caused a stir in battles during the Great Patriotic War. Military formation received a Guards banner, and staff - a Guards rank and a breastplate.

The guards of modern Russia which are a part of Armed forces of Russia, it: a Guards tank Kantemirovsky division, a Guards motorised-rifle Tamansky division, a Guards motorised-rifle Prikarpatsko-Berlin division, a Guards separate motorised-rifle Sevastopol brigade, 28 Krasnoznamennaja the Guards rocket division which is in a structure of 27 rocket armies, linear connections VDV, household troops and the Navy ships, household troops of land forces and air forces.

Anna Beglarjan has prepared

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