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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 08 to 14 may 2017
Material posted: Publication date: 15-05-2017
Russia increases the production of electronic warfare systems; this year the combat training version of the Mi-28N will go to the troops; in Severodvinsk launched the latest Oceanographic research vessel "Academician Alexandrov"; Pacific fleet will be replenished with anti-sabotage boat project 21980 "Rook"; the black sea fleet was enlarged with two of the latest anti-sabotage boats "Raptor"; the serial production of complex "Penicillin" is scheduled for 2019; technology an ultra-stable optical memory is developed in the interests of the defense Ministry, the first stage of sea trials of Ka-52K "Katran" has shown its high reliability; "Kalashnikov" in 2018 will begin testing a 20-ton reconnaissance and strike robot; more than 70 countries was under attack. About these and other developments in the monitoring of the media during the week from 08 to 14. 05. 2017.

Russian defense enterprises are planning to increase production of military equipment for the needs of electronic warfare by 20-30 percent. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the Advisor to the first Deputy of the General Director of concern "radio-Electronic technology" (KRET) Vladimir Mikheev. He stressed that production growth will be achieved thanks, in particular, the reorganization of the group.

Mikheyev reminded that in 2016 on the basis of the Kaluga research radio engineering Institute KRET has created a cluster of aviation electronic warfare. By the end of this year the concern will be clusters of systems, ship and land-based on the basis of the Taganrog research Institute of communication and Gradient, respectively. It is assumed that the specialization of businesses in different areas will benefit the development of the domestic electronic warfare - the Russian gunsmiths will have the opportunity to work simultaneously on a collection of technical means for the needs of all species and genera of the Armed forces. According to many experts, this area of military Affairs may in the near future be the key to protect the country from aggression of the enemy, is well equipped technically.


Last week, U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson during the meeting with his counterparts from member countries of the Association of South-East Asia has made them lower the level of diplomatic relations with Pyongyang. Its part of the work carried out and the American legislators: House of representatives supported a bill to toughen sanctions against the DPRK.

In addition, the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) has created a special center, which will be in countering the threat posed by the DPRK developed nuclear program. The center recruited experienced Agency staff who will interact with the American intelligence community. This was stated by the Director of the CIA Michael Pompeo.


North Korea launched ballistic missiles 23:28 GMT 13 may from the County cuson province's Do. In the Pacific, the US command said that the flight path does not indicate that this was an Intercontinental ballistic missile, contrary to media reports.

The international reaction

The actions of the DPRK denounced Japan, USA, South Korea. Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the launch at the forum of "One belt and one road" with the President of China, XI Jinping, and the parties expressed mutual concern about the incident.



May 11. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov spoke at a press conference held in Washington negotiations with us Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and the President of the United States Donald trump. According to the Russian Minister, Mr. Tillerson was agreed to cooperate to resolve the Syrian conflict.

According to Sergey Lavrov, the talks have confirmed that countries can work together to solve the existing problems. The Minister is convinced that currently, the dialogue between the two countries "free from ideologized, which was peculiar" to the administration of former President Barack Obama.

May 13. Quarter Kabun in the Eastern suburbs of Damascus completely liberated from the militants and is under the full control of the army of Syria, reported the Syrian television channel al-Ihbariya.

Quarter Kabun, until recently, was one of the most important strongholds of the terrorists in the Eastern suburbs of Damascus. Government troops more than a month were active in the fighting with terrorists from the group "Dzhebhat EN-Nusra" (banned in Russia) in kabune and destroyed the firing positions from which the militants shelled residential neighborhoods of the Syrian capital.

May 13. In the result of air strikes of the coalition led by the United States on the settlement in the northeast of Syria killed five civilians, according to Al Jazeera, citing unnamed sources.

According to TV channel, the air forces of the Western coalition attacked an alleged militant positions in the town of El-Curia, which is located near Deir ez-Zor.

It is also reported that two days ago in a night airstrike on the village of es-Salhiya in the North of Raqqa killed civilians and 11 people, four of them children.


Newspaper The Washington Post writes that the advisers of the US President Donald trump presented him with a plan to change the strategy in Afghanistan. In particular, it is proposed to send to Afghanistan at least 3 thousand military already in the country of 8.4 million

In addition, it is planned to transfer to the Pentagon the authority to determine the number of troops in Afghanistan (now defined by the White house).

Such measures aim to make members of the Taliban to sit at the negotiating table. The main ideologist of the strategy were made by the Advisor to the President for national security Herbert McMaster. According to the newspaper, trump is going to make a final decision on the strategy to the NATO summit, which will take place on 25 may in Brussels.

The newspaper the Wall Street Journal reports that the Pentagon has approved a five-year plan to invest $8 billion to strengthen the US presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to the publication, the U.S. military within five years, plans to improve the region's infrastructure and undertake additional exercises and deploy more ships and military forces. The initiative is related to the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula and its background the United States wants to show its strong presence in the region.

Senior officials and members of Congress told the WSJ that the exact amount that will be allocated for the implementation of the idea, not yet named. They added that the funds will be allocated for a five-year plan.

The USA consider temporary dispatch of a battalion of Patriot missiles to the Baltic to participate in NATO exercises this summer. About it reports AFP with reference to sources in the Pentagon. According to them, the exercises will be held from 10 to 24 June.

At the time of the appearance of this information in Lithuania Pentagon chief James Mattis refused to answer the question, whether asked Vilnius for the placement of Patriot missiles on a regular basis.


Combat training variant of Mi-28N – helicopter Mi-28UB will go on Air and space forces of the Russian Federation in the current year. The helicopter successfully passed the state joint tests, the results of which put into production, reports the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

The Mi-28UB has a second (backup) set of controls from the front cockpit (pilot of the operator or instructor), as well as new shock-absorbing seats for crew members. On the helicopter Mi-28UB installed nadterechnaya radar, which allows to significantly increase the capabilities of the helicopter to detect objects in conditions of poor visibility day and night. In addition, increased glass area and better visibility of the pilot-operator from the front of the cabin.

In the framework of the GOZ-2017 it is planned to supply 8 production helicopters Mi-28UB.

Admission to combat units training and combat version of the helicopter will significantly reduce the time of training of flight personnel for the operation of helicopters Mi-28N.


At the Severodvinsk enterprise "the Asterisk" there was held a ceremony of withdrawal from the boathouse (launch) the newest Oceanographic research vessel "Academician Alexandrov" project 20183, built for the Navy (Navy) of Russia. About it reports Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

Oceanographic research vessel "Academician Alexandrov" is a multipurpose vessel of enhanced ice class designed for research and scientific work on the Arctic shelf, security-Maritime Arctic engineering, rescue operations in the Arctic.

It is able to monitor areas of activity of the fleet, areas of testing, locations of bottom potentially dangerous objects, areas of economic activities, to install them in the bottom navigation, instrumentation and other equipment.

Inherent technical characteristics allow the ship to conduct search and rescue operations, dredging, towing, installation and reloading of military and special equipment, examination and lifting of sunken marine equipment, including objects that pose a potential or environmental risk.

The building will be performed afloat. In 2018 it will be released in the sea to run the program the factory running and state tests. The planned term of its transfer to the Russian Navy — the fourth quarter of 2018.

Oceanographic research vessel "Academician Alexandrov" designed by Central marine design Bureau "Almaz" and laid in the Center of ship repair "Zvezdochka" in December 2012 It is the third in a series of four special purpose ships of new generation, designed on the basis of the project support vessel project 20180 and under construction at the enterprise "Zvezdochka" in Severodvinsk.

Reference: vessel Displacement — 5400 tons, speed 14 knots, the crew — 65 people. It provides a landing area for a single multi-purpose helicopter Ka-27. Ice class of the vessel Arc-5 allows you to float in the annual Arctic ice thickness up to 0.8 m in the winter-spring navigation and up to 1 m in summer and autumn. The navigation area is not limited.

In the framework of the program of modernization and rearmament of the Russian Armed Forces in the near future in the connection of ships protection of water area of troops and forces in North-East Russia will be the second anti-seal boat project 21980 "Rook".

This will be the fourth boat in the Pacific fleet, two boats of this project are based in Primorye. After the state tests at the JSC "Vostochnaya Verf" and signing the act of transfer and acceptance, the boat will be part of the Kamchatka group, reports the press service of the Eastern military district (TSB).

New high speed maneuverable boat, multi-purpose designed to combat underwater sabotage forces and means of the imaginary enemy, action frogmen in the waters of the basing point and the surrounding approaches to it. The warship is equipped with electronic weapons and the latest diving complex, which allows to detect and to survey underwater objects.

Reference: Basic tactical and technical data: displacement - 138 tons, length - 31 meters width - 9.5 meters, maximum speed of 23 knots, cruising range - 200 miles, endurance - 5 days, maneuverable speed boat, multi-purpose crew - 8 people.

In Sevastopol hoisted St. Andrew naval flag on the two latest anti-sabotage boats P-415 and P-425 project "Raptor". The boat officially became part of the black sea fleet began to perform tasks, the press service of the southern military district (YUVO).

With the admission of new speed boats, their number, the connection of water region increased to 8 units.

Reference: Fast patrol boat "Raptor" is able to work in the coastal zone of seas, Straits and estuaries, its equipment allows to perform tasks at any time of day at a distance of 100 miles from the base. The boat has a length of about 17 m, width – about 4 m. the Power plant with a total capacity of 2000 HP allows you to "Raptor" to accelerate to 50 knots. The crew of the boat – two people. In addition, there is the cockpit for landing, or other specialists (divers, rescuers) depending on the current task.


Start of serial production of complex zvukoterapii artillery reconnaissance "Penicillin", able to significantly reduce the detection time and suppression of enemy artillery, is scheduled for early 2019, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the press service of the holding company Ruselectronics.

It is noted that the complex operates at a safe distance from the enemy, that will reduce risks to the lives of scouts, traditionally leading the adjustment of fire on the front. "Penicillin" is able to function without operator intervention in a fully automated mode to minimize the "human factor", and also to find new targets that previously have never been found with such devices. As examples of reactive systems of volley fire anti-aircraft and tactical missiles.

Unit performs combat missions in the strip up to a width of 25 km. it is composed of several Svecofennian mounted on the surface of the earth, as well as opto-electronic module. The system receives and processes acoustic signals from the shots (tears) and gives information about the rupture site of the ammunition, accuracy, and also reports the location of the guns. The time when the coordinates of the single target is less than 5 seconds.

Reference: "Penicillin" can conduct maintenance of fire as a single battery, and alternately each battery division. Also, the installation provides interaction with subscribers of the automated control system tactical and operational level. The range of radio communication with external subscribers — up to 40 km.

In Russia developed the technology for an ultra-stable optical memory for archival storage of information, resistant to extreme external impacts, reports the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

This project was realized in the framework of the joint project of the Main Directorate of scientific research activities and technological support of advanced technologies (innovative research) of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, Foundation for advanced studies and education at MUCTR. D. I. Mendeleev.

The technology is based on creating nanoresearch with certain properties by irradiation of quartz crystals by laser radiation with the given parameters.

This approach made it possible to record information in one cell, not one, as is customary in traditional media, and three bits of information.

At the current stage of the project developed the technology of recording and reading of information and the media data, providing the following requirements are met:

  • ultimate durability – the preservation of the physico-chemical properties and the ability
  • store the recorded data at room temperature for indefinitely
  • long term – hundreds of thousands of years or more;
  • resistance to high temperatures not less than 800 deg. With
  • high radiation and chemical resistance;
  • increased capacity and comparable with modern media recording speed (10 Mbps) and read (from 100 Mbps) of data.

The possibility of implementing technology and an ultra-stable ultra-dense optical storage on an industrial level brings Russia into the lead in the development of related archival data storage.

The use of the developed technological solutions will allow in the future to abandon the consumption of the storage devices of foreign production of the Russian Federation.


The first stage of sea trials of Ka-52K "Katran" has shown its high reliability. According to the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry, in the test phase, which took place from late 2016 to early 2017, was attended by two helicopters Ka-52K "Katran". The results of the objectives testing of the helicopters was deemed successful.

From the basic model "Katran" is characterized by having a shortened collapsible wing, which was modified by the placement of heavy weapons, electronic system that provides helicopter navigation in absence of landmarks in the sea and of the folding mechanism of the blades, allowing it to compactly be placed in the hold.

Reduced the size of a Ka-52K shipborne allow to increase the maximum number of placed on the ship's helicopters. Armored cockpit and ejection system to allow the pilots to safely exit the helicopter. In addition, the helicopter is fitted with a range of rescue devices to save people in distress at sea.

Reference: Ka-52K is intended for patrol, fire support to troops while landing on the shore, solving problems of antilanding defense at the forefront and tactical depth.

Test advanced reconnaissance-strike complex, the weight of which will amount to about 20 tons will begin in Russia in 2018. About TASS reported the General Director of concern "Kalashnikov" (included in rostec) Alexey Krivoruchko.

Last year Kalashnikov showed his first set of robotic "Companion", created on the instructions of the defense Ministry. It is a tracked armored car, equipped with computer control system, covert radio communications, detection and monitoring, which can be installed combat unit. This system can work in conjunction with other automated units, including unmanned aerial vehicles, Zala Aero.


On Friday (may 12) was recorded a few tens of thousands of attempts to infect cryptography program computers worldwide (over 70 countries, including Russia, USA, UK, China, Italy), and for decryption the criminals demanded to pay ransom in bitcoins.

According to Politico, organized attack, the hackers used a modified software of the national security Agency, which in April, leaks have hit the Internet. "Kaspersky lab" recorded around 45 thousand attacks in different countries. "The attack occurred through well-known network vulnerability Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010, after which the infected system established a set of scripts, using which attackers run a program-cipher",— quotes "Interfax" words of the representative of the company.


More than 550 units of weapons, military and special equipment of the Ministry of defense of Russia will be demonstrated on-site Congress and exhibition center "Patriot", Kubinka airfield and landfill Alabino in the framework of the III International military-technical forum "Army-2017", reports the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

At the request of military authorities, received by the representative of the organizer of the Forum - General Directorate of scientific research activities (GUNIT) of the Ministry of defense of Russia, 333 units of military equipment will be presented at the static display, 219 samples involved in the dynamic of the show.

Most large-scale exposition of the equipment of the armed forces and the armed forces will be deployed on the territory of Sokolniki exhibition and Convention centre "Patriot". The list of equipment presented squares over 290 titles.

In addition, more than 30 aircraft, Military space Forces and the Navy will be prepared to show at the Kubinka airfield.

Given the consistently high interest of forum visitors to spectacular performances of the equipment at the site "Alabino" and the airfield "Kubinka", in 2017, organizers were greatly diversified program daily dynamic display and increased display area of a land polygon.

For the participants and guests of the Forum will be demonstrated firepower and maneuverability of more than 80 models and types of combat vehicles, aircraft and various special equipment of the Ministry of defense of Russia, and the total number of involved equipment will exceed 200 units.

Reference: the international military-technical forum "Army-2017" - one of the world's leading exhibitions of arms and military equipment, an authoritative platform for discussion of innovative ideas and developments in the interests of the Armed Forces of Russia, gathering more than 1 thousand enterprises and organizations, put about 11 thousand products and technologies. Last year the attendance at the exhibition reached half a million people, representatives of more than 80 countries.


The parade, dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war, was held may 9 on red square. It was attended by over 10 thousand soldiers and 114 pieces of equipment.

Such latest air defense systems "tor-М2ДТ" and "sa-SA" to the Arctic for the first time participated in the Victory Parade in Moscow.

As RIA Novosti reported, anti-aircraft missile system "tor-М2ДТ" is an Arctic variant of the complex "tor-M2". It is based on the crawler Transporter DT-30 and is able to cover the airspace within a radius of not less than 15 kilometers from the air attack of the enemy.

Air defense missile-gun complex short-range "Shell-SA" is equipped with multi-channel capture and tracking of targets, quick-firing guns and modern anti-aircraft missiles, allowing the complex guaranteed to destroy any air targets at the radius of 20 kilometers.


13 may – the Day of the black sea fleet

13 may in Sevastopol held celebrations on the occasion of the 234th anniversary of the founding of the black sea fleet (BSF).

As the press service of the southern military district (YUVO), the celebration began with the ceremonial raising of the flags on the ships. Then, in the Church of the Archangel Michael held a prayer service in honor of the sailors of the fleet.

At the monument to the founder of the black sea fleet and Sevastopol to the Empress Catherine II rally, which was attended by black sea fleet commander Admiral Alexander Vitko, the members of the Military Council of the fleet, the leadership of the Republic of Crimea and hero city of Sevastopol, representatives of public organizations, clergy.

Addressing the audience, BSF commander Admiral Alexander Vitko said that the last three years the black sea fleet is at the stage of active modernization and re-equipment. During this period units and received more than 50 new warships, boats and auxiliary vessels.

"Currently, in the Mediterranean sea as part of a permanent group of Navy along with the frigate "Admiral Grigorovich" already operates the second frigate of project 11356 "Admiral Essen", on the transition from the Baltic to the black sea fleet is the fourth new diesel submarine "Krasnodar". In 2017, raised the flags on the two new anti-sabotage boat project Raptor, a new towing vessel and the hydrographic boat. By the end of this year we plan to arrive in the Black sea, another frigate "Admiral series" – "Admiral Makarov" – and two more submarines of project 636.3 "Kolpino" and "Velikiy Novgorod", – said the commander of the fleet.

Reference: 2 (13 on the new calendar) of may 1783 in Akhtiarsky Bay arrived squadron of five frigates and eight other ships of the Azov flotilla under the command of Vice-Admiral F. A. Klokachev. Since that time, naval forces in the South of Russia became known as the black sea fleet. Akhtiarskaya Bay became the main point of basing of the ships of the fleet. 3 (n. V. 14) Jun 1783 sailors were laid the first four buildings of the future city and port. Initially it was called Akhtiar (White rock), and then in accordance with the decree of Catherine II of February 10, 1784, was named Sevastopol ("noble city"). In 1785 he was appointed the first state of the black sea fleet.

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