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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 08 to 14 October 2018
Material posted: Publication date: 16-10-2018

In Russia created a replacement for the Makarov pistol; announced the creation of a "pocket Iskander"; the Pentagon has allocated more than $1 billion for the development of space rockets; a prototype self-propelled gun for airborne "Lotus" was put into production; in the Russian Navy transferred two newest patrol boat "Raptor"; tests of the modernized heavy Mi-26Т2В will be completed by the end of the year; land forces of Russia will strengthen the battalion electronic warfare; upgraded radar station (radar) "Gamma-С1М" and "Sky-MIND" atonement for combat duty; party modern intelligence complexes CRUZ "Sagittarius" entered service; engineering in connection TSB received the newest robotic complex "Uran-6". About these and other developments in the media monitoring for the week of 08 to 14 October 2018.

On October 11 the carrier rocket "Soyuz-FG" with manned spacecraft "Soyuz MS-10" was launched from the first launch pad of Baikonur. On Board the ship, which was heading to the International space station (ISS), was the Russian Alexey Ovchinin and American Nick Haig.

During the flight the rocket accident media. After that, the crew went into a ballistic descent. The result is a "Union" of villages in the steppes of Kazakhstan. Previously, the cause of the accident could be bad mounting of the side units of the second stage of the launch vehicle.

The fact of the accident, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case.

Accidents and consequences

According to the Executive Director of the Russian space Agency Sergei Krikalev, space station may be left without humans on Board.

The fact is that currently on the ISS there are three people: Alexander Gerst, Sergei Prokofiev and the Serine Augen-Chancellor. According to the schedule, they must return to Earth inside the spacecraft "Soyuz MS-09" very soon — on December 13.

If up to this point, the station will not fly another ship with a new crew, it will not remain a single person.

According to Sergei Krikalev, specially for such cases, the ISS provides an unmanned mode. However, he says that the Federal space Agency will do everything possible to not enable it — originally the station was created only for manned flights.

Fly, but later

Russian cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin and American astronaut Nick Hague will fly back to the ISS. This will happen in the spring of 2019, said the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin.

The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said that the new flying Russian Alexey Ovchinin and American nick Hague is scheduled for spring 2019. He wrote about this in his Twitter.


Action in Syria

9 Oct. Two containers with toxic substance has got into the hands of terrorists in Syria as a result of clashes between the warring factions, said the head of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Vladimir Savchenko.

In his words, "...the evening of October 9 in the village of al-Latamna a gang of one of programskih groups (ISIS banned in Russia) attacked the headquarters detachment of the terrorist organization "Hayat Tahrir Al-sham" (the former "Dzhabhat EN-Nusra", banned in Russia)". He said that "the stolen canisters of chlorine were delivered to the South of the province of Aleppo and handed over to terrorists associated with ISIL terrorist group...".

11 Oct. The implementation of the agreement between Turkey and the US on the Syrian Monbijou delayed, but it remains in force and "not dead". This was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

13 Oct. The international coalition led by the US used illegal weapons, white phosphorus during an air RAID on the city of Hagen. About it reports Reuters with reference to sources.

The situation in Ukraine

9 Oct. In the village of Ichnya of Chernihiv region, an explosion occurred at a military warehouse No. 6. According to the Ministry of defence of Ukraine, the explosion was deployed, the headquarters of the emergency incident. After the explosion were evacuated about 10 thousand people, and within a radius of 20 km from the place of incident closure of airspace, suspended the movement of trains and cars.

13 Oct. The national security Council and defence of Ukraine (NSDC) has instructed the government within a month to develop and submit to the Verkhovna Rada the draft laws on the Maritime boundary. The document should define the middle line in the Azov and Black seas and the Kerch Strait. This is stated in the decree of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The document stresses that this line will be the state border between the Ukrainian and Russian internal waters prior to the conclusion of bilateral agreements between countries.


In the period from 25 October to 7 November in Norway is scheduled the largest in recent years NATO exercises Trident Juncture, which will involve 45 thousand troops, 10 thousand vehicles, 130 aircraft and 70 warships from 30 countries.

At the same time commander of the United forces of NATO in Europe Curtis Scaparotti said that large-scale NATO exercises Trident Juncture-18 will demonstrate the capabilities of the Alliance to deter Russia.


Sweden and Finland as partners in NATO will make NATO aircraft and open its skies to exercise Trident Juncture. This was stated by the representative of command of the armed forces receiving the teachings of Norway Lieutenant General rune Jakobsen.

It also became known that the US Navy aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" will be involved in the exercise. This was reported by the commander of the U.S. Navy in Europe and Africa and head of the joint command of NATO forces in Naples James Foggo.


CNBC, citing its sources, says that us intelligence believes that Russia has faced problems in the development of hypersonic complex "Avangard". As informs television channel, the problem allegedly lies in the fact that Russia can't find a source for the production of the most important components of carbon fiber for the production of housing "Avant-garde".

Daily Star writes that the U.S. is working on a new generation missile defense system designed to engage targets in space. As the newspaper notes, this initiative is an extension of Reagan's "Star wars" and aims to capture, above all, hypersonic missiles competing with the United States superpowers.

The U.S. is working on a new generation of missile defense systems that are capable of hitting enemy targets in space. According to military experts, this initiative is a practical implementation of the program "Star wars" of Ronald Reagan, writes the Daily Star.

Although this program has not materialized, with the growth of tension in relations between the US and "the rivals-super powers", America started developing a new missile defense system that can stop enemy attacks in space.

The U.S. military intends to create a defensive system Glide Breaker, designed to intercept Hyper - and supersonic missiles early in flight beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

The National Interest writes that the special operations forces of the US Army I want to run on the territory of the United States production of Russian weapons.

It is reported that the special operations Command of the United States (GU SPN) has already offered grants to companies who are able to "expand and improve the technology of the Kalashnikov machine gun modernized and large-caliber machine gun NSV "Utes", and make copies of them".

At the same time to grant the us military require that potential future manufacturers are able to get the drawings required parts and materials — by GU SPN this will not have any assistance.

The publication does not exclude that two Russian machine guns — this is just the beginning, and later to the special operations Command may require copies of other foreign weapons.

Russia's Reaction

The state Corporation "rostec" has called the possible idea of production of large-caliber machine guns NSV "Utes" without recourse to the Rosoboronexport "illegal copying Russian developments" and "theft".

"If someone wants to do this work legally, according to all the rules, come in Rosoboronexport and discuss. Otherwise we are talking about illegal copying Russian developments. Simply put — about the theft," — said the press service of the Corporation.


The Department of homeland security US said that the authorities have adopted a strategy of suppression of electromagnetic incidents, including the possible use of electromagnetic weapons. This was reported on the website of the Department. According to the document, the strategy includes measures for the prevention of the electromagnetic risks.

The Pentagon has allocated over one billion dollars to develop advanced space missiles, the report said the U.S. Department of defense. In particular, the consortium United Launch Services (ULA) won a tender to 967 million dollars for the development of the launch complex for advanced single booster. Participate in the consortium of Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

Also, the company ATK Launch Systems received $ 45 million to develop three prototypes of rocket engines for the same project booster. The company SpaceX Elon musk was awarded a contract for 33.6 million dollars for further development of a cryogenic methane rocket engine Raptor.


New gun for defense is the stage of the state tests on the grounds, said in an interview with RIA Novosti General Director of the Central research Institute of precision engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH, part of rostec) albert Tanks.

"The completion of state tests in accordance with the Directive of the Ministry of defence to December 2018, after which a decision will be made about his acceptance for supply of Armed forces of Russia", — he said.

Background: Earlier it was reported that, in the interests of the Ministry of defense is developing TSNIITOCHMASH gun under cartridge 9×21. It is designed to replace the Makarov pistol (PM), which is now the most widespread in the Russian army. In addition to PM, is applied oriented under the cartridge 9×18 pistol Stechkin. It's used primarily by militaries.

High-precision tactical missile complexes (VTRK) developed in Russia by order of the defense Ministry, reports the newspaper "Izvestia" with reference to information of the Russian defense Ministry.

Missile systems, which already are known informally as the "pocket "Iskander", will be compact that will set them on the armored cars "Tiger" or "Typhoon". While missiles of these systems will have to destroy the control centers, airfields, railway junctions and communications centers, bridges, military equipment and fortifications in the rear of a potential enemy at a distance up to 100 km in addition, missiles VTRK will be able to strike surface ships in coastal areas.

According to preliminary information, the search and defeat these objectives will be implemented in collaboration with the drones and systems of instrumental intelligence. Commanders at the tactical level will give target designation via the communication "Sagittarius".

The publication says that the missiles VTRK will go to the goal on a ballistic trajectory, they are protected from electronic impact, as well as through bilateral electro-optical systems of image transmission and information the operator will be able to retarget them directly in flight.


The first prototype of the latest self-propelled artillery system for airborne LOTOS is in the process of manufacture. This was told by Director General of the Institute of precision engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH) albert Tanks.

Reference: Complex "Lotus" is one of the most promising projects developed by the Institute in the interests of the defense Ministry. The new technique should replace the 120-mm self-propelled artillery guns at airborne "Nona-s".


During September-October, the Russian Navy adopted 2 newest patrol boat "Raptor". They were the final deliveries in a series of 14 units under contract with the defense Ministry.

All of them are divided and became part of the Baltic, black sea fleets and the Caspian flotilla. Serial construction of these boats for the fleets of the Navy will be continued in the future.

Patrol boat "Raptor" is designed for patrolling in Maritime areas. They are characterized by high maneuverability and efficient for its class weapons to perform a wide range of tasks:

  • shipping group of soldiers (at least 20 people) with the highest possible efficiency;
  • the bear patrol in assigned areas of sea areas, interception and arrest of small targets, participation in search and rescue operations in areas incurring duty.

The navigation area of the boat "Raptor" – the coastal zone of seas, Straits, estuaries in an ice-free navigation period in the light and the dark with distance from base to 100 miles.

Technical parameters:

  • maximum length of 16.9 meters, width 4.1 meters, draft 0.9 m, crew 3 men. Boat speeds up to 50 knots;
  • armored protection - armored panels of class "Бр4" to bulletproof. The Windows with bullet-proof glass thickness 39 mm.


  • remote-controlled complex with a gyro-stabilized optical-electronic module (; GOEM), 14.5 mm;
  • the target detection range of 3000 m;
  • sighting range of 2,000 m;
  • 2 6П41 machine gun "Pecheneg" 7.62 mm on the swivel installations.


The defense Ministry plans to drastically increase the technical capabilities of electronic warfare (EW) in the army, the newspaper "Izvestia".

By the end of this year to 12 combined-arms armies of the ground forces battalions will be created for electronic warfare. According to the publication, the first battalion is already in force in the composition of the 58th army and experience his action was declared successful.

The battalions will be equipped with mobile complexes "Divnogorie" and systems RB-341В "Leer-3".

Reference: Mobile complex "Divnogorye" — a means of electronic reconnaissance and suppression of radars and airborne electronic aircraft, until the aircraft type AWACS and satellites. Able to provide radar cover an area of several hundred square km.

RB-341В "Leer-3" includes three UAV "Orlan" and a mobile control station on-Board vehicle KAMAZ-5350. The system suppresses cellular and conducts technical intelligence, locking sources of radiation electronic devices. The coordinates of detected radiation sources is automatically plotted on a map, allowing you to quickly destroy them by artillery fire or air strikes.

The modernized radar station (radar) "Gamma-С1М" and "Nebo-UM" to intercede on combat duty in the connection of air defense Central military district (CVO) in the Samara region.

Radar medium and high altitudes came in the CVO of the state defense order-2018. They are designed for the detection, coordinate measurement and tracking at ranges up to 600 km of aerial targets of different types, from aircraft to cruise and guided missiles, including small, hypersonic and ballistic.

Reference: Instrument stations allows to determine the nationality of the object and transmit information to the command post or air defense systems. In addition, there is a possibility pelengovat sources of interference and to determine their location. Calculations of radar stations and automation systems connection of air defense received training to work with new models of equipment.

The intelligence units combined unification of Eastern military district stationed in the Sakhalin region received a batch of modern intelligence reconnaissance systems, control and communications CRCC "Sagittarius".

CRUZ "Sagittarius" will greatly enhance the capability of the units on Sakhalin. In addition, it is easy to use and compatible with combat gear "Ratnik".

Background: the system provides command and control, identification of detected objects, calculate their coordinates, target designation and preparation of data for effective use of weapons. The instrument is equipped with a system of identification "friend or foe", can be combined with all the domestic reconnaissance, radars, aiming devices and drones.

The specialists of aviation engineering service regiment of the Western military district (WMD) based in the Kursk area, began receiving batch of su-30CM.

Professionals will have in the next few days to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the fighters. Will assess Assembly quality and performance of engines, systems and components in different modes.

Flight crews will be performed check flights, during which will be checked flight performance of the aircraft. The aircraft delivered a modern and promising precision weapons class "air-air" and "air-surface".

After completion of reception of aircraft equipment the aircraft will be transferred to the airport, Halina in the Kursk region.

Reference: the highly maneuverable su-30CM of generation "4++" is equipped with radar with phased antenna array, engines with thrust vectoring and canards. They will replace the fighter regiment MIG-29SMT generation "4+".

In service engineering connection of the Eastern military district (TSB) in Khabarovsk Krai received new complex robotic demining "u-6".

The complex will greatly enhance the safety of deminers when working with dangerous objects. The operator of the complex completes the training in the mine action centre of the armed forces and will soon proceed with development of the robot-sapper.

Background: the Complex is controlled by the operator using the remote from a distance up to 1 km, which ensures safe removal when ruptures of mines and shells. Despite the small size and weight of 6-7 tons, the machine is able to withstand the explosion of up to 60 kg of TNT. In addition, the equipment of the complex allows the detection of dangerous objects and then determine their type. Thus, depending on the detected type of ammunition the operator of the system can choose the most effective and safe method of disposal.

The Russian defense Ministry is preparing documents and orders, defining the rules of transportation, shipment, protection and maintenance of combat laser systems Peresvet and nuclear power plants, reports the newspaper "Izvestia".

Among the latter are energy units, which are equipped with not only combat laser equipment Peresvet, but strategic cruise missiles "savages".



From 1 to 12 October were Russian-Mongol exercise "Selenga-2018". These exercises are held annually since 2008. For the first time in the history of the joint exercises of the Russian tank crews performed a "tank waltz" on the tanks T-72B.

The exercise involved more than 1 thousand servicemen and 200 pieces of military equipment on both sides.


The doctrine of collective rapid deployment forces of the CSTO "Interaction-2018" was held at the site Edelweiss in Kyrgyzstan from 10 to 13 October. It was attended by members of six countries - Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan.

Objectives of the exercises were executed successfully, said the commander of the Central military district (CVO) Alexander Lapin.

According to him, for groups of aircraft were provided by 29 aircraft, including strategic bombers Tu-95MS.

For the first time at the exercises "Interaction-2018" was created by a group of unmanned aerial vehicles of the "Orlan-10", "Takhion", "Leer", which allowed uninterrupted air reconnaissance for accurate and secure destruction of bandit groups.

The commander noted that the grouping of forces and means of reconnaissance was created, based on new and modern means of reconnaissance, such as "Sobolyatnik" complex "Irony," CRUZ "Sagittarius", which helped to discover the enemy.

During the exercises applied blended mobile firing assault team that successfully completed the task of destruction to break through to the front edge of the "Jihad-mobiles".


Employees of the Russian Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TSAGI) n. a. N. Ye began aerodynamic testing of promising model of Intercontinental heavy wig.

As reports a press-service of TSAGI, now experts of the Institute are exploring the aerodynamic features of the motion of the apparatus at higher altitudes away from the surface of the water. The results of these tests will be used to improve aerodynamic layout of the prototype wig.

Work is carried out in the framework of the project of creation of heavy Intercontinental airplane capable of a speed of at least 400 km/hour to transport cargo weighing up to 500 tons at a distance of up to 6 thousand.

Reference: Wig — a vehicle that can move at the speed of a transport plane over a smooth surface of ice, water, or earth at a height of 12 meters. These surfaces on the big speeds create so-called "screen effect", which allows to avoid friction, leading to the loss of speed.

Preliminary tests of the modernized heavy Mi-26Т2В will be completed by the end of the year, after which the machine will start to undergo joint state tests, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the holding "Russian Helicopters" (part of "rostec").

Earlier it was reported that the serial delivery of the helicopter is planned to begin in 2019. The first flight of the modernized machine took place in August 2018.

What is known

From the basic model of the Mi-26 helicopter is a new modern integrated avionics equipment (avionics), which greatly simplifies the piloting of the helicopter. In addition, it allows you to automatically perform a flight on route the output to a preset point, the approach and final approach maneuvers and return to the main or alternate airfields.

In addition, the helicopter is equipped with a digital flight center, and the cabin crew came color LCD multifunction indicators that significantly reduced the load on the flight crew.

Mi-26Т2В got a new airborne defense "Vitebsk" not only detects the fact of a threat to the helicopter, but counter attacking means with infrared homing heads.


The defense Ministers of Russia and Uzbekistan, General of the army Sergei Shoigu and major General Abdusalom Azizov signed an agreement to use the airspace of the two countries military aircraft.

The agreement also will allow us to solve the issues of transportation of military cargoes and carry out military transport aircraft non-stop flights.

In addition, the heads of military departments of the two countries signed a cooperation plan of defense ministries in 2019.

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