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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 05 to 11.03.2018 year
Material posted: Publication date: 11-03-2018
Russian HQs have launched a hypersonic missile "Dagger"; flight tests of promising MS-21 aircraft engine PD-14 will start in 2019; in Tula prepared to do machine amphibious; for equipment "Warrior" will create a mask; in Russia, will release a new gun for the security forces; in Russia in the nearest future the tank on a wheeled platform "boomerang"; China will increase the military budget to $175 billion; the U.S. air force decided to upgrade the B-52 bomber; VCS will get a second batch of helicopters Mi-28UB at the end of 2018; the batch of Ka-52 was included in the new regiment of army aviation call; more than 30 artillery systems, tanks and howitzers will go airborne this year; the concern "Kalashnikov" demonstrated testing new combat robots "Comrade" and "Freeloader"; Egypt will get hundreds of T-90S. About these and other developments in the media monitoring during the week for 11 05. 03. 2018.

MiG-31 Air-space forces of Russia carried out combat training launch of a hypersonic missile precision aircraft missile complex "Dagger". The plane took off from the airfield in the southern military district, reports the defense Ministry in "Vkontakte". The office also published a video.

It is noted that the launch was successful — the missile hit a predetermined target on the ground. During the tests confirmed the tactical and technical characteristics "Dagger" and provisional indicators.


Operation in Syria

6 Feb. Russian transport aircraft an-26 crashed in Syria while landing, 32 people died. The cause of the crash, according to preliminary information, could be a technical fault, said the Russian defense Ministry.

"As a result of the tragedy killed 27 officers, of which one in the rank of major General and warrant officers and contract servicemen. No civilians on Board the An-26 was not" - said the Ministry of defense.

March 10. Syrian experts have discovered 24 tons of chemical weapons on the territories previously controlled by the rebels, said Russian Deputy foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad cap.

Foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu, in an interview with German newspaper Zeit, said that Turkey and USA agreed on the stabilization of the situation in the Syrian Manbij.

The situation in Eastern ghouta

9 Mar. After lengthy negotiations, the Eastern ghouta left 13 militants, taking advantage of a humanitarian corridor in the locality of Mukhayam al-Wafidin.

March 10. Gunmen shot a woman and three children who were trying to leave the Syrian Eastern ghouta through a humanitarian corridor in the settlement of Garin, according to Syrian national news Agency SANA. According to the Agency, the terrorists opened fire when the woman with children went down the corridor towards the army controlled settlement of Mlikh.

Terrorists continue to hold civilians in Eastern ghouta, using them as human shields.


The center for conciliation of the warring parties in Syria are having intense negotiations about the withdrawal from Eastern Guta of leaders of illegal armed groups, said the representative of the centre, major-General Vladimir Zolotukhin.

According to him, the situation in the area remains difficult and tense. "There continues shelling of residential areas of Damascus and surrounding suburbs, which for the past day the militants of the East Guta was released 12 mines of calibre of 120 mm. There are numerous destruction, killed one person and wounded nine civilians," the General said.

The protests of the residents of Eastern ghouta against militia activity dramatically increased after the opening of a humanitarian corridor South in the village of Mlekh.

The situation in Ukraine

In 2015 American and canadian trainers teach Ukrainian military in the former Soviet training ground Yavoriv, located in Western Ukraine, writes gazetasi referring to the Swiss edition of Le Temps.

How to assure the American military, the training program of the Ukrainian military is not associated with "conflict with Russia", but is aimed at bringing the skills of the servicemen in accordance with NATO standards. It is noted that from 2015 the training ground Yavoriv were about 6 thousand Ukrainians.

According to the publication, on the basis of continuously accommodated 250 200 American and canadian military, which built barracks. In addition to them in the training program also involved soldiers from Lithuania and Britain.


Pyongyang has declared its readiness to freeze its missile and nuclear programme at the time of negotiations with the United States. This was announced at a briefing in Seoul the head of the Department of national security under the President of South Korea Chung EUI-Yong, who headed a delegation which visited the DPRK on March 5-6.

According to him, the North expressed willingness to engage in "sincere dialogue with the US on the issue of denuclearization" of the Korean Peninsula and the normalization of bilateral relations. Also from Pyongyang has made a promise "not to conduct new missile launches and nuclear tests during the negotiations with the United States," said Chung Yong-Yy.


The U.S. Senate Committee on Armed forces published a statement by the Director N. I. USA Dan Coates. The statement said that Russia, China, Iran and North Korea pose the most significant cyber threats to America. This is "Russia will carry out stronger and more destructive cyberattack in the next year, most likely, it uses new features against Ukraine." This writes the "NEZAVISIMAYA Gazeta".

China, in turn, "will continue to use cyber-espionage and possible cyber attacks to support national security priorities" and "under heavy sanctions, North Korea will use cyberspace operations to attract funding and intelligence collection, as well as attacks on South Korea and the United States." Did not remain without attention and Iran, the intelligence agencies, however, are more occupied States in the middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia and Israel.

In addition, Moscow is allegedly trying to prevent a rapprochement between Belarus and the West, trying to cut between Belarus and the West: "Russia sees Belarus as an important buffer zone between it and NATO will do everything to prevent the potential improvement of relations between Minsk and the West." The head of N. I. the United States also commemorated Moscow's plans "to continue the occupation of 20% territory of Georgia" in order to prevent the European integration of the country. Finally, has not been forgotten and Nagorno-Karabakh. "The tension around Nagorno-Karabakh can turn it into a large-scale military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which could involve Russia in defense of its regional ally," said Dan Coates.


Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" (UVZ) plans this year to begin production and deliveries to the troops of the four types of combat vehicles, including the upgraded T-90M "break-3". This is stated in the materials for working visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Sverdlovsk region, during which he will visit "Uralvagonzavod", reports TASS.

On the final stage in UVZ are working on the development of advanced weapons and the development of mass production, noted in the materials. "These are the three products of the "Armata" combat heavy unified platform and three products of interspecific artillery system "Coalition-SV". A major focus will be the creation of weapons and equipment for Arctic brigade," reads the statement.

The production of cars

Uralvagonzavod intends to increase production of all types of freight cars by about 13% to more than 17 thousand units. By the end of 2017 UVZ manufactured and sold more than 15 thousand of freight cars.

"In 2018, the Corporation plans to produce more than 17 thousand freight cars of all kinds", - stated in the certificate. Now production program UVZ in 2018, 70% of the contracted, according to the materials.

Also in 2018 Uralvagonzavod expects revenue increased by 13%. "In 2019, the company must make a profit", - stated in the materials.

The share of sales of civil products in the total production volume is expected to be by 2019, about 43%.

Background: In 2017 UVZ reduced losses more than tripled from 4.4 billion to 1.3 billion rubles. The share of market presence for the year was 27%.

In Tula are preparing for serial production automatic ADS capable of firing on land and under water. About it RIA Novosti said the head of Department "Central design research Bureau of sporting and hunting weapons" Yury Amelin.

According to Amelina, gunsmiths have to be prepared to meet the rigorous standards imposed by customers: Ministry of defense of Russia and Asgardia.

However, as noted Amelin, automatic-amphibian may be supplied to other countries. In what he said.

The first international presentation of the Russian machine ADS took place in February 2015 at the exhibition in Abu Dhabi (UAE). In January it was reported that the new weapons of the Russian security forces will have in 2018.

Reference: Automatic ADS 5.45 mm is intended for conducting single and automatic fire at ranges up to 600 m on land and up to 25 meters under water. The rate of fire to 900 rounds per minute. Magazine capacity — 30 rounds. Weight of the machine without ammunition with 40-millimeter grenade launcher — 4.82 kg.


Helmet to outfit soldier of the future "Warrior", equipped with communication systems, through which in the future will be the management of troops will be created by 2025, said the radio station "Echo of Moscow" head of the military scientific Committee of the Russian Ground forces Colonel Andrei Romanyuta.

Serial deliveries to the armed forces of the Russian Federation of equipment "soldier of the future" second generation "Warrior" began in 2017. Her set combines modern small arms, effective protection kits, reconnaissance and communications — about ten different subsystems. It is designed for operations in various climatic conditions any time of the day.

Background: currently, there is research work on the development of the fighting equipment of the third generation ("Warrior-3"). It will include a helmet with an integrated control system, combat exoskeleton, anti-mine shoes and other items.

Izhevsk mechanical plant (IMZ) for the implementation of the enterprise large-scale investment program will start serial production of the gun Lebedev (PL). This was announced by managing Director of the plant Alexander Carnations, transfers TV channel "Zvezda".

Development of the gun is at the final stage, it is prepared for acceptance testing, which will show the feasibility of staging this production production. According to Clove, the release of this weapon would allow Eames to significantly expand markets.

For the investment program of the Izhevsk plant in 2018 it is planned to allocate five billion rubles. By September 2019, the enterprise, part of the concern "Kalashnikov" will be a complete redesign.

Various prototypes of the gun Lebedev demonstrated to the public in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Last year, as the "Star" of PL was made the first shots, and the number brought to the arms of the observations was minimal.

Reference: the Gun is made 9x19 mm, is compact and light in weight. The controls are arranged in such a way that allow you to use PL for both right and left hand. A gun designed for the needs of the Russian power structures in the formation of his conception was attended by instructors of the training center of special forces of the FSB.

In Russia in the nearest future the tank on a wheeled platform "boomerang". It has a wheel formula 8x8, remotely controlled weapon module and ceramic armor. In light and medium weight modifications the machine can float. For the first time "Boomerangs" were shown at the Victory Parade may 9, 2015.

Background: Under the wheel of a tank cannon refers to some modern heavy armored vehicles. Their characteristics in terms of firepower, in some cases close to those of the main battle tanks.


People's Republic of China (PRC) in the current year will increase the military budget by 8.1%, to $175 billion this is stated in the report, which was released at the annual session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives (vsnp). About this newspaper "Izvestia".

In 2017, the expenditure on the army of China has been increased by just 7%, which was the lowest growth rate over the last few years.

Background: To date, the military budget of China ranks second in the world by volume after the us. The analysts believe that China significantly understates official data, and real spending on defense can exceed 50%.

The US air force decided to upgrade the B-52 bomber. It is assumed that the aircraft will have new opportunities to carry out attacks, writes the National Interest.

First of all, modernization must be subjected to an internal compartment of an aircraft. After modernization, the aircraft can carry up to eight bombs the latest J-Series. Under each wing it will be another six bombs. Increasing the payload inside the aircraft and removing the ammunition from under the wings, it will be possible to more efficiently use fuel.

Modernization should be subjected to the control plane. Also the armament of the B-52 will be complemented by high-precision missiles.

If earlier the plane was used for "carpet" bombing, modern warfare require a different approach. In demand high-precision weapons, which allow you to hit specific objects.

Thus experts notice that the use of B-52 will be possible only in those places where the US air force already have air superiority. This is because the body of the plane is clearly visible to the enemy's air defense systems.

According to experts, if you equip the B-52 modern high-precision weapons, modern system of navigation and control, the model plane can be used successfully until the end of 2040 years.

Reference: B-52 American multifunctional heavy Intercontinental strategic bomber-missile carrier. The model is in service with the USAF since 1955. Now it remains a major aircraft long-range bomber aircraft.


Air and space forces of Russia at the end of 2018 will receive the second batch of modern combat training helicopter Mi-28UB, the press service of the holding "Helicopters of Russia".

"Holding "Helicopters of Russia" started the production of the second batch of training and combat helicopter Mi-28UB for the Ministry of defense. The Assembly is conducted at the enterprise "Rostvertol", the machine of this party will be transferred to the customer until the end of the year", - stated in the message.

The company reminds that the first batch of Mi-28UB was transferred to the defense Ministry at the end of 2017. Currently, "Rostvertol" produces the first batch of upgraded combat helicopters "Night hunter" - Mi-28NM which will come into force until the end of 2018.

Reference: Mi-28UB is a combat training version of the Mi-28N. The helicopter is equipped with integrated avionics. The use of this complex with the use of digital cartographic data enables efficient searching, detection, recognition, and destroy ground and air targets, determine their coordinates and the results of targeting other helicopters, and ground and air command posts.

Mi-28NM started to create in 2009. The upgraded version is significantly different from the prototype.

Reference: In the airborne radar equipment of the Mi-28NM will include innovative helmet-mounted target designation system and display. The helicopter is equipped with a new radar Н025, allowing all-round visibility. The machine is equipped with a new EW system. The helicopter is intended for search and destruction day and night, in VFR and IFR weather conditions, low-speed air targets, tanks, armored and soft-skinned materiel and enemy manpower.

Two link new combat helicopters Ka-52 "alligator" has been formed in December last year ZVO helicopter regiment stationed in the Smolensk region.

Fighting machine shop manufacturer, located in the far East, was transferred to Pskov military transport aircraft in a disassembled form, where the experts made their final Assembly. Then the helicopters have already been on their own made a flight to the place of permanent deployment.

Background: this week the crews who have passed special training in the centre of retraining of pilots of army aviation, located in the Tver region, made its first training flights for the new Ka-52.

More than 30 modernized artillery systems, machine intelligence and control fire, as well as Т72БЗ tanks, BMD-4M and BTR-RD and D-30 howitzers will be delivered in the airborne troops this year, said the Russian defense Minister, army General Sergey Shoigu on a conference call.

He stressed that in accordance with the instructions of the Supreme commander of the defense Ministry will continue to develop VDV as the basis of rapid reaction forces.

The armed Forces of the Russian Federation for a week



The program is testing the latest Russian aircraft engine PD-14 will continue in 2019 on the MS-21 aircraft, said managing Director of JSC "UEC-Perm motors" Sergey Popov.

He said that has already filed an application for certification PD-14 in Europe. Appropriate certificates will allow to sell planes with these engines in foreign markets.

Turning to the issue of modernization production enterprise "UEC-Perm motors", he said that the volume of construction after 2023 should reach 50 copies per year.

Currently, UEC (part of state Corporation rostec) is conducting the third phase of flight testing of PD-14. It is held with the participation of representatives of certifying authorities should officially confirm the results of the first two "pre-certification" ("engineering") stages. Then followed the receipt of the type Certificate, the Federal air transport Agency (Rosaviatsia).

Certification procedure the basic PD-14 engine in accordance with Russian and international standards, is in accordance with established deadlines. In 2018 it is planned to receive a certificate of the Federal air transport Agency, and in 2019 - EASA.

Reference: PD-14 - basic turbofan engine, which was created in cooperation of the enterprises of the DCS for the aircraft MS-21-300 with the latest technologies and materials, including composite.

Engine PD-14 is created in the framework of the program of development of a family of aircraft engines of a thrust from 12.5 tons to 18 tons for use on passenger and transport planes of various types, including for prospective MS-21 airliner.

Concern "Kalashnikov" demonstrated testing new combat robots "Comrade" and "Freeloader". Also, the experts showed the submachine gun "Vityaz" outfit and equipment "Group 99" buggy "Wolverine" motorcycles of a special forces combat unit, ppdu. Video test posted on the YouTube channel of the group.

The video shows the test in day and night conditions with targeting a drone. In addition, Marines have used robots as shields during the storming of the house. The tests were conducted at the suburban site during a hard frost.


In Egypt in 2019 to begin licensed Assembly of Russian tanks T-90S/SK. It is reported by the Algerian Mena resource Defense.

According to him, the start of the Assembly scheduled for the fourth quarter, when they started supply kits with "Uralvagonzavod". The program is designed for 2019-2026 years.

It is clarified that the Egyptian side to receive and collect 400 tanks. 200 of them will put in plain sets, others 200 — in kits, providing welding and Assembly of some elements, specifically the hull and turret.

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed. Military blog bmpd notes that plans for the plant to create a plant for the Assembly of tanks in Egypt was reported in the report of the company for the year 2016.

According to "", this year Russia started deliveries of T-90S/SK in Iraq. The batch volume was 73 tank. The first part of the 36 cars delivered to the customer in February, and the rest is planned to transfer before the end of April. Also the same tanks bought Vietnam.

Reference: T-90S (SK — commander's version) is an export version of the T-90. The tank is missing spotlights OTSU "Blind", and instead installed additional blocks integrated dynamic protection. Also, the armored vehicle is equipped with air conditioning.

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