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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 08 to 14 April 2019
Material posted: Publication date: 15-04-2019

The first in the Russian armed forces electronic warfare complex "Stole" entered the troops of the combined army of the secondary cooling zone; a source told the date of launching of the first submarine carrier "Poseidon"; VKS spoke about the development of s-500; the range of the missile "BrahMos" will be increased to 500 kilometers; the gun, Udav admitted to serial production; the snipers of the southern military district received the latest batch of large-caliber sniper rifles; exercises of air defense forces of CIS countries will be held in Russia and Kazakhstan in September, Russia completed testing of a new missile system "Vityaz". About these and other developments in the monitoring of the media during the week from 08. 04. 14. 04. 2019.

The first in the armed forces of the Russian Federation the complex electronic warfare (EW) "Stole" entered the troops of the field armies of the Western military district (ZVO).

The latest highly mobile complex electronic warfare operational and tactical level "Tippet" is designed to suppress the existing and future systems of radio communication of the enemy, and also for the conduct of electronic intelligence. The possibility of equipment allow it to blind the enemy in shortwave and VHF bands, as well as to deprive him of cellular and trunking communication. In addition, the complex is endowed with a strategic function that is able to unite various electronic warfare and electronic intelligence into a single working network, which greatly improves the efficiency of their application.

"Tippet" has completed field testing in one of the units electronic warfare call and put into service in one of the areas of the Central Chernozem region.

Reference: According to specialists the new equipment fully complies with the requirements and according to the manufacturer specifications. The staff of the departments of the REB has completed the training on the basis of the inter-departmental centre in the Tambov region and proceeded to combat training work in the complex.


Action in Syria

April 8. Russia and Turkey agreed to facilitate the early launching of the constitutional Committee of Syria, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, answering questions at a press conference following talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In turn, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara is ready for a new operation in Syria and will discuss the issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

April 9. The US administration is seeking to residual military contingent of the West in Syria there were more Europeans, not Americans. This was stated by Secretary of state Michael Pompeo during a hearing in the Senate Subcommittee of the U.S. Congress on the budget for fiscal year 2020.

April 10. The catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Syrian refugees camp in the territory under the control of the coalition led by the US, according to the refugees here die every day from 10 to 20 people, including children. About this informed the head of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria the General-major Victor Kupchyshyn.

April 10. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not rule out that soon Russia, Turkey, Germany and France will hold a new summit on the Syrian settlement. About this Turkish leader said on Board the plane, returning from Russia where he held talks with Vladimir Putin.

April 12. The commander of the airborne troops (VDV), Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov headed the Russian group of forces in Syria. In this position, he replaced the commander of aerospace forces (VKS) General Sergey Surovikino, who led the Russian military action in the Republic for the last few months.

The main objective of Colonel Serdyukov will be the organization of joint patrolling of the Russian military police and the Turkish military zone of de-escalation of Idlib, where more than 35 thousand insurgents and located more than 30 chemical substances.


In the Black sea kicked off joint military exercises of NATO and Ukraine, "Sea shield — 2019". They involve about 20 warships and about 2.2 thousand soldiers from Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, Netherlands and Turkey.

Russia's Reaction

Russian strategic bombers Tu-160 in conjunction with the su-27SM held a training session on the background of NATO exercises in the Black sea.

"Fighter pilots air connection 4-th army air force and air defense YUVO performed escort strategic bombers Tu-160 "White Swan", and also worked for the interception of aerial targets," according to the statement.

It is noted that the training maneuvers of the North Atlantic Alliance "has served as a good tool" for testing by Russian troops training and combat missions "in a real situation."


The Deputy head of the Russian defense Ministry Colonel-General Alexander Fomin in an interview with the newspaper "Arguments and facts" reported that NATO countries refused to send representatives to the Moscow conference on international security.

It is noted that a conference should take place from 23 to 25 April.

"As in previous years, invited all. Including all NATO countries, including military-political leadership of the bloc. But the United States refused to join it, and European States, adhering to the principle of the so-called Euro-Atlantic solidarity, too, refrain from contacts with the Ministry of defense of Russia", — said Fomin.


The government of India took the decision to buy from Russia 464 tanks T-90MS in the amount of $1.93 billion, the newspaper reports Jane's with reference to sources. The contract for the supply tanks will be signed in the coming months between Rosoboronexport and the defense Ministry of India.

Reference: the Military also reported that tanks entered the country in the form of kits for Assembly, which will take place in the territory of India.

Ukrainian cruise missiles with a range greater than 1 thousand km was successfully tested, said President Petro Poroshenko on air of ICTV TV channel.

"We have a missile that was successfully tested which is capable of firing more than a thousand kilometers and can carry a combat load 150 kg, high precision, and it's all created by Ukrainian specialists," — said Poroshenko.

Reference: the name of the missiles and the timing of the tests the President of Ukraine said.

In Odessa from the United States arrived 35 military vehicles "Hummer", which will be sent to military units on the frontline in the Donbass, said the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak.

"For the last time, the military-technical assistance has increased significantly. This applies to all of our partners, primarily the United States. Currently in Odessa unloaded military "Hummer" - 35 machines. 20 of them armoured, which will go to combat units, and 15 trucks of medical support", - said S. Poltorak during a meeting with soldiers of the 58th separate infantry brigade in Konotop (Sumy oblast), reported the press service of the defense Ministry.

Reference: All the help is immediately sent directly to the division on the line of the collision.

Individual components for system s-400, according to agreements between Moscow and Ankara, may be produced in Turkey. This was stated press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

"Speech on joint production of all the nodes of the s-400 is not and can not go. It's new weapons. But on the production of some components, in segments, of course, we can go," he said.

Peskov said that we are talking about this joint production on the territory of Turkey.


Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 are one of the most powerful air defense systems in the world, in Moscow they "best seller", while NATO is "a nightmare." This is stated in the article of the journalist than of Krampera published in the German magazine Stern.

"The United States has long dominated in the global airspace, but the s-400 becomes dangerous for aircraft invisible. Characteristics as in target detection, and range are impressive," notes Kramer.

Accurate specifications unknown to Western countries, the author points out. However, their doubts about the capabilities of these systems to deal with "invisible" was dispelled after the purchase of s-400 to Turkey and other countries, the journalist writes.

"The presence of just one Russian battalion in Syria has led to the fact that Western fighters could no longer control the air space (country) or each sortie became unpredictable," says the author.

Furthermore, the purchase of s-400 turned out to be for Turkey more beneficial than the possible acquisition of the American Patriot, the journalist said.

"The s-400 is considered to be more advanced than the Patriot system, and also costs almost two times cheaper", - specifies Cramper.

Background: the Negotiations between Turkey and Russia on the purchase of s-400 began in 2016. In 2017 Moscow confirmed that the parties entered into the contract. Then, Erdogan said that Turkey has already made an advance. The United States is still trying to prevent the delivery of s-400 to Turkey. They threaten sanctions and has repeatedly said that can delay or cancel the sale process of its own newest aircraft, the F-35. However, Ankara has repeatedly said it will not abandon plans to buy Russian systems.


Commander air and missile defense, Deputy commander of Russian air force, Yuri Sins in an interview with the Armed forces of Russia "Krasnaya Zvezda" said that nearing the completion of the development of s-500.

"Nearing the completion of the development of s-500 and a number of radar stations," said Sins.

Reference: s-500 "Prometheus" refers to the new generation of antiaircraft missile systems "earth — air". In July of 2018 completed tests of anti-aircraft guided missiles for the missile defense system/defense C-500 "Prometheus". It was noted that developed in Russia's latest anti-aircraft missile system s-500 can hit targets at altitudes up to 100 km above the earth.


The range of the cruise missile "BrahMos" is scheduled to increase to 500 km, at present, this figure exceeds 400 km. About it informs RIA Novosti with reference to the co-Director of the company "BrahMos" Alexander Maksichev.

"To hypersonic we come across an increase in the range, 400 km, we already confirmed, in order to increase the range to 500, increase the speed," he said.

According to him, currently, the rocket speed is 2.8 Mach. With modernization it is planned to reach the speed of hypersonic is over Mach 4.5.

Background: In March 2017 in India tested version of the Russian-Indian missile "BrahMos" with a range over 400 km.

The industrial Director of the cluster of arms, "Rostec" Sergey Abramov announced the completion of work of the interdepartmental Commission which took the decision on the admission of the gun "Boa" for mass production, reports RIA Novosti.

According to Abramov, the Ministry of defence approved the statement of the Commission and the pistol was the letter "O1".

In turn, Deputy General Director of the TSNIITOCHMASH Michael Levshunov reported that the next stage is the adoption of complex weapons or the decision on its operation in the army.

"The gun is ready for mass production, documents for adoption is sent to the defense Ministry," added Levshunov.

Background: In January it was reported that the pistol complex "Boa" designed for the needs of the Armed forces of Russia will be a civilian version.


In Severodvinsk 23 of April the water will be released for the first media unmanned underwater vehicles "Poseidon" — nuclear submarine special purpose project 09852 "Belgorod". It is reported TASS citing a source in the military-industrial complex.

"Belgorod" will be removed from the slipway, "Sevmash" and launched on 23 April," — said the source.

According to him, completion of the submarine afloat, the test nuclear reactor and mooring trials will be conducted over 2019.

He also said that next year will be running the factory and state tests of the submarine, and then "Belgorod" should be transferred to the Navy.

Background: In February during his address to the Federal Assembly President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke about the successful work on "Poseidon".


Sniper units of the 49th army of the southern military district received a batch of modernized large-caliber asvk sniper rifles-M (army sniper rifle heavy upgraded) "Cord-M" 12.7 mm.

Rifle KAFP-M, part of the advanced systems of military equipment "Warrior", designed to defeat lightly armored vehicles, various technical means and manpower in personal body armor.

It allows you to effectively combat with the snipers of the enemy, to ensure the defence of large territories, river and sea coasts from small vessels. Powerful 12.7 mm calibre round allows you to hit targets at ranges up to 2000 m, staying out of range aimed fire from small arms conventional calibers.

Note: Rifle is not an automatic large-caliber weapons store schema. "Free floating" the barrel is set so that the entire length does not touch any other parts of the rifle, has an effective muzzle brake-compensator the active-reactive action reduces the recoil force by 2.5 times, and also disguises the flash of fire when fired at night.


In September, 2019 in the Russian and Kazakh Ashuluk range and Sary-Shagan will be held exercises of the United air defense system of CIS countries. This was announced by the Deputy commander of Russian air force, Yuri Sins.

According to him, the holding of joint military exercises scheduled for the period from 2 to 6 September 2019, RIA Novosti reported.

"The exercises will involve over 2 thousand servicemen and over 200 pieces of weapons, military and special equipment of armed forces of States parties to the United air defense system of CIS", — he added.

Background: In September 2018 in the exercise of the United air defense system of CIS countries participated, up to 100 combat aircraft. It's a complete success.


State tests new anti-aircraft missile system s-350 "Vityaz" was successfully completed. This was announced by Deputy defense Minister of Russia Alexei Krivoruchko on a Single day of acceptance of military products.

As transfers RIA Novosti news Agency, has started production of the first production kit that is planned to be commissioned in 2019. According to Krivoruchko, the system will replace the Armed forces With s-300 "Favorite".

Reference: ammunition In the self-propelled launcher s-350 "Vityaz" includes missiles of medium to short range. It is expected that the first such system will have a training center anti-aircraft missile troops of HQs in the Leningrad region.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin declared that an Intercontinental ballistic missile "Sarmat" is the final stage of testing.

At a meeting with senior officers and prosecutors, it also noted that on alert delivered complex "Dagger" and laser system "Peresvet". "Modern weapons to equip the new ships and nuclear submarines to the Russian Navy... including hypersonic missile "Zircon", which in its range and speed has no analogues in the world," the President recalled.


The day-defense forces

14 APR their professional holiday experts defense. The main task of the military units of air defense, cover objects senior government and military control, industry and energy, groups of the Russian Armed Forces and transport communications from the means of aerospace attack the enemy.

On the eve of the Union of air defense, stationed in the Moscow region, has passed the reference check for winter training.

To check were involved units of anti-aircraft missile and Radiotechnical troops, including the crews of anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes "Carapace-s", radar stations and command posts.

In the event the personnel have fulfilled the task to repel massive missile and air attack conventional enemy.

During the maneuvers of the combat calculations Radiotechnical troops had to detect more than hundreds of air targets in the zone of responsibility, which was flown at various speeds, altitudes and from different directions and also transfer the coordinates of the movements of all targets on the command post of the connection.

Calculations of complexes With-400 and "Pantsir-s" was made a conditional launches of anti-aircraft guided missiles for test purposes, worked for the Commission of maneuver to new fighting positions with the further deployment in order of battle and the destruction of the newly discovered targets.

After the inspection, the crews of air defense units coped with the task, destroying all the targets on the distant borders in the affected area.


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