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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 01 to 07.01.2018 year
Material posted: Publication date: 07-01-2018
Russian tanks for the invented heat "cap of invisibility"; the army is developing a new anti-aircraft gun; work on creation of the fighter-interceptor MiG-41 could start in 2018 – oak; Saudi Arabia has increased the defense budget; produced the first practical launch anti-ship cruise missiles, Pakistani Harbah development; in 2018 in the Northern fleet will pass the test of a strategic submarine "Prince Vladimir", the Arctic "Thor-М2ДТ" entered service in military air defense of Ground troops, motorized infantry in Samara region received 2С12 mortars "Sani"; set of combat equipment "Warrior" for the airborne troops will be replenished with new weapons; and India has approved the purchase of Russian bombs on $ 200 million. About these and other developments in the media monitoring for the week 01 to 07. 01. 2018.

Main news of the week concerned the situation in Syria. In particular, the newspaper "Kommersant" citing its sources reported that on December 31 to the base Hamim was attacked, resulting in destroyed seven aircraft (four Sukhoi su-24, two multi-purpose fighter su-35S and one military transport An-72). Officially this information has not been confirmed.

3 Jan. The defense Ministry of Russia reported that on 31 December the Russian Mi-24 crashed due to technical fault while performing a flight on the airfield of Hama in Syria, killing both pilots. While the Russian defense Ministry said that "the impact of fire on the Mi-24 was not."

4 Jan. Two soldiers were killed on 31 December as a result of mortar shelling of the air base Hamim in Syria, the report said the defense ministries of Russia.

It was noted that information about the destruction by militants of seven aircraft at an air base in Syria Hamim 31 December are not true.

January 6. A detachment of the Syrian army were surrounded near the town Harast in the North-East of Damascus, surrendered to the militants. The video was publicized Telegram-channel 4 Directorate, specializing in the review of the activities of terrorists.

The continuous attacks of the militants over the past weeks has led to major losses among government troops: it is reported about 100 dead, including several generals and colonels. While the militants themselves claim 400 killed enemies.

The Syrian command is preparing a large-scale operation to liberate the base. Meanwhile, the insurgents regularly bombed the Syrian air force with the support of the Russian space forces.


Terrorist group "Islamic state" in 2017 in Syria and Iraq has made 770 of attacks using suicide bombers. This is with reference to the news Agency writes IG Telegram-channel 4 Directorate.

The largest number of suicide bombers were used against the Iraqi army and its allies — 493. The positions of the Kurds blew up 135 militants. 120 attacks were carried out against the Syrian government army. 22 explosion struck a so-called "moderate opposition".

Furthermore, in the case of 561 was used loaded with explosives technique, 175 — a bomb, a 28 — pectoral girdle with striking elements. When carrying out seven attacks were used from two bombers.


The situation in Yemen

4 Jan. A coalition of Arab States led by Saudi Arabia blocked the main line supplying the Houthis between the mountains of TA'izz and Hodeidah.

According to news Agency WAM, at the end of the military operations of the Arab coalition was destroyed several dozens of rebels-Houthis.

The situation in Ukraine

The so-called "Georgian national Legion", which fought in the Donbass in the Ukrainian army decided to leave its ranks. Legionnaires found the command orders illegal, and the actions of the APU — arbitrariness.

"Georgian Legion" the full structure has left 54 brigade because of the incompetence of the commander Maystrenko, Alexey and his entourage, as well as the illegal orders issued to them."

This message was posted on the social network Facebook. It was also stated that the Legion comes from the brigade because of the failed operation in December 2017 at the Donbass, where 11 were wounded Georgian soldiers. And also due to undue pressure of command and in fact bullying.

What can cause these internal squabbles, who will suffer is anyone's guess.


3 Dec. DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN has ordered to start negotiations with South Korea by means of special communication in the demilitarized zone in Panmunjom.

It was noted that special line of communication will be open, starting from 09:30 Moscow time. Pyongyang has expressed willingness to start negotiations on the participation of North Korean team in the Olympic games to be held in South Korea.

Official representatives of Seoul have expressed satisfaction with the initiatives of Pyongyang and expressed readiness to start a dialogue.

Meanwhile, on January 9, appointed a high-level talks regarding the participation of the DPRK in the Olympics-2018. It was also stressed that the sides will discuss the issue of improving inter-Korean relations.

U.S. reaction

According to the President of the United States Donald trump, the decision of Kim Jong-UN played a significant role imposed sanctions on North Korea. Later, Donald trump stated that he is open to dialogue with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, however, is not ready to go for it without preconditions.

"Of course, I always believe in negotiations. But we have a very tough position (...). But I would definitely have done it, no problem with this do not see" - he said.


In a Network there was video footage of the testing of missile engines of the new Ukrainian tactical complex "Thunder-2". Footage of tests of the rocket engine posted on the YouTube channel "national industrial portal".

Recall that in the summer of 2016 Ukraine has started the development of a complex "Thunder-2", which, according to the Ukrainian side, allegedly to be "closest analogue" Russian "Iskander".

Background: Earlier it was reported that minimum firing range complex "Thunder-2" is 50 km, the maximum is 280 km for export version and 350 km for the Mat. According to some, the range can reach 500 km warhead, single-stage ballistic missile, reportedly designed weight of 480 pounds.

The Delhi high court verdict that allows women to serve in the Indian Territorial army (organized reserve). The verdict States that any restriction forbidding women to join the forces of the "territorial", is contrary to the Constitution and laws of the country that proclaim the equality of all citizens, regardless of gender.

The petition was filed by a group of women who intended to go into service in the Territorial army (TA) but was refused. Indian media annually advertise the appointment in the departments of the army, which clearly indicates that the need of men.

Reference: Territorial army is the so - called second line of the army. This is not a profession or source of income - in THE enter the service of those who already have a profession and a permanent employment. It is a voluntary reserve, in fact, the standing militia, which military training and, if necessary, supporting the main army. Features ONE in India is similar to the National guard in the United States.

In December 2017 Saudi Arabia announced the adoption of the defence budget in the amount of about 56 billion USD in 2018 (increased by 10% compared to 2017). It is reported "Military Parity". According to the Ministry of defence of the country, about 5% of these funds will be used to develop new programs and projects. Another $ 5 billion will be invested for enhancing the capabilities of national defense industry. Thus, the military budget of the country will become the fourth largest in the world after USA, China and Russia.

It is the largest defense budget for Saudi Arabia for many years.

Background: Saudi Arabia is the owner of one of the most well-equipped armed forces in the world. Arsenal of the Royal air force includes fighter jets Eurofighter Typhoon (possibly the most perfect fighter, released European military companies) and the American F-15 Eagle. Saudi army equipped with main battle tanks M1A2 Abrams tanks and armored fighting vehicles M2 Bradley, used helicopters AH-64D Apache Longbow and UH-60 Black Hawk. In addition, in October 2017, the US state Department approved the possible sale of the THAAD missile defense systems to Saudi Arabia at an estimated cost of 15 billion dollars. reports quoting the Pakistani media that on 3 January 2018 in the Arabian sea from aboard a large new Pakistani missile boats Himmat (tail number "1027", the third boat of the Azmat Chinese project) produced the first practical launch anti-ship cruise missiles, Pakistani Harbah development. The launched missile successfully hit sea target at a distance of about 200 km. the boat was equipped with two trancontainer "banisteria" missile launchers Harbah.

Background: Previously, the establishment of Pakistan's missiles Harbah was not reported, and its characteristics and construction details are not disclosed. Pakistani sources claimed that the missile is capable of striking both surface and ground targets. From the published photos and videos of the rocket can be concluded that Harbah is the anti-ship variant ship-based Pakistani cruise missile Babur II - a modified version of the test since 2005 and commercially manufactured in Pakistan for several years subsonic cruise missile Babur, structurally similar to the American Tomahawk missile family (there is also an aviation variant of the Babur, Raad called).


Russian specialists have developed a unique protection of armored vehicles from high-precision cluster munitions.

Russian tanks will have a unique thermal "cap of invisibility". It protects combat vehicles from ammunition with a heat-seeking. "Cap" is installed on the motor-transmissino office and distorts the infrared signature of combat vehicles. Thus it is possible to easily manufacture the forces of conventional repair divisions motorized rifle regiment. The Board is designed by military engineers from the Moscow higher military command school (Moswoc). Experts have called the emergence of a new protection is very timely: submunitions with a heat-seeking is widespread in foreign armies.

Background: As told "Izvestia" in Mosocw the school sample of the equipment has already been tested. It is designed to protect armored vehicles from high-precision homing submunitions.

The army is developing a new anti-aircraft gun. New anti-aircraft gun will replace the anti-aircraft artillery systems "Shilka". Reported Group of information support of Land forces.

This complex is designed to defeat air targets such as tactical UAVs, single rockets, MLRS, cruise missiles, impactors systems of the WTO and tactical aircraft, helicopters, and lightly armored ground and surface targets.

Feature of the complex is its small radiozametnost achieved by using passive reconnaissance, detection and tracking of air targets.

Reference: In 2018, the planned outfitting with modern weapons and equipment, including: two military units of air defense - anti-aircraft missile complex short-range "tor-M2", air defense units operating in the Arctic and the far North - anti-aircraft missile complex short-range "tor-М2ДТ"; units of air defense combined arms - portable anti-aircraft missile complex "willow".

In Russia created the newest protected vehicle for the airborne troops on a wheeled chassis, according to the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry. It is designed on the basis of an armored car "Typhoon".

Now test new combat vehicles are carried out on dedicated sites and landfills. Serial production of the vehicle for the airborne troops should begin in 2019.

For reference: Armored vehicle equipped with modern weapons systems. Its main advantage along with security personnel, will be the ability to parachute parachute.

In 2018 can begin work on the development of advanced interceptor (PAK DP) to replace the MiG-31.

General designer - the Vice-President for innovation "United aircraft Corporation" (UAC) Sergey Korotkov in December, reported "Interfax" that there is a discussion of the technical specifications for the aircraft designer (MiG) and the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation.

He did not rule out the possibility that the new interceptor will be able to perform tasks in space.

What is known

Earlier it was reported that a promising aviation complex long-range interception will replace the fighter-interceptor MiG-31, accepted into service in 1981.

MiG-31 - double supersonic all-weather fighter-interceptor distant radius. It is capable of speeds over Mach 2 (speed of sound) and designed to intercept and destroy airborne targets at extremely small, small, medium, and high altitudes, in adverse weather conditions.

In July 2017, the General Director of Russian aircraft Corporation (RSK) "MiG" Ilya Tarasenko told reporters that the company is developing a proactive PAK DP (MiG-41), but soon expects to sign a contract with the defense Ministry research and development (R & d).

"We are proactively developing now the concept of long-range aircraft interception. Accordingly we will submit a proposal to our main customer, and I hope soon we will come to the R & d-native-work", - said I. Tarasenko.

He noted that "the life cycle of the MiG-31 comes to an end in the next ten years, accordingly he needs a replacement".

In August, during the forum "Army-2017" the General Director of RAC "MiG" has declared readiness to begin deliveries of the new aircraft interceptor in the middle of the 2020-ies.

"Subject to the occurrence of the order from the Ministry of defence we will start a full-fledged development and delivery in the middle of the 2020-ies of this aircraft," - said I. Tarasenko.

He stressed that it will be "a completely new technology aircraft", which, including, will be able to perform tasks in space.


In 2018, the Northern fleet will continue Hiking groups of ships in the Arctic, the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea. Continue development of new weapons and equipment, the personnel of the Navy will participate in the test of new ships next year will be the test of strategic missile project "Borey" "Prince Vladimir". The priority remains focused on the development and improvement of infrastructure in the Arctic, the maintenance of high combat readiness of forces and troops of the fleet. About it reports a press-service of Northern fleet.

Reference: "Prince Vladimir" - nuclear submarine strategic purpose related to the 4th generation. The fourth ship of project 955 "Borey" and the first built by the modernized project 955A "Borey". "Prince Vladimir" will be different from the first three ships in the series ("Yury Dolgoruky", "Alexander Nevsky" and "Vladimir Monomakh") modernization conducted in the following areas: noise, manoeuvring, holding on the depth control arms.


This year in units operating in the Arctic and far North will do the anti-aircraft missile complex short-range "tor-М2ДТ" said the head of army air defense Armed forces of the Russian Federation Lieutenant-General Alexander Leonov, a Group of information support of Land forces.

"At the final stage is the development of "Arctic" SAM short range "tor-M2". Funds complex are at the basis of the two tiered tractor DT-30ПМ of high permeability. SAM will allow you to carry on combat duty in difficult climatic conditions of the Arctic and the far North as part of anti-aircraft missile battalion, and pairs of fully Autonomous combat vehicles,"– said Alexander Leonov.

Reference: Independent anti-aircraft missile complex short-range "tor-М2ДТ", adapted to severe climatic conditions, capable of fulfilling combat tasks in conditions of extremely low temperatures and challenging terrain.

Motorized rifle brigade of the Central military district (CVO), stationed in the Samara region, were armed with eight mortar complexes 2С12 "Sled", the press service of the military district.

Background: Complex "Sani" can shoot conventional mines at distances up to 7 thousand meters. If you are using guided missiles, the range of objectives increased to nine kilometers. Transportation of mortar with the wheel stroke can be either a simple towing or in a truck or on the roof of a caterpillar. For loading transport machines are equipped with a quick ramp chute design and winch. Updated equipment provides more rapid transfer of the complex from marching order into combat and Vice versa, including force reduced calculation.

Airborne troops (VDV) re-equipped to a new set of combat gear Ratnik, which includes in addition to equipment and means of body armor new samples of small arms, which significantly increases combat capabilities of a soldier, a paratrooper in the battle, reports the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

Reference: New automatic small arms superior to the existing armed samples in some parameters by 20 percent, and the new sniper weapon by 15%. In addition, the device of rails sights included in the set of "Warrior" will increase the possibility of automatic and sniper weapons.

In the compounds of the strategic missile forces in two times increased the number of prospective supply of special equipment NBC protection. In 2017, has received more than 30 advanced machines ARS-14KM and RKHM-6, reports the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry

A record number of equipment units of the strategic missile forces NBC received for the second year in a row. In 2018, strategic missile forces will keep the rate of supply of promising equipment.

ARS-14KM is a water dispensing station of the new generation, the most modern tactical and technical characteristics.

Designed for degassing, decontamination and disinfection of weapons and military equipment, separate areas and roads, temporary storage and transportation of water and degassing of solutions, equipment of the various containers and sets of special processing, and for pumping the liquid from one container to another, the creation of aerosol screens, heating of working solutions.

Reference: RHM-6 on the BTR-80 is designed to conduct NBC reconnaissance and ensures the transfer of survey data into the automated system of command and control. The use of RHM-6 allows you to get real-time intelligence on NBC and meteorological context, with its display on interactive map in machine intelligence and information, monitor the execution of tasks by subordinates calculations and prompt to clarify, depending on the prevailing situation and to control the chemical environment in the area of troops in a timely fashion to inform about the use of chemical weapons.


The defence Minister of India Nirmala Seetharaman approved the purchase from Russia of 240 bombs for the air force, said in a statement.

"The proposal for procurement of 240 bombs of the Russian company "Rosoboronexport" for a total amount of 12 billion 540 million rupees ($196 million). These bombs belong to the category of high-precision weaponry are already used by the air forces of India. This transaction is intended to remedy the lack of precision weapons in the Arsenal of the Indian air force, and strengthen their offensive ability," – reports RIA Novosti news Agency the statement of the defense Ministry of India.

Along with this the Minister has approved the procurement in Israel of 131 missiles for the Barak SAM in the amount of 72 million dollars. "These missiles belong to the class "earth-air", they used the SAM, sea-based to defeat anti-ship missiles," – said the Agency.

What is known

Earlier it was reported that in early 2018 Russia and India will sign a contract to supply the Indian army helicopters Ka-226. In particular, the head of holding has announced the signing of a contract for the Mi-171A2.

In 2016, Russia signed with India a contract for the joint production of 200 Ka-226 helicopters, the contract amount – more than $ 1 billion. Contract 40 helicopters Russia will supply ready, and the rest will gather in India.

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