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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 09 to 15 April 2018
Material posted: Publication date: 15-04-2018

Russian "Broom" will be a new word in self-propelled artillery; the possibility of supply Syria with anti-aircraft missile systems s-300; "malachite" showed the appearance of a Russian submarine of the future; Pentagon first revealed the deployment of "Gremlins"; China intends to deploy a military base near Australia; in the southern military district received upgraded heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A "Sun"; the brigade logistics Western military district received about 20 multi-axle heavy vehicles Ural "Vehicle" KAMAZ "Mustang", the Russian defense Ministry intends to purchase more than 100 light transport aircraft Il-112V; in the Amur Association TSB has been a unique complex electronic warfare "a Resident"; in St. Petersburg launched the patrol boat of a new generation; test Russian super-heavy launch is planned in 10 years. About these and other developments in the media monitoring for the week 09 15.04 2018.

The latest self-propelled mortar 2С41 "Gorse" increase the firepower of the air assault and mountain battalions of the Russian army. It is expected that this wheeled tank destroyer, created within the framework of development work "the Sketch", you may also enter service with the infantry units, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

As the basis of the selected armored car "Typhoon airborne" K-4386. It has excellent manoeuvrability and reliable armor protection. Weighing in at 14 tonnes, with engine 350 HP, can accelerate to 100 km/h and to make forced marches to a distance of 1200 km.

On the roof of the combat vehicle will establish a combat unit with 82-mm mortar, which is capable of firing at a range of up to 6000 m. the minimum distance of the targets is 100 m.

The protagonist possesses the highest rate of fire, one minute she is ready to unleash on the enemy 12 min. And all the ammunition on Board, their part of four decades.

According to some, the possibility of dismantling the mortar and its application separately if necessary. The crew of the artillery consists of 4 people.

For self-defense "Broom" armed with a machine gun that can be mounted in the tower or remotely controlled combat module.

Also the setting of a complex optical-electronic counter, which if necessary can cover SAU dense aerosol cloud and to protect against attacking precision-guided munitions.

According to military experts, the adoption 2С41 will dramatically increase the firepower and mobility of the artillery battalion level.


Operation in Syria

On April 9 the 03:25 03:53 GMT a military airfield Tias, also known as T-4, in the province of HOMS came under rocket attack. On the basis of eight rockets were launched, three of them reached the goal (they struck the Western part of the airfield), and the rest were destroyed by the air defense units of the armed forces of Syria during air combat.

Who carried out an airstrike?

According to the defense Ministry, the attack was made by two F-15 Israeli air force, without entering the airspace of Syria, with Lebanon. Representatives of the Israel defense forces (IDF) refused to comment on reports about air strikes, but confirmed that they are aware of allegations about the involvement of Israeli F-15.

April 12. The Eastern ghouta is entirely under the control of the army of the Syrian Arab Republic, said the head of the Centre for reconciliation of the warring parties Yury Evtushenko.

April 14. USA, UK and France have produced more than 100 cruise missiles, and missiles "air - ground" military and civilian targets in Syria. This was reported in the defense Ministry.

Strikes from two US Navy ships from the red sea, tactical aircraft over the Mediterranean sea, as well as American strategic bombers B-1B from the area of al-TANF, the Ministry added.

None of the released missiles to Damascus was not included in the area of responsibility of the Russian soldier in Tartus and Mamimi.

Due to what the Syrian missile failed to show such an impressive result?

A significant portion of the more than 100 fired at Syria missile was shot down by Syrian air defense on the approach to the targets. Rocket attack USA, the UK and France was reflected by the Syrian air defense systems s-125, s-200, Buk and "Square", produced in the USSR. This was reported on Saturday at the defense Ministry.

"In the reflection of a missile strike were involved in the Syrian air defense systems s-125, s-200, Buk and "Square". These defense systems were produced over 30 years ago in the Soviet Union", - said the Agency.


Russia will consider the possibility of supplying Syria with anti-aircraft missile systems s-300 missile strikes USA, said the Russian defense Ministry with reference to the chief of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff of Russia Sergey Rudskoy.

"I would like to note that a few years ago, given the urgent request of some of our Western partners, we refused to supply Syria anti-aircraft missile systems s-300. Given the past believe it is possible to revisit this issue - and not only in Syria but also in other States," — said the Russian at a briefing in Moscow.


In the Network appeared the poster from the St. Petersburg CB "malachite", specializing in the development of submarines. In the picture - the strange submarine shapes, presumably promising nuclear submarines of the fifth generation "Husky", writes "RG".

That the appearance of the submarine "Husky" has been formed, it became known at the end of 2017. The submarine will be equipped with robots that can work both in water and on land, and the most modern weapons - including hypersonic missiles "Zircon".

In the middle part of the submarine shows the eight covers, which also hides the launcher. If we consider the harmonization of the project with the submarines "Ash", each can be placed the container on the four "Onyx"/"Zircon" or five "Calibers" . Therefore, the Arsenal of the submarine will be 40-48 cruise missiles of different types.

In the bow the artist has depicted the cover of torpedo tubes, but it is unlikely that they are - given the placement in the first compartment of missiles, spare torpedoes there to store just anywhere. Most likely, the nose placed containers to run decoys - made in the envelope of the torpedo noise simulators submarine. And the torpedoes, the same as "Ash tree" placed at the Board in the middle of the hull. Or used even more revolutionary technology: the torpedo dive like rockets and strategic bombers.

Noteworthy the fence sliding devices (colloquially cutting) - it is awkward and unusual shapes for lower radar visibility of the ship on the surface. Nasal horizontal rudders seemed to have been made retractable, in the lower part of the nose there is a mysterious ledge - perhaps this antenna sonar system. Other antennas hook placed on the hull.

Aft with enclosed annular fairing screw propeller is clearly unified with the "Ash".


Management of perspective research projects of the Ministry of defense in the framework of the Gremlins led the launch of a drone aboard a military transport plane C-130 Hercules. The corresponding video was published on Giphy, according to "".

Gremlins the program provides for a system of run and control of a swarm of small and cheap reusable drones. As a carrier aircraft use C-130 Hercules. After performing a set of tasks (reconnaissance, electronic war, dropping bombs) swarm of drones is going to another plane.

The application of technologies developed in the framework of Gremlins, you can see in the video research laboratory air force of the United States, which shows the possible equipment of the American air strikes on enemy positions. According to the Pentagon's plans, such techniques are used in conflicts by 2030.

In the draft budget for the US Department of defense for fiscal year 2019 will be allocated 188,3 million dollars to prevent the threat from flying drones of the enemy.

Reference: the First example of using a swarm of drones in military action was the attack on the Russian position in Syria, when on the night of 6 January 2018 the base Hamim in Syria and the point of logistics of the Navy in the port of Tartus, where the Russian military, attacked the 13 drones. The defense Ministry said that seven of the drones managed to destroy the missile-gun complexes "Pantsir-S1", the other aircraft neutralized electronic methods.

The creation of a new naval base near Australia is planned by the Chinese leadership, citing a source in Canberra says the Australian newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald. It clarifies that a military base Beijing intends to create on the territory of Vanuatu. Formal negotiations was not, but informal discussions have already taken place.

If the Port Vila agrees, Beijing will build a base that will be less than two thousand miles from Australia. The publication notes that as a result, relations between Beijing and Washington is complicated. It is noted that in Australia and the United States has discussed this issue at the highest level.


In flamethrower units one of the units of radiation, chemical and biological (NBC) protection of the southern military district (JUVO), stationed on the territory of the North Caucasus, received the latest batch of modernized heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A "Sun".

System "Sun" built on the chassis of T-72 tanks destined for the scrapping of the lightly armored and motor vehicles, the burning and destruction of structures and buildings, destruction of manpower of the opponent.

The changes affected both the appearance and internal equipment of the combat vehicles. In the upgraded TOS-1A has a modern powerplant and dynamic protection. Heavy flamethrower got a new launcher and transport-loading machine, equipped with the modern manipulator.

Reference: "Sun" acting in combat formations of troops supported with open and closed positions. Targets destroyed in a massive use of unguided rockets in demosaicing and thermobaric warheads.

About 20 multi-axis heavy specialized vehicles Ural "Vehicle" KAMAZ "Mustang" entered the brigade logistics (MTO) of the Western military district (ZVO), stationed in the Leningrad region.

KAMAZ 6x6, and a capacity up to 10 tons off-road capable to take in tow the towed artillery systems, special and transport trailers with a total mass of not less than 12 tonnes and to overcome the deep fords up to 1.75 m.

In General the packaging of incoming vehicles expanded at the expense of local protection, winches and boxes of selection of power, designed to connect special equipment and machines for various purposes.

Background: a Key feature of the multi-purpose vehicle Ural "Vehicle" is the high degree of aggregation of unification, reaching the engines and undercarriage 85%, which significantly reduce the cost of their operation.

Russian defense Ministry intends to purchase more than 100 light transport aircraft Il-112V, said Deputy defence Minister Yury Borisov during a visit to the Voronezh aircraft manufacturing company (VASO).

"In the framework of the state armaments Program until 2025 was the planned purchase of 22 aircraft. But the need for them is great, since the aircraft of the previous series completes the life cycle," — said Yuri Borisov.

According to his statement, it is assumed that the VASO will become the main enterprise for making a large batch of aircraft Il-112V, which the company is preparing for the first flight.

"This is the youngest member in the model range military transport aircraft. Of course, we look very carefully at this project," — said the Deputy Minister of defense of Russia.

In addition, Yuri Borisov added that Russian defense Ministry expects to receive three light transport aircraft An-148, the construction of which stalled after the onset of the 2014 crisis in relations with Ukraine.

"We have not only three aircraft. They are in the final stages of production. With high probability we receive. A decision on further continuation of the program we will take depending on the current political situation, — said the Deputy Minister of defense of Russia. — Everything will depend on how the Ukrainian partners are ready to advance in the supply of components".

Yury Borisov also noted that the failure to obtain three unfinished aircraft An-148 will not affect the plans for the reintroduction of military transport aircraft the new aircraft.

"On military-transport aircraft in addition to easy transport we feel the need of an average transport plane, which also should replace the outdated Park. He is now under development," — said the Deputy head of the military Department.

In addition, the Ministry of defence needs to be replaced heavy Il-76 and super-heavy An-124, which today are the main aircraft of military transport aviation. In this regard, it is expected to discuss the issue of maintaining the Park in a healthy state and a gradual replacement with newer aircraft.

"The Il-76 we have a contract with the Ulyanovsk plant. Not without problems moving this serial contract, we have certain differences on prices. But I think we will try to develop a constructive cooperation with industry and solve all these issues", — said Yuri Borisov.

Reference: Light military transport aircraft Il-112V with a maximum load capacity of five tons is designed for transportation of personnel, military equipment, various types of weapons and other goods. It is created to replace the turboprop An-26 and An-24.

The aircraft can be operated on a small maloobrazovanna airfields, having both concrete and ground cover of runways. The release is planned in two versions: for use in civil aircraft (Il-112T) and military transport aviation (Il-112V).

Six anti-aircraft missile and gun systems (zrpk) "Pantsir-S1" joints air defense Central military district has taken up combat duty in the Saratov region.

Zrpk "Shell-C1" was replaced on combat duty in the Saratov region, the divisional set received the state defense order-2018. The gunners successfully completed a refresher course on new equipment, as well as completed in March a programme of training and live firing at the Ashuluk range in the Astrakhan region, where he first worked for the defeat of targets in a single system with s-400 "Triumph".

Reference: "Carapace-C1" is designed for middle cover civil and military facilities from all modern and promising means of air attack in any weather-climatic and electronic atmosphere day and night. The complex can also carry out protection defended object from ground and surface threats.

Into service of motor-shooting connection combined arms army of the Eastern military district (TSB), stationed in the Amur region, received a unique mobile complex electronic warfare "Resident."

The complex allows to reliably suppress the satellite communication equipment, navigation apparatus, mobile communication system. The station can be applied to combat all types of unmanned aerial vehicles for industrial and military use.

Note: the Station can also be used for electronic surveillance in an extended frequency range. Complex with high precision detects the objects and displays them on an electronic topographic map of the area.

In the period from 2012 to 2017 in the military and units of radio-electronic struggle (REB) of the southern military district (SMD) received more than 130 units of special equipment.

About half of the volume of supplies was made in 2014. The armed forces of the southern military district received complexes "Infauna", "Leer-3", "Krasuha", "Mercury", "Murmansk", etc.

The arrival of the latest models of EW equipment allowed to increase the combat capabilities of electronic warfare YUVO twice.

"New technology has provided the ability of EW units of the district to perform tasks in the context of contemporary armed conflicts", — said the chief of REB, the southern military district, major General Victor Fedorenko.

In addition, the result of five years of organizational and staff activities of the troops of the district formed more than ten military units of electronic warfare.


Aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov" is to return to the fleet after repairs in 2021, and the repair is expected to be completed in 2020. This was stated by Deputy Minister of defense of Russia Yuri Borisov.

"The aircraft carrier will undergo repair and replacement of all boilers and equipment. There is an agreement with the shipbuilders on completion in 2020, and in 2021, the ship must return to the fleet," – said Yuri Borisov told reporters.

As explained in the defense Ministry, the repair will take place in the Murmansk shipyard.

In October 2016, the naval strike group led by the heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great", a part of a heavy aviabearing cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov", large anti-submarine ships "Severomorsk", "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" and support vessels reached the area of the northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean sea.

Background: From November 2016 to February 2017, the group performed the task of combating terrorism in Syria. On Board the Russian aircraft carrier was more than 40 airplanes and helicopters. For the first time in the history of Russia was implemented the combat use of carrier-based aircraft su-33.

In two months combat service pilots of naval aviation of the air group "Admiral Kuznetsov" performed 420 sorties, during which it was affected more than 1.2 thousand objects of international terrorists in Syria. Goals were struck by cruise missiles.

In St. Petersburg at the shipyard "Pella" took place the solemn ceremony of launching another serial newest patrol boat of project 03160 "Raptor".

After the tests, the boat will be part of the Baltic fleet.

Patrol boat of project 03160 built on the shipyard "Pella" by order of the Navy for duty in areas designated marine areas. They provide excellent handling characteristics and maneuverability, and efficient for its class weapons.

Boat of project 03160 designed for the following tasks:

  • shipping group of soldiers (marine pehotintsev) in 20 people with ensuring the maximum possible efficiency when loading on Board and disembarkation at the scheduled place;
  • the bear patrol in assigned areas of marine areas;
  • the interception and arrest of small targets";
  • participation in search and rescue operations in areas incurring duty.

The navigation area of the boat of project 03160 "Raptor" – the coastal zone of seas, Straits, estuaries in an ice-free navigation period in the light and dark hours with the removal of the item based on 100 miles.

Maximum length -- of 16.9 meters , maximum width -- 4.1 meters, precipitate -- 0.9 meters, the crew -- 3 people.

Boat speeds up to 50 knots.

Armored protection-armored panels of class "Бр4" to bulletproof. The Windows with bullet-proof glass thickness 39 mm.

Weapons-remote controlled complex with a gyro-stabilized optical-electronic module (; GOEM), 14.5 mm; range of target detection-3000 m; sighting range of 2,000 m; 2 6П41 machine gun "Pecheneg" 7.62 mm on the swivel installations.

The armed Forces of the Russian Federation for a week


Defexpo India 2018

From 11 to 14 April in the Indian city of Chennai hosted the international exhibition of arms Defexpo India 2018. She has been held since 2000 once every two years. Russia takes part in this event on a regular basis.

JSC "Rosoboronexport" (part of state Corporation rostec), has organized the United Russian exposition at the International exhibition of land, naval armaments and security of the state.

The United Russian exposition was located in pavilion 1. At the Rosoboronexport stand featured more than 230 samples of Russian weapons and military equipment offered by the company for export.


April 12 - cosmonautics Day

Cosmonautics day, celebrated in Russia on 12 April, the date to commemorate the first manned flight into space.


12 April 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first man in world history to fly into space. The carrier rocket "Vostok" with "Vostok-1" on Board of which was Yuri Gagarin, was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome. After 108 minutes of flight Gagarin successfully landed in the Saratov region, nearby to Engels. Starting from April 12, 1962 day of Gagarin's flight into space was declared a holiday — cosmonautics Day.

In our days

Russia remains in second place in the number of launches in the past year domestic missiles were launched 21 times, the us - 29 times in third place - China (18 starts). While 2017 was not able to finish without incident - during the second launch from Vostochny, which was held on 28 November 2017, the upper stage "Fregat" with 19 spacecraft sank in the Atlantic.

In General, the percentage of accidents is reduced in 2016 from 17 runs were also the only one bad in 2015 in 26 starts had two non-standard, in 2014, when he made 37 runs, had three accidents. With the beginning of 2018, the Russian rocket was launched five times, without any failures.

Development plans

According to the head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov, is the idea to create the industry's few globally competitive holdings with participation of private capital, which have great export potential. One of the holdings that said Mosquitoes can create in the field of instrumentation, another one will be built around the future of the carrier rocket middle class "Soyuz-5", revised draft project which Roscosmos has approved 11 APR.

The rocket is planned to create by 2021, and 2022 - to conduct flight tests from Baikonur cosmodrome. "Soyuz-5", say the Russian space Agency, should be competitive and affordable, its cost is expected to be no more than $35 million On the "Soyuz-5" is scheduled to launch another promising sample of space technology - manned spacecraft "Federation".

The most ambitious Russian project is the program of creation of the carrier rocket of superheavy class. Its conceptual design should be developed by the end of October 2019, the rocket will be able to output in low earth orbit, more than 70 tons of cargo. It is planned that the construction of infrastructure for the media at the Baikonur East will start in 2026. The rocket will use in the Russian program of deep space exploration. These are the flights referred to by the astronauts to the moon, Mars and maybe further.


The test of Russian super-heavy launch is planned in 10 years, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to him, for testing on the Vostochny space centre to create a special launch complex, because tests are planned for the spaceport.

He noted that the work on creation of the rocket and platform to run parallel to and launch complex, the rocket appeared at the same time.

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